Σενάριο Supernatural | 14×06 Optimism


Σενάριο Supernatural | 14×06 Optimism.

Written by: Steve Yockey

Directed by: Richard Speight, Jr.

Air Date: November 29, 2018

Music plays in a small town with people going about daily business.

A girl walks across the street and says “Good morning” to a man sitting on the bench.

She walks to a library and unlocks door and goes in. She starts putting away books from a cart.

A hand can be seen tapping her on the shoulder.

HARPER – gasps

WINSTON – Whoa Whoa. Harper it’s me

HARPER – Winston, God..

WINSTON – Sorry, I just ah ah just wanted to make sure we are still on for, you know, dinner tonight?

HARPER – Uhm, yeah, sure.

Man comes around corner holding a stapler as a weapon.

MILES – Harper!! Are you okay? I heard a scream. Is this guy causing trouble?

WINSTON – This guy? Miles, we went to high school together.

HARPER – Miles, we talked about you minding your own business. Didn’t we? (nodding her head)Put the stapler down.

Miles folds up stapler.

MILES – I heard a scream.

Awkward moment as the three look at each other and then Miles leaves.

WINSTON -He’s always been creepy.

HARPER – He’s just overreacting because nothing ever happens here. Nobody comes to the library anymore.

Not even for story time. Isn’t that sad?

WINSTON – Well, I’m here.

HARPER – (smiling) I’ll see you tonight.

WINSTON – For our date.

HARPER – For dinner. Which I’m sure will be a very nice time.

Winston leaves and walks out of library and pumps his fist and grins.

He strolls down the street to the music of the Bee Gee’s, all of a sudden and hand grabs him by the face and

you see blood and hear a scream.

Scene Two

Jack is sitting in kitchen at bunker drinking a cup of coffee.

He is pouring lots of sugar in as Dean walks in.

DEAN – Geez, what’s up with the sugar?

JACK – Well, without my powers everything tastes different so, I can’t get this how I like it.

DEAN – Seen Sam?

JACK – He Went to meet up with Charlie. You were on an overnight run to Mary and Bobby’s place. He said it couldn’t

wait. They’re probably doing something really exciting.

Scene moves to Sam and Charlie sitting in a truck looking bored.

Sam sighs.

SAM – So this is where all the people are missing?


SAM – Right..

More moments of Sam and Charlie sitting in truck

Back to bunker

DEAN – So he just left you here, Huh?

JACK – Yep, Sam wanted someone around when you came back. He’s worried about you.

DEAN – Yeah, that sounds like him.

JACK – Dean, what happened with Michael, no one blames you.

DEAN – Cool, well I blame me, so…

Jack coughs

DEAN – Still with that cough, huh?

JACK – Maybe I’m allergic to sitting around doing nothing.

Dean looks at his watch.

DEAN – Alright, What do you want to do?

JACK – Hunt. Sam says I can’t go alone but Cas and I, we’ve been working cases.

DEAN – And he said you’ve been doing good on those. No offense, but Cas is an insurance policy on those hunts.

Sam’s just trying to keep you safe, kay? He’s a smart guy.

Back to Sam and Charlie. Sam is enjoying playing with a fidget spinner while Charlie watches.

Back to Dean and Jack. Jack shows Dean a news story on a tablet.

JACK – Look, Winston Mathers, dead, with what appears to be human bite marks taken out of the corpse.

DEAN – Human bite marks?

JACK – And, other people have gone missing too.

DEAN – Sam’s not gonna like it. (getting sandwich fixings out of fridge)

JACK – Sam’s not here.

DEAN – Okay, you know what? You did good work. Okay? I’ll go check it out.

JACK – No. we’re supposed to have a partner for all hunts now, right? We can be hunting buddies.

DEAN – Okay. A- Don’t call it that. And B – you’re gonna back me up?

JACK – Dean, I need to do something. You don’t understand. I could have killed Michael. Here, when I was strong enough, I could have.

But there was so much going on and then everything else happened because I was distracted and stupid and

DEAN – Hey! You didn’t do anything wrong.

JACK – And neither did you!! But that doesn’t make it any easier does it? So I can’t just sit here in the bunker thinking about

it all day. What I could have done differently, how I can’t do anything about it now. But I can do this. I can hunt.

Give me a chance.

Back to Sam and Charlie

SAM – (on phone) Are you sure? Just you guys? I mean we could probably send some other hunters out there, it’s so close. yeah.

Be careful.

SAM – (to Charlie) Dean’s going out on a hunt with Jack.

CHARLIE – Good for them.

SAM – (antsy) You sure this is the right place?

CHARLIE – Well, its where those 4 people disappeared. And when I was scouting around I found this. (hold up a jar filled with black liquid)

SAM – Goo?

CHARLIE – Goo. So, yeah. I’d say this is the right place. Now, I’m just trying to figure out what we are dealing with. Thus, books.

Impala pulls up to a diner. Dean and Jack enter, both wearing suits.

DEAN – This is Winston’s favorite spot?

JACK – His obituary said he loved having breakfast here every morning, which is sort of oddly specific.

DEAN – Yeah, when a young guy dies they never know what to put in those things.

DEAN – (walking to counter) Hi there.

WAITRESS – Can I help you?

DEAN – Yeah, Agent Barry, FBI. This is my partner, Agent Charles. Wondering if you could give us some details on a regular of yours, Winston Mathers.

WAITRESS – Sure hon. Um, Detail #1 Winston’s dead. Detail #2 ha that’s all the details.

JACK – (writing in notebook) Winston, dead. No details.

DEAN – Ah, you know, you’re gonna want to be a little more helpful than that.

WAITRESS – Listen, deep state, flashing a badge might work on people who don’t have a working knowledge of the constitution, but that ain’t me.

(bell rings) Now, I gotta go earn some money.

DEAN – Or you can stay here and earn some money. (reaches into wallet and hands her some money)

WAITRESS- (takes the money) He, uh, came in here every day like clockwork but you really want to ask about Harper Sayles. Winston just started courting her.

JACK – What’s courting?

DEAN – Hey, it’s what you do before you start dating.

JACK – and that’s the think you do before the sex. (Dean and waitress both look at him oddly)

WAITRESS – Sometimes you just have the sex. (and grins)

DEAN – Okay, that’s…Who is Harper Sayles?

Series of flashes of interviews

TWO LADIES – Harper is a really sweet woman.

CONSTRUCTION GUY – Everybody in town knows her.

WAITRESS – It’s been a sad life.

CONSTRUCTION GUY – Prom queen in high school.

TWO LADIES – Very popular

CONSTRUCTION GUY – Boyfriend ran off on her.

WAITRESS – She did not take it well.

CONSTRUCTION GUY – Since then well,

TWO LADIES – Everything just seems to go wrong.

WAITRESS – She’s lost people, not people, men.



WAITRESS – A lawyer


TWO LADIES – Gym Coach


WAITRESS – It just honestly seems like all she cares about are her books.

TWO LADIES – Romance novels, mostly.

CONSTRUCTION GUY – Heros and damsels.


WAITRESS – She is bad luck.

TWO LADIES – Bad luck.

CONSTRUCTION GUY – She’s bad luck.

TWO LADIES – Real shame.

Dean and Jack sitting in booth looking awed about the interviews.

Back to Sam and Charlie, still sitting in truck, still being bored. Sam chewing on his nails, Charlie looking through a book.

CHARLIE – He’ll be fine. Your brother, I mean. He’s got other friends right?

SAM – Plenty. Uhm, He used to have a pretty damn good wingman.

CHARLIE – So call that guy to check on him.

SAM – That guy was you.

CHARLIE – No, it wasn’t.

SAM – Right I uh, sorry. I didn’t mean that. I’m just saying I’m not surprised you survived the apocalypse.

CHARLIE – Yeah, well I am. Sam, before all this? I was just a programmer at Richard Roman Enterprises. I lived with the love of my life and we..

SAM – Wait you did?

CHARLIE – Yeah. So your Charlie she..

SAM – (shakes his head)

CHARLIE – I guess she never met Kara.

SAM – Kara?

CHARLIE – Uh, she owned a bakery outside of Chicago. Cupcakes. It was like something out of a story book. She always smelled like peaches. And

her smile was just…Michael and Lucifer, when they started their war, first thing a giant EMP or something like it went off in North America.

Fried every bit of technology. Cell phones, power plants. For the first few days we banded together, thought hey someone will save us.

No one ever did. When the food ran out people got mean. Mobs started forming, stealing whatever they could get their hands on. Lot of people died. Kara died. People are always the same when things go wrong. They lose it. One day the water gets shut off, the next day people are on fire. It’s a fact about society. It all falls apart.

SAM – (deeply saddened) Not here.

CHARLIE – Not yet.

Back to Dean and Jack in diner.

DEAN – Well congrats, Mighty Mouse, I think you found us a case.

JACK – Thanks. What’s Mighty Mouse? (waitress places 2 slices of pie in front of them)

DEAN – Eat up. Pie is important.

JACK – Okay, can I ask you about what Wanda(waitress) said about courting? I mean I’ve seen romantic movies but I’ve never experienced it unless what you said about Rowena and Gabriel counts.

DEAN – No, definitely doesn’t count. Okay, look I promise when we get back home I’ll give you the talk. Okay?

JACK – The talk?

DEAN – MMhmm, right now we what we gotta find is Harper Sayles. I mean that’s just too much bad luck for one person.

JACK – Maybe, Maybe she’s not human.

DEAN – Well, that’s what we’re going to find out.

JACK – How?

DEAN – You ever read a romance novel?

Harper at library, Dean walks in.

DEAN – Harper Sayles?

HARPER – Hi, Uhm, how can I help you?

DEAN – Hi, FBI (flashing badge) I have some questions about Winston Mathers.

HARPER – Oh I already spoke to the police.

DEAN – Well I’m not the police.

HARPER – I don’t I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

DEAN – I’m going to need you to talk about it.

JACK – Hello, sorry to interrupt. I’m looking for the best book on the area’s history?

DEAN – Excuse me I was talking with her.

JACK – Really? Because it doesn’t look like she wants to talk to you.

DEAN – Listen, I’m a

JACK – FBI, yeah, I heard but I haven’t done anything wrong so you can’t do anything to me and if she doesn’t want to talk to you, you can’t make her. Not with out arresting her. But you’re FBI so you probably knew that already.

DEAN – Okay, Why don’t you back off kid.

JACK – No, you back off, old man.

DEAN – Ah…Old man?

JACK – Yeah, that’s right.

Harper is smiling in the background.

DEAN – Okay, alright. This isn’t over. (leaves library)

HARPER – That was so chivalrous.

JACK – Yeah, what’s his problem?

HARPER – He was just asking…you know what? It’s fine. I’m fine. Thank you for stepping in. You didn’t have to do that.

JACK – I’m Jack, by the way. Jack Smith.

HARPER – Harper. I have the perfect book for you.

JACK – That would be great. (staring in to eachother’s eyes)

Dean is waiting in Baby looking in mirror

DEAN – Old man, my ass. (watches Jack and Harper come out of library along with Miles following them)

MILES – Harper? Are you leaving?

HARPER – Miles, this is Jack. He’s visiting and I’m getting him my favorite book about town. It’s just down in my apartment but I’ll come back and lock up.

MILES – You’re taking him to your apartment. You don’t even know this guy.

HARPER – Miles, stop it. (looks at Jack) Let’s go.

DEAN – (getting out of Baby to follow) Alright, where are we headed?

Meanwhile Miles is taking out the trash, going down the same alley that Winston was killed in. He hears a noise and stops to look. Scene cuts to Dean following Jack and Harper and then a scream is heard. Dean goes looking and finds Miles dead in a pool of blood.

Sam and Charlie sitting in truck.

SAM – How many books are you reading?

CHARLIE – All of them. (reaches over seat to get another book) I hate hunting.

SAM – Really? Cause I gotta say you’re kinda awesome at it.

CHARLIE – Yeah well when it’s that or die by angel kill squad…

SAM – Right.

CHARLIE – I mean, no offense but who wants to be a hunter? This job, its just a lot of tears and death.

SAM – Huh, Its funny, you uh said something like that to me once, long ago, about hunting. Not you, uh uh sorry, our Charlie.

CHARLIE – Well she was right. So glad this is my last case.

SAM – What?

CHARLIE – I told myself I’d help you out for a while. At least until everyone got really settled and then I’m out.

SAM – To do what? To go where?

CHARLIE – Away. From monsters, from people, from…I’ll go live on a mountain top or something. As long as there’s good wifi.

Harper’s apartment, door opens and in walk Harper and Jack.

HARPER – Come in.

HARPER – Okay, Im just realizing its weird I brought you to my place. That’s weird. I’m weird.

JACK – It’s fine. I think. You need to get that book, right?

HARPER – I just don’t want you to think I’m, I’m not putting the moves on you.

JACK – The moves?

HARPER – I’ll go get the book. (Leaves room)

JACK – Hey, uh do you mind…(puts a silver coin on floor)Is it okay that I ask you about the guy who was hassling you at the library? (pours holy water in hand and on floor)

HARPER – Oh, recently a boy I knew or was starting to know passed away. It was terrible. The authorities have been asking a lot of questions but I don’t know anything and uh, I’m a pretty private person so it’s been a little difficult.

JACK – (checks phone to see Dean calling, doesn’t answer) That’s awful about your friend.

HARPER – Thanks. (hands Jack a book. Sees coin on floor) Is this yours?

JACK – Oh, sorry, I must have dropped that. (Harper hands him coin)

HARPER – Your hand is wet.

JACK – (fake coughs) Christo

HARPER – Did you say something?

JACK – Ah, no.(phone vibrates again) Ah, I’m just nervous.

HARPER – Come here. (moves to couch and pat cushion next to her for Jack to sit down)

Sam and Charlie in truck

CHARLIE – I’ve got something.

SAM – What?

CHARLIE – Have you ever heard of a musca?

SAM – Yeah, like a hybrid between a man and a fly. A lot of stories about them but no one has ever seen one in real life. If they do exist, they keep to themselves.

CHARLIE – Look at you.

SAM – Well, I have read all the books.

CHARLIE – Nerd. But check this. Every two hundred years there is “bad egg”. When a male fails to find a mate, he abandons his community and starts using peoples bodies to “nest”. Binding them together with a viscous goo. And when the goo fits…

SAM – oh great.. Our perp might just be a giant fly with low self esteem.


SAM – Yeah?

CHARLIE – What is that? (looking out windshield of truck at a person covered head to toe in black.)

They watch as he sits next to two ladies on a bench making them uncomfortable enough to get up and leave.

Harper’s apartment

HARPER – So, where are you from?

JACK – I’m from a little town in Kansas called Lebanon. It’s actually smaller than this one.

HARPER – Wow! Yeah my family’s been here for generations. I’m the last one. (Jack starts coughing) Are you okay?

JACK – Is this, Is this your boyfriend? (holding a picture of Harper and a boy)

HARPER – I am single. Perpetually. But Vance was my boyfriend. After high school he wanted to leave town. I told him we didn’t need to, we could see the world in books. Which, I know sounds way too sappy and he left anyway.

JACK – Without you? (Harper and Jack stare into eachother’s eyes)

HARPER – I don’t blame him but that, well, that was the beginning of my bad luck. Just so many things that I…I try to stay optimistic.

JACK – Me too. I’ve had some not so great stuff happen in my past. Trying to be positive, it can be hard. (phone vibrates again with a text from Dean – CALL ME NOW)

HARPER – Jack, do you believe in love at first sight? (holding his hand so he can’t use the phone)

JACK – Do you…mind if I use the bathroom? (Jack gets up and goes into bathroom)


Calls Dean

DEAN – Jack

JACK – Dean, I’m at Harper’s place. The silver and the holy water didn’t do anything so she’s not a demon. Where are you?

Because Harper is not a monster and I’m 99% sure she is in love with me.

DEAN – That’s not how it works, Kid.

JACK – Okay but she was looking at me with these googly eyes and then she asked me..

DEAN – Look, I promise you, Harper Sayles is not in love with you. Would you calm down?

JACK – Okay, but if she is, I need to know everything about sex. Go..

DEAN – Jack, listen to me, the guy that she works with is dead and I mean, fresh dead. Something bit out his throat. So we have bigger things to worry about right now.

JACK – Okay, what should I do?

DEAN – Well, something is definitely stalking Harper. Or at least the people around her.

JACK – She said that she had bad luck. Maybe she’s cursed?

DEAN – No, it seems like the guys around her are cursed.

JACK – Wait, guys like me.

DEAN – Yeah, look, just keep her there. (Dean yells and phone goes dead)

JACK – Dean?

JACK – Dean?

Jack leaves bathroom looking upset

HARPER – Are you upset?

JACK – What?

HARPER – Oh, I freaked you out didn’t I? I’m sorry, sometimes I can come off as intense.

JACK – No. You’re fine. I’m fine.

HARPER – So, do you want to go get coffee? or?

JACK – I don’t know.

HARPER – You don’t know?

Dean comes crashing through the door and Harper starts screaming.

JACK – No no no, it’s okay. It’s okay. We’re here to help you.

DEAN – Hey, I’m Dean. I work with Jack. We’re not FBI. We’re here to save lives. (puts chair in front of door)

Maybe even yours.

HARPER – Save me? From what?

Banging and growling at door.

DEAN – That.

HARPER – Who’s out there?

DEAN – Not a who. First I thought it was a ghost. And then he punched me in the face.

HARPER – A ghost?

JACK – No, he’s saying it’s not a ghost.

DEAN – Yeah but now I’m thinking ah..Who is this?(holding a picture of Harper’s old boyfriend)

HARPER – That’s my old boyfriend, Vance.

DEAN – How did he die?

HARPER – Die? I’m thinking he lives in Connecticut.

DEAN – Not anymore.

VANCE – Harper!!!

HARPER – Vance?

JACK – Vance?

DEAN – Vance. Alright so it looks like we’re dealing with some sort of undead/ Risen dead, something in that wheelhouse.

silver, silver…

JACK – Risen dead?

DEAN – Yeah

VANCE – Harper!!!

DEAN – Yeah, yeah, looks like you finally get your zombie, Kid.

HARPER – Zombie??

JACK – No, he means

DEAN – Silver can hurt it. We can slow it down. But there is only one way to stop these things.

Vance crashed through the door. Dean attacks with silver blade. Vance goes after Dean.

DEAN – Jack! Get her out of here.

JACK – I can’t just leave

DEAN – Go! Now!!

Jack and Harper leave. Vance watches them leave

DEAN – Archie!! Hey!! Let’s dance.

Vance and Dean fight.

Sam and Charlie, still in truck

SAM – Charlie, you can’t just quit and go live on a mountain somewhere. People need people.

CHARLIE – Why? Cause they’re the luckiest people in the world?

SAM – Look, come on. We just do. We’re social animals.

CHARLIE – Emphasis on animals.

SAM – Yeah, but you’re also a hunter. The things that we’ve seen, it’s not so easy to just walk away from it all. Believe
me, I’ve tried. Our Charlie tried.

CHARLIE – Yeah, well again, she ain’t me. It’s my life, Sam. Not hers. And not yours. (looks out window) He’s back.

That’s gotta be our guy, right? I say we rush him.

SAM – No no no, wait for it, wait for it. We don’t wanna tackle some regular guy just cuz he’s into weird fashion.

CHARLIE – Mmmm, Don’t we?

Bus pulls up in front of bench, blocking view of guy.

SAM – Come on…

Bus pulls away and Sam and Charlie see guy being dragged down an alley.

SAM – Damn it!!GO! Go, go

They both get out of truck.

Harper and Jack running from her apartment.

HARPER – Wait!!! What is happening?

JACK – No Look, Look We have to keep moving.

They take each other’s hands and run.

Harper’s apartment

Dean and Vance still fighting. Dean gets ready to bash a chair on Vance when Vance stops and all of a sudden leaves.

DEAN – What the hell?


Harper and Jack in front of doors. Harper is looking for the key when Jack pulls open the unlocked door.

JACK – You were going to come back and lock up. Remember?

HARPER – No. Apparently my dead high school boyfriend attacked us and I forgot.

They enter library and Jack locks the door.

Alley with Sam and Charlie

SAM – Where’d they go?

Both look around while holding guns.

SAM – Not a lot of options. Look at this. (pointing to a door covered in goo)

CHARLIE – I cased this block earlier that was definitely locked and you know, not covered in goo.

SAM – You said there was something in the book about ah, ah a brass nail dipped in sugar water can kill it?

CHARLIE – In theory, since no one has actually seen one and we have exactly zero of those items handy. So…

SAM – So we get creative.

They open door and enter warehouse. Flies buzzing everywhere.

CHARLIE – Oh God, that is uh

SAM – Yeah, smells like pine cleaner and rotting meat.

They keep searching the warehouse. Charlier sees a pile of bodies.


SAM – Yeah, he was chloroformed alright.

CHARLIE – I found him. (man moaning) He’s still alive. We should get him out of here. (she gasps as her arm is grabbed.


SAM – Charlie!!

She pulls free and falls knocking herself out.

SAM – Charlie!

SAM – Hey, hey Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!

Musca gets out of pile and comes after Sam. He holds Sam against the wall and covers him in goo.

Charlie wakes up and stabs the Musca in the back giving Sam a chance to get his gun and shoot the Musca which causes goo to spray all over Charlie.

CHARLIE – So…we got creative. Cool.

Library with Jack and Harper

Jack and Harper are hiding behind a counter when Vance walks by.

JACK – Don’t worry. I locked it.

HARPER – Did you flip the switch under the lock?

JACK – What..What switch?

HARPER – I’ll get it.

JACK – Harper, don’t!! Don’t!!!

Harper goes to door and Vance stands in front of it. She then opens the door and lets him in.

JACK – Harper?

VANCE – grunts and hands Harper a book.

HARPER – Aww, sweet. (she then kisses Vance)

JACK – No, No..What are you doing?

HARPER – What? He’s my boyfriend. He just gets a little jealous sometimes.

JACK – But he’s dead. And stalking you.

HARPER – No, he’s stalking you. It’s a little game we play. Some people pretend to be naughty nurses, some people get tied up, we do this. Oh and he has to eat flesh to maintain his body. Stupid magic. But it all works out except…not for you.

Vance starts chasing Jack.

Over intercom Harper talks.

HARPER – I’m sorry about all this Jack. I actually think I liked you but you’re obviously a hunter and I come from a long line of necromancers. I mean I can mostly only raise the dead but that comes in handy. And I can’t let you or your friend get in the way of the love Vance and I share. It’s first love, Jack. The best kind. Without baggage or compromise. I mean, I did have to kill him to keep him here after college but…every relationship has its stuff, Right? And all the other guys, none of them are like Vance. Strong and courageous and…

So they all had to die. (Vance is still searching for Jack in library) Especially Miles, who just…ugh. So I had Vance crush his throat. I wish I could’ve watched. And now we’re going to kill you.

Jack is still hiding, Harper picks up a book to read while waiting for Vance to kill Jack. A hand covers Jack’s mouth.

DEAN – Shhh. Okay, Not a lot works on these things (in a whisper)

JACK – Uh, headshot?

DEAN – No, No, No. Creeps like this, you gotta get them back in their grave. Drive a silver stake through their heart to keep them there.

JACK – Okay, so..?

DEAN – We’ve got to convince this guy to get six feet under.

JACK – And you’re going to convince him with your shotgun?

DEAN – Not exactly.

JACK – Harper? Why are you doing this? I thought we fell in love at first sight?

HARPER – What?

JACK – I’m not weak like those other guys. I’m not afraid to really love you. What would it be like to be with someone alive? Who could walk you down the aisle in front of the whole town and start a family with. With me?

HARPER – But I tried to kill you.

JACK – Every relationship has its stuff right? We can stay in the town you love a-and never leave.

VANCE – She’s mine!!!(tackling Jack)

DEAN – Hey! (Vance turns to Dean and is shot with the shotgun)

HARPER – No!!!

Vance takes shotgun away from Dean

DEAN – Hey, okay look, I’m sure you were in love, okay. But this isn’t love. Not anymore.

VANCE – I love her.

DEAN – Yes, sure, sure but now its like some sort of a sick game you know? I mean you have to eat people to stay together? I mean is that romantic? Huh? You enjoy that? Okay, alright. Let’s just think about this for a second.

Vance grabs Dean and pushes him against the wall.

HARPER – Vance! Baby, kill him.

Jack sneaks in and handcuffs Vance to a pipe. Dean handcuffs his other hand to another pipe. The silver n the handcuffs start burning his skin.

HARPER – Vance!!

VANCE – Screams

JACK – You okay?(to Dean)

DEAN – Yeah, just grab the girl.

They look up to find Harper has left.

DEAN – Oh, son of a bitch.

Sam and Charlie driving in truck

SAM – You know, I think that guy from the bus stop..I think he’ll be alright. I’ll bet they’ll take good care of him at the hospital.

CHARLIE- He’s also gonna wake up with a serious headache.

SAM – Better than being killed.


SAM – Got to say, I do feel kind of bad for the Musca. I mean, he could have been happy if he’d stayed with his people. Didn’t have to go off on his own just because..

CHARLIE – Okay, I get it. I am just like the bug and I shouldn’t go out on my own. But your nifty metaphor has holes. I wasn’t looking for love. I found it and I lost it. And I didn’t kill people and literally nest in their body parts so…(Scene cuts to other Musca removing the body of the dead one)

SAM – Okay, yeah I know, I know, How about this? Don’t leave. Hear me out. Sure some people can do bad things when they’re desperate or scared. I mean the guy we just saved, he has a wife and children. I’m not saying that all people are good people or even that most people are but if we help people then maybe they’ll help people and all that. And that’s worth it. Even with all the tears and death. It’s worth it.

CHARLIE – Just to be super clear, I am not like the fly monster. (Sam chuckles) But, I’ll think about staying.

Diner in some small town

Harper is sitting at a table writing a letter.

“Jack, I’m already writing. Isn’t that crazy? I’m not crazy. But our love is so vivid. I can’t wait to find you. You are the first man to ever get me to leave McCook. Now I’m in the world. I’m sorry I have to kill you for what you did to Vance but then I can bring you back so that we can be together again. It’s gonna be perfect. See you soon. Love, Harper”

She folds letter and puts it in envelope addressed to Jack care of Lebanon, KS post office.


JACK – So now that Vance is in the grave, he can’t hurt anyone?

DEAN – Yeah, silver stake through the heart. That oughta do the trick.

JACK – And that’s, love?

DEAN – Eh, Actually love can get crazier than that. And it might get crazier with Harper still out there. But, uh, you did good Kid.

JACK – And?

DEAN – And what?

JACK – I was right and you should be letting me go out on hunts.

DEAN – okay, alright. It’s not about being right. Kay? You’re gonna make mistakes, hell, I make them all the time. But its how you handle yourself once you’ve made those mistakes and you’ve learned from them.

JACK – and, how to not beat yourself up over them.(starts coughing)

DEAN – You know Jack, you’re pretty smart sometimes. I’ll tell you what–when Sam gets back I’ll talk to him about getting you out on more hunts. In the meantime we’ll get you a crate of cough drops.

JACK – I’m fine. It’s all a part of being human right? (coughs again)

DEAN – You sure you’re okay?

JACK – I don’t know. (hand has blood from coughing in it.)

Jack looks at Dean and Jack has a bleeding nose and then passes out.

DEAN – Jack! Jack. Jack! Jack!!

The end

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Από πάντα ήμουν fan των σειρών μυστηρίου αλλά στο Supernatural βρήκα το συνδυασμό που αναζητούσα: αγωνία, χιούμορ και πάλι αγωνία. Αυτό που με κέρδισε στην αγαπημένη μας σειρά είναι ότι τα απίθανα φαίνονται τόσο αληθινά και οι πρωταγωνιστές δεν είναι οι κλασσικοί σούπερ ήρωες, στοιχεία που την κάνουν να ξεχωρίζει από άλλες σειρές του ίδιου είδους. Από τότε (2007) η σχέση μου με το Supernatural είναι καρμική ιδιαίτερα όταν ανακάλυψα ότι αρέσει και σε κάποιον άλλο ο Bob Seger! (Dean)
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