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FanFiction | «Orienum»

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Το μίνι επεισόδιο που ακολουθεί, το έγραψε η φίλη του site μας, Εύη, και διαδραματίζεται ανάμεσα στα 18 και 19 της όγδοης σεζόν του Supernatural.

Season 8/Episode 18a– «Orienum«

-Sam, Sam, Sammy…, shouted Dean while he was going downstairs entering the Men of Letter’s Library.

Nobody answered. He shouted another three times but still no answer.

-Where the hell is he? Well, he is probably in his room reading a nerdy book about how cockroaches have sex, he laughed to himself.

Dean had just arrived from the corner shop, where he went to buy his favorite pie but he ended up with three different kinds of pies in his basket. He looked at them and smirked realizing that one way or another he could never resist any kind of temptation.

Food, booze, women and his baby were the toughest ones. Dean headed to the kitchen and started unpacking.

-Sammy, come on man, wake up, I bought you your favorite peach-banana-grape fruit juice to get your strength back…

How the hell does he drink that piece of shit? I am gonna puke in my mouth, thought Dean for a moment.

Sam didn’t answer. Dean started worrying about his brother, so he left the kitchen room making small steps and pulling out his gun, so that he would be ready for anything attacking him.

All the corridors were pitch-dark; Sam had turned off all the lights.

-If you are sleeping, I swear to God, I’ll kick your ass Sammy.

Dean walked through the corridor, at the end of which lies Sammy’s room. The corridor was dark and all the doors were locked up, so he headed immediately to his brother’s room. As he passed through the corridor, he was faced with an unpleasant surprise.

-Son of a bitch, he shouted. Why the hell is the door 15 open? Dean was scared to hell. Yes, that happens from time to time.

This door leads to the forbidden room of the Men of Letter’s library. It leads to the room, in which someone can find every possible kind of spell born in the whole universe for good or bad reasons. Why did Sammy open this door and especially all alone? Dean started sweating. Clearly, Sammy was not fine. With the trials on he was getting worse, and Dean started thinking that he might have gotten himself hurt. There were millions of bad spells waiting for his brother across that room.

-Dean calm down, Sam can’t have lost his mind, you will see, he is lying in his bed reading silly books, Dean shouted to himself in order to calm down.

He closed the door and started walking towards Sammy’s room. He found the door locked up.

-Oh, come on Sammy, open that facking door!

He shouted a few times but his brother was NOT answering. Looking through the locked door, he noticed that the lights in the room were on but Sam was not in his bed. He might have fainted or something. He decided to break the door. One, Two, Three and he was in.

-Oh, my Gosh. Sam…Sam, are you okay? Sam? Talk to me!!! , Dean shouted to his brother.

Sam was lying on the floor with his gun on the right hand. Dean took the gun and noticed that it had no bullets in. He was sure .Sam had committed suicide.

-No, Sammy, what have you done? What have you done? , he cried.

Wait a minute.

-Come on, Dean, people bleed when they get shot. What’s wrong with you? Sammy is not bleeding; there are not any wounds either. He is breathing. What the hell have you done to yourself, man? I cannot even check your big head for any wounds with all that hair, you Jared freaking Leto.

-Come on, you big giant, let’s go to bed.

Dean moved Sam to his bed, where Sam continued being unconscious. As he turned his head around, he noticed broken glasses all over the floor and on the bedside table a piece of paper with a spell written on it.

Mittunt verba

ab omni super terram

mihi liceret eius absorbent, illa

per inpositionem aut manus


sibi volunt verba

hinc ad coelum.…., Dean was shocked.

-Someone is kidding me .Why Sam?

-Stamford? Really? This is the place that hurts you the most, Sammy? Not even Kansas?

Oh, boy. That’s the reason…, Sam stared shocked in front of him.

Sam was in his room in Stamford. He woke up in his bed; the bed, where his one and true love died. He knew he was there because of the spell. He knew he was seeing her right in front of him because of the spell.

-Hello, baby.

-Sam, I missed you so much.

-I lo..

-Shh…I know. I know. Sam, you are here for a reason, you know that. You are very brave. I am really proud of you. Completing the trials is a burden that only Sam Winchester must carry on his shoulders. All these years you are trying to get away from what you really have caused.. You are the reason the ones you love end up dead. Don’t you think it’s time for you to end this once for all?

-Don’t say that to me Jessie. I can’t stand hearing these words from you.

-I know. But that is the truth, Sammy. You and your brother against evil. Don’t you think it’s time for the family business to realize what is good for them to be done? End this Sammy. This is your chance to prove that the family you separated seven years ago is the one you can bring back together now. You must fight and be prepared for everything.

-Seven years without you.

Jessie smiled while Sam was touching gently her cheek.

-My Jessie would never talk to me like that. I know that I am in a dream. I know what the spell I used was about. But is this the situation that will encourage me and give me the strength to go on and complete the trials? What am I dealing with here?

-You are only dealing with the reality you cannot accept, Sammy.

Sam turned around. He was in Kansas, in his home and in front of his beautiful blond mother, Mary.


– You’ve grown up Sammy. You are not my Sammy anymore. You are my Sam, my love. I missed your face so much. Can you please braid your hair so that I can see your face?

Sam laughed.

-I missed that smile, love. Anyway. Using that spell means that you wanted to deal with this kind of words. Jessica told you the truth. You are the reason that all the people you love such as me, your dad, Jessica, Bobby, are dead. Completing these trials is the best solution not only for you but especially for your brother Dean. I know you love him and you would never let him get hurt. It is in your hands to save him Sammy, to save the whole world from anything evil , to shut the gates of Hell once for all son.

-Mum, do you think I can get to the end of it? Sometimes, I feel I can handle myself and not feel scared at all, but other times I feel too weak to go on. Dean always shows me that he should have been the one doing the trials and not me, and that makes me feel like this.

– Do not listen to your brother. You are so brave that you cannot even imagine. Sam, you were always a very responsible boy, so it’s time for you to accept the fact that all the suffering is your fault and to do the right thing. Save your brother, love, save him.

Sam sat in the corner. He was staring straight at his mum’s lips and was not missing a single word of what she was saying. His eyes were full of tears. He had successfully completed the first of the three trials .Now it was time for the second trial. They don’t know what the second trial is about but the only thing he knows is that he must complete it. Deep inside he knew that all the suffering was his own fault, but hearing his mum telling that was unbearable.

-Mum, but…

-Sammy, he heard a strict voice behind him.

-Yes, Sir. He replied automatically. He turned around.

John Winchester was right in front of him. He was staring at him as though he wanted to kick his ass; the same look as the one he had when Sam had gone from home to share his food with a little dog wandering in the neighborhood, and he got so pissed off that for a whole week they didn’t share a single word.

-Sammy, your mum is right. I suffered all these years away from her. I suffered a lot in order to raise you, to teach you, to train you, to look after you and your brother without her. Knowing that I lost her and I would never see her again was painful… And all these because of you. It is time, my son, it is time.

-Dad, I will make up for all these. Your word was always a motivation for me. Sometimes you made me feel so courageous and brave and ready to accomplish everything given to me, and sometimes with your stubbornness you made me want one thing. I only wanted to prove that I CAN. I will do it, I know I will. I will make you, mum, Jessie and Bobby feel really proud of me. I may have not had the chance to tell you before, but I loved you and I still love you dad.

-I love y….

-Stop acting like a lady and complete what you started, you idjit.

Sam recognized from the beginning whose voice was this. But it was coming from the next door room.

-Bobby. I am so glad to se…

-Sam, get to the point. You came to this dream in order to face the people you love the most and deal with truths.

-Bobby, you are as close to me as my father. I used the spell cause I started feeling tired of all this. I am scared that I will fail. I just wanted to feel you, the people I loved and love the most, the ones I lost, and to remind myself how happy I would be if you were alive now. I wanted to feel how all the bad things happened in our family were happened because of me, and that would give me the courage to go on. I don’t want Dean to die. I want to save him. I’ll sacrifice myself for him, now I am sure I can.

-Dean is your brother Sammy. He is your brace. Saving him is the least you can do. The trials will weaken you. You will get worse and i want you to promise me that if you start feeling that death is near ,you must convince Dean not to try and bring you back if you end up dead after completing the trials. You must make him promise you that he will go on with his life, will live a normal quiet life full of chicks, beers and football.

-You know, Dean will never agree with that.

-I know but you can make him promise you that. Dean loves you, but the real reason he wants you alive is that he cannot live alone. He is afraid of losing all his beloved ones … Forget all these and remember one thing, son, you are the reason for all these and you must be brave and kick ass.

Sam sat down and started thinking. Bobby stared at him and turned around to leave the room. He accidentally broke an old vase in the house.

-Balls, he shouted. Even as a ghost you are clumsy, Bobby.

Sam laughed and stood up. He was feeling ready to deal with everything, even ready to die for the common good.

Dean’s phone rang.

-Kevin, hi. What happened?

-Dean, you must come to the cabin. Quickly! Crowley is every minute inside my mind, he will discover the cabin. He will come here and kill me. You must come and protect me, please.

-Kevin, that’s not possible right now. I am dealing with a big problem with Sammy. I will come whenever I can. Crowley cannot find you. It is all inside your mind Kevin.

Dean shut the phone quickly before Kevin completed his last phrase.

Sorry, kiddo, he thought.

Dean called immediately Cas.

-Cas, can you hear me? Cas? Sam, Cas, Sam is not fine.

-Dean, calm down please. I can feel your anxiety. Why are you so anxious, Dean? Are you still angry with me?

– Cas, I don’t give a shit right now about any kind of brainwash you got involved in, the only thing matters right now is my brother. Where are you? I need your help.

– I can’t tell you my exact location. I am trying to protect the Angel Tablet. I have a plan in order to confuse them and make them lose my tracks.

-Cas, Sam has used Orienum. He has been sleeping at least for three hours and God knows how many more are left. I am afraid that the trials have led him to this. He scares the hell out of me , man!

Dean, calm down, please. Orienum is a spell that can leave him sleeping for almost six hours … He is going to wake up in a while.

-I am afraid that he is going to see all the dead people in our family that he loved the most and listen to their shit words that aren’t even real.

– Dean, Sam is not a kid, I am sure he knows all the important details about Orienum. He will not see only dead people, he will also see the living ones that he loves, and I am sure he knows that only the words coming from the people alive are true.

-Cas, I am sure Sam is in trouble and the only thing I know is that I cannot help him.

-Calm down. Sam is okay. I got to go.

-Son of a bitch. Freaking Angels, man. Someone must remind those sons of bitches that they were created to protect us.

The time in Kansas was passing so quickly. Sam was convinced that there was no one left to come inside his dream. He didn’t read the whole paper about the spell. He ignored the fact that the spell is about meeting not only people you have lost but also people alive. So, he was not aware of what he was about to face in a few minutes…

-I saw you all. All the people I love and could not manage to save. Now the only thing I got to do is waiting for the spell to pass. Stand up and kick ass. Make you all proud.

Sam was feeling as if his body was ready to explode. Maybe Dean was trying to wake him up with the most common way. Maybe slapping or even worse punching? Sammy laughed.

-Hahaha Jerk.


Sam’s eyes popped out.

-What the hell man? How did you manage to do this? I don’t remember killing you before I fell asleep.

-That was really funny, Giant. How can you forget it? Your brother is everywhere. But this is not the main part of this conversation. It may have escaped your notice, but Orienum is not only about meeting the dead, it is also about meeting the ones, from whom you have something important to hear. Lucky for you, I am one of them. Listen, Sam, you can see that passing the trials is a tough job, man. Why didn’t you let me do it? Why, Sam? Metatron has lied. The trials will lead you to the total sacrifice. You will be dead when they are completed and this won’t happen on my watch.

– Why don’t you deal with the idea of trusting me for once, Dean? When will you stop treating me like the baby you must protect? Why do you keep telling me what to do? I am tired of this. I am really tired of all this. You know something? I will complete the trials. I will succeed in this not only because I can do it, but also because it is the only way to save all the people left and bring justice to the ones died because of me. I am ready for the big sacrifice. I will also do it for you, Dean; I will save you from everything. I want you to live happy and safe. I will discharge you from the eternal babysitting of my ass, I promise. Man, you are such a pain in the ass. Even when you are not real, you keep crushing on my nerves. You are the same selfish, savior of the world-type guy as you are in real. Even the fact that they lead to death i will not stop so why don’t you lose that arrogant face and help me with all these.?

Dean suddenly disappeared out of the ordinary.

-And that’s a thing you do not usually do. Superheroes do not vanish, man.

-Of course, they don’t, said Dean appearing from the opposite side of the room.

-I don’t know if you remember it, but I am still alive in the real life and the real Dean out there is trying to wake you up .He is trying to vanish me so I am losing ground, that’s why I disappear.

-So, fake Dean, tell me, like the others, what am I afraid to hear from you? I am all ears.

-Sammy, the only thing you are afraid to hear from me is described in three words. I love you. I am always putting you above everything in my life even though you do not understand it. I don’t protect you because dad told me to do so, but because I don’t want you to get hurt. I feel it that way. You could never accept the fact that I was overprotective, but I am doing this because I was always doing it and I will always do it. This is my life. When you were a little boy, my only concern was your protection and that did not bother you back then. You grew up, you changed, and now it bothers you, but I was forced to change, too, when I was a kid, and I learned to live like this. My only concern till my death will be to protect my little brother.

-So, if I had to answer like real Dean would have, I should have said “Dude could you be more gay?» , but, anyway, this belief of yours ,Dean, bothers me, it drowns me, I can’t prove that I am capable of achieving tasks because before I even start trying I feel rejected by you. Every time I end up filling with remorse about everything I should have done for you and I didn’t even tried them. The trials have started and they will be completed by me. Let me, for once in my life, protect you, please. The gates of Hell will be closed forever , and that’s a promise.

Dean was shocked. He couldn’t do anything. He was only sitting there near his brother watching him admitting that he is going to die.

-I will never let that happen. It is not negotiable; you are about to stop the trials. That’s the final decision.

Sam’s body was throbbing constantly. It was time for the spell to pass.

-In a while the spell will be gone and I will wake up. Dean, I will continue with the trials. You can do nothing to stop me. I will get to the end of it, and when all these eventually end you will return to a normal safe life. The one you truly deserve.

The only thing the Winchester brothers are afraid of is the fact that they can easily replace each other. There’s only one thing I know for sure, brother, that even though we may ally with other demons, angels, hunters or everything else but our soul will be forever like one. When everything is done, I will be there even dead and the only thing i know is that I will be the one always protecting you from then on, buddy.

Sammy started coughing. He started waking up.

-Sammy, can you hear me buddy? Are you okay?

-Thank Ozzy Osbourne you are alive…said Dean with his typical grimace.

Sam woke up. He opened his eyes. He looked pale and very exhausted.

– Sammy, are you alright?

-Yeah, Dean. I am fine. The spell worked. I will make it. I will close the gates of Hell once and for all and we will get rid of every single bastard, who complicates our lives.

-Forget everything for now. Can I get you something? Do you want something to eat? I bought your favorite peach-banana-grape fruit juice. Do you want some?

-Dean, stop it. I am gonna pee myself.

Sam stood up and headed to the bathroom. Dean was relieved. Sam did not look worried. He looked more confident and sure about himself.

-Kevin hasn’t still informed us about the second trial, Dean thought.

-Oh, he called me, I forgot it. I hope it was something for the trials except his fear for Crowley. Anyway, I will call him later. And now, Sammy, it’s just me and you. I will cook dinner for you.

-Lucky me, Sam shouted from the bathroom.

-Bitch, Dean said.

-Jerk, Sam replied.

-I am going highway to hell, I am going highway to hell….Dean was heading to the kitchen while singing his favorite AC/DC song.

» Orienum is the key that opens the door of your dreams. You will find yourself in a new dimension travelling in time and meeting with people you love. The ones you love more than anything and play an important role in your life. They know you like no one else, and they are the only ones, who can help you regain your power and continue fighting to defeat all the difficulties that have emerged. You will need:

  • chamomile powder
  • jasmine oil
  • piece of your hair
  • water
  • and positive energy.

Mix all the ingredients together and drink the potion thinking something extra positive by saying the following words :

Mittunt verba

ab omni super terram

mihi liceret eius absorbent, illa

per inpositionem aut manus


sibi volunt verba

hinc ad coelum.

Spirits send the words

From all across the land

Allow me to absorb them

Through the touch of either hand

For 6 hours from 1 to 7

I will understand

The meaning of all words

From here to heaven.



The most important about the spell is the fact that your dreams will consist of either dead or living people you love and have something to share with. Everything announced, discussed or confessed in the dream you will not be able to remember it neither you nor your alive visitors. You should know that dead people always tell lies to hurt you in order to keep fighting in contrast with the living ones who will make honest confessions. May the gods be with you. The only purpose of the spell is to motivate you, encourage you and help you fly away from your fears.»

Now their reactions after Sammy woke up are totally understood. Sam read only the first paragraph of the spell description, so he and Dean ignored what was coming next. They already knew everything about the trials but didn’t remember a thing. The most important of all is that the Winchester brothers were ignoring the fact that the trials lead Sam to the total sacrifice. Sam woke up and claimed that he is ready to deal with any kind of danger and pay every required price. But, was Dean ready to accept this fate for his brother , too?

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