Σενάριο Supernatural | 12×09 First Blood

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Σενάριο Supernatural | 12×09 First Blood

Written by: Andrew Dabb

Directed by: Bob Singer

Air Date: January 26, 2017


[A werewolf growls in young Asa Fox’s face from 12.06, and is shot by Mary Winchester]

SAM: My family hunts. It’s what we do.

[ AC/DC’s “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” playing ]

[Mary, Sam, and Dean in 12.03 fighting a ghost and burning bones]

LADY TONI BEVELL: Let’s begin.


LADY TONI BEVELL: Toni Bevell, Men of Letters, London chapter house.

[clips from 12.01 and 12.02 of Sam being interrogated by Toni]

TONI: If you answer my questions, you’ll walk right out that door.

SAM: I’ve been tortured by the Devil himself. What can you do to me?

[clip of an SUV crashing into Baby from 12.01]

TONI: They’re no better than the monsters they fail to control. They need to be eliminated.

[clips of Dean fighting Ms. Watt, cut to scene of the British Men of Letters decapitating a vampire]

DEAN: Aren’t we supposed to be on the same team?

MARY: [cocks gun and aims it at Toni] Get away from my boys.

SAM: Mom?

DEAN: Yeah.

[Mary and Toni fight, Dean fires a gun into the air]

MICK: No argument, Lady Bevell went too far. I deeply apologize. We want to work with you. My number. [he hands Cas his card]

[from 12.03]

MARY: I found a case.

DEAN: If mom wants to hunt, I say we hunt.

[montage of hunts, from 12.03, 12.06, ending with Mary’s return moment from 11.23/12.01]

MARY: I’ve heard of people coming back from the dead before. But to actually do it? I just have a lot of blanks to fill in.

[Mary looks through family pictures in 12.03]

MARY: I have to go.

BILLIE: It’s always nice to see a Winchester who can’t get what he wants.

DEAN: Billie. She’s a reaper.

[clip of Billie in 12.06, of Mary burning from 1.01]

BILLIE: See I’m a big believer in what dies…

[clip of Dean shouting Sam’s name as he dies in 2.21]

BILLIE: stays dead.

[clip of Dean shouting no and Sam crying stop it Dean as Dean dies in 3.16]

BILLIE: If any of you change your minds, you know my name.

[clip of Lucifer in Vince Vincente showing off his wings after Crowley’s first attack in 12.02]

CROWLEY: We’ve got to put Lucifer back in the cage.

[Clip of Lucifer’s vessel failing catastrophically in 12.07]

CROWLEY: I think I know the identity of Lucifer’s newest vessel.

[clip of Lucifer possessing President Rooney in 12.08]

CROWLEY: Jefferson Rooney, President of these United States.

[clip of Lucifer’s eyes glowing red, followed by him lying in bed with Kelly]

KELLY: I just know you’d make an amazing father.

CASTIEL: A nephilim has come into being. It’s the offspring of an angel and a human.

SAM: Lucifer.

[clip of Sam examining the Triwizard Tournament Screaming Egg Hyperbolic Pulse Generator loaned to them by the British Men of Letters]

CROWLEY: So you’re gonna pop Lucifer out of the President with that?

DEAN: I hope so. Otherwise, we’re all dead.

SECRET SERVICE AGENT: [holding Sam and Dean at gunpoint over the unconscious President] You’re under arrest for the attempted assassination of the President of the United States.

[Sam and Dean are shackled and put into an armored vehicle destined for points unknown]

DEAN: It’s not like we’re in the “live ‘til you’re 90, die in your sleep” business. This only ends one way.

[the door to the armored truck is slammed and locked]


[interior, Mulroney’s Diner in Lawrence, KS. Mary is sitting alone stirring her coffee when her phone rings]

MARY: Castiel?

[exterior, the Plains Motel, where Sam and Dean had been arrested in 12.08. Castiel is now standing in the parking lot facing the building]

CASTIEL: Mary, where are you?

MARY: I– I, uh… Lawrence, Kansas. Cas, what’s wrong?

CASTIEL: Uh, uuh… well, I-I need you to meet me at the bunker.

[Cas hangs up and sighs, turning from the motel and walking away alone.]

[pan across photos of the President, Kelly, and then grainy old photos and ancient mug shots from 2.07, then to Rick Sanchez from 12.08 delivering an official report in a government-style office]

RICK SANCHEZ: Six hours ago, Sam and Dean Winchester attempted to kill the President of the United States.

CAMP: [seated at the desk studying the photos] Huh. Do we know why?

RICK: They haven’t said a word since we picked them up.

[the armored truck from 12.08 drives down a country road, inside Sam and Dean are shackled and grim]

CAMP: Quiet types. Okay. What do we know about ‘em?

RICK: A lot. Brothers. Born in Lawrence, Kansas to Mary Winchester, deceased, and John Winchester, also deceased. FBI started investigating them back in 2007.

CAMP: For what?

RICK: Assault, murder, multiple counts of desecrating a corpse.

CAMP: The same corpse?

[he looks disturbed, but insistent when Rick doesn’t answer immediately]

RICK: No. Different corpses.

[Clip of the armored truck arriving at a prison facility, with military guards manning the heavy iron gates]

RICK: They made the FBI’s most wanted in 2011, then died in a shootout with police in Ankeny, Iowa. At least, that’s what their file said; but apparently not.

CAMP: Apparently. What about the girl?

[Kelly is seen from 12.08, riding in the back of a taxi]

RICK: Kelly Kline. And she’s a presidential aide, but no one’s seen her since that day. We don’t know where she went or if she’s still alive.

[Sam and Dean, wearing grey prison jumpsuits, are escorted down a flight of stairs, down a long concrete hallway, to two individual prison cells]

CAMP: How many people know about this?

RICK: We’re keeping it quiet. Just you, me, the agents who made the arrest, and POTUS. But the last thing he remembers was saying his nightly prayers three days before it happened.

CAMP: Drugged?

RICK: Lab’s running a tox screen now, but probably.

[Sam and Dean take one last look at each other before being ushered into their cells]

CAMP: And by “probably,” you mean “maybe.” And by “maybe,” you mean “I don’t know.” So next time, just say you don’t know.

[Dean walks into his cell, and Sam is sort of manhandled into his]

RICK: Look you’re here because you’re some bigshot anti-terrorism… guy. But you want my opinion? We should take those two psychos out back. I cap one, you take the other, we grab an early lunch.

CAMP: Yeah?

RICK: They got it comin’.

CAMP: Yeah, but what if they’re not working alone? I mean, what if these boys got ties to… Oh, I don’t know. White nationalists? Muslim brotherhood?

RICK: Really?

CAMP: I’m just sayin’. They might be the tip of some nasty-ass iceberg.

RICK: That– that’s what you think?

CAMP: Probably. Maybe. I don’t know. Let’s find out.

[Camp walks into Dean’s cell, while Dean remains stoic and silent]

CAMP: Hi, Dean. How you doing? Can I get you coffee? Water? Or you hungry? [he digs through his pockets] I got a chocolate bar here somewhere. Don’t tell my wife. So… you’ve had a day. Wanna tell me about it? [Camp leans back against the wall and crosses his arms]

Like, for example, why you went after the leader of the free world? Well, let me guess. You don’t like cops. [chuckles] Hell, I get it. We can be real jackasses. But you’re gonna talk to me, son.

[scene shifts, and we’re in Sam’s cell, where he’s sitting still and silent]

CAMP: You just are. Now that’s not a threat. I don’t believe in torture. Doesn’t work. Oh, I’ve seen folks waterboarded, cut on. And they talk. Ooh, they do.

[scene shifts back to Dean’s cell, Dean’s face]

CAMP: But they never tell you what you need. You know what does work, though? Every time? Nothing.

[Sam looks up at Camp at that]

CAMP: See, when I leave, that door closes, and it stays closed, [scene shifts back to Dean] and you stay in the dark. Now, maybe that doesn’t sound so bad.

[Camp moves so he’s leaning down in front of Sam]

CAMP: But after a month? [scene shifts to Camp leaning identically in front of Dean] A year? You spend enough time staring at these walls, just you and all that nothing, [shift back to Sam] you’ll get so crazy to talk, to see someone real, you’ll tell me exactly what I need. You’ll tell me with a smile.

[Shifts back to Dean]

CAMP: It’ll just take some time.

[Camp leans back against the wall opposite Dean again with his arms crossed, with multiple shifts back and forth to Sam and Dean]

Of course, the thing is, after what you did, no one’s in a hurry to get you that phone call. So you and me, we got all the time in the world.

[Sam’s cell door slams shut and we see him flinch, Dean’s cell door slams shut hiding him from view]



[interior, a small black case rests on a desk in what appears to be a motel room, and someone sets a beer bottle down next to it. It’s Mick Davies of the Men of Letters. He opens the case and inside is a typewriter that he sets up and begins typing, while The Specials’ “Ghost Town” plays]

[he types “Reporting in.” then waits a few moments before the typewriter types a reply of “CONNECTION SECURED – PROCEED”]

[narrating while he continues to type]

MICK: This is Mick Davies, filing Status Update Bravo Three. As instructed, I’ve been attempting to make inroads with the American hunters. But unfortunately, there’s been a few setbacks.

[Scene shifts to Mick, sitting in a diner, speaking to the camera]

MICK: Let me paint you a picture. Of a world without monsters, or demons, or any of those little buggers that go bump in the night. Of a world where no one has to die because of the supernatural. Of a new world, a better world.

[a very unimpressed hunter sits across from Mick, listening skeptically and slurping his soda]

MICK: Now, if you work with us, you’ll have support, in every sense of the word. You need lore? Our libraries are the biggest and the best. You want money? We have money. You need weapons? We have gear you can’t even imagine. Now what I’m saying, Wally, is that you need people like us, and we need hunters like you.

[Wally sighs deeply]

MICK: All we ask in return is that when we call, you go where you’re told and you do what you’re told. For the greater good.

[Wally slurps his soda again]

WALLY: Let me see your hands. [Mick makes a surprised face] Come on, let me see your hands.

MICK: Yeah, all right.

[Wally takes Micks hands and inspects them]

WALLY: Soft.

MICK: [seeming pleased by this] Hmm. Thank you.

WALLY: You ever hunt anything?

MICK: I’m more tactical. Long-term strategy.

WALLY: Right. Listen, uh, Mike–

MICK: Mick.

WALLY: Whatever. I don’t know you, and I ain’t lookin’ to take any orders from anyone. Especially some [puts on English accent] limey paper pusher.

MICK: I’m not quite sure you understand, mate.

WALLY: No, I think I do. So no offense, but you can take your offer [clears his throat] and you can [clicks tongue] shove it up your ass. I’m sure it won’t be too painful, what with those soft hands of yours, right?

[Wally leaves some money on the table on his way out]

WALLY: That’s, uh, that’s for the burger.

[we rejoin Mick at his magic typewriter]

MICK: In short, the American hunters have proven… difficult. As for the Winchesters…

[interior, the Bunker War Room, Mary and Castiel standing at opposite ends of the map table]

MARY: You left them.

CASTIEL: No, I… Dean told me to go. The woman–

MARY: The one you lost?

CASTIEL: I didn’t. I… I thought that she–

MARY: Stop making excuses.

[Cas looks down, and Mary sighs heavily]

MARY: Why… if they needed help, why didn’t they call me?

CASTIEL: You were out.

MARY: [sighs] How did we let this happen, Castiel?

[interior, Dean’s prison cell. He finds a loose bolt on his cot and unscrews it. He uses it to begin scratching tally marks into the concrete cell wall to mark the days]

PRISON GUARD: Chow time.

[a tray of food is shoved through a small window in Sam’s cell door, Sam does not appear to enjoy the food]

PRISON GUARD: Chow time.

[an identical tray is shoved through a window in Dean’s door, Dean sniffs it, tastes it, and makes a “eh, not bad” face]

[this cycle of CHOW TIME, trays of food being shoved into their cells, and Dean marking days on the wall with the tip of the screw, as Sam and Dean both struggle with their lengthy captivity]

[at a bar, a fancy drink with an umbrella, fruit slices and a pitchfork is picked up from a table, by Crowley, while “En El Cielo No Hay Cerveza” by Flaco Jimenez plays in the bar]

CROWLEY: Can’t help you.

[the camera pans to show Cas sitting across the table]

CASTIEL: Come on, Crowley. The police took them. You have people in the government. You have spies.

CROWLEY: I do. But whatever’s happened to Moose and Squirrel, apparently, it’s above their pay grade.

CASTIEL: Do you even care that they’re gone?

CROWLEY: No. Do you know how many all-powerful beings have tried to kill them?

CASTIEL: Roughly, yes.

CROWLEY: As do I. I was bloody one of them. Sam and Dean? They’re like herpes. Just when you think they’re gone… Hello! The boys are back, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. So wherever they are, whoever has Sam and Dean, well… In the immortal words of Lawrence Tureaud.. [imitates Mr. T] “I pity the fool.”

[Crowley gets up, pats Cas on the shoulder in a strangely reassuring fashion, and leaves Cas glaring after him]

[Mary, sitting in “Dean’s spot” at the bunker’s kitchen table, hears a cell phone ringing off in the distance and gets up to search for the source. She finds it in the desk drawer in Dean’s room, and answers it]


MARY: Oh. No… he’s…

GIRL: Mary?

MARY: Yeah.

GIRL: This is Alicia. Uh, Asa’s kid?


ALICIA: Look, I– me and my brother, we’re working this case in Louisiana.

[Mary finds the picture of her and young Dean propped up on Dean’s desk and picks it up]

ALICIA: We thought it was some southern fried werewolf thing, but it’s not one thing. It’s a pack. There’s, like, a billion of them down here, and… we need help.

MARY: Where are you?

[Dean and Sam prison montage of time passing in spectacularly dull fashion, adding tally marks to the wall, pacing, Sam exercising, Dean asleep on the toilet, more tally marks, Sam doing sit ups, more tallies, Dean shaving, Sam doing push ups, more tallies. They both seem to grow more and more restless as time passes.]

[another bar, Mary and Castiel]

MARY: Thanks for meeting me. I just wanted to say [clears throat] I’m sorry. I was angry, and… Sam and Dean, that’s not your fault.

CASTIEL: No, you were right. I should never have left them. I… Have you heard anything?

MARY: All my law enforcement contacts are retired, or… dead. [sighs] I’m trying, but… You?

CASTIEL: [shakes his head]

MARY: I keep telling myself they’re fine. They’ve only been gone–

CASTIEL: Six weeks, two days, and ten hours.

MARY: We’ll find them, Castiel. We will. Until then, we just… We’re doin’ our best.

CASTIEL: Are we? Did you hear about the murders in Lancaster, Missouri?


CASTIEL: The women with their throats ripped out, the blood drained?

MARY: Vampire.

CASTIEL: I saw it on the news and I thought, that’s the sort of thing Sam and Dean would investigate. They would roll into town, save the day, kill the monsters. But with them gone… I tried to work the case. I tried. [bitter little laugh] But… I don’t know what I did wrong. I… I asked questions, but maybe they were the wrong people, or the wrong questions, and I just– I never found it. Never found the monster. Never even got close. And three more women died before I left town. Before I ran away.

MARY: So we go back. You and me.

CASTIEL: No. No, I’d only get in your way.

[interior of the prison, another food tray shoved through the door]

PRISON GUARD: Chow time!

[he gets no response from inside the cell]

GUARD: Yo, eat up.

[the guard crouches down to peer through the food tray window and sees Sam lying unresponsive on his cot]

GUARD: Crap.

[the guard leaves and returns with Camp and Rick, rushing to Sam’s cell]

CAMP: What happened?

GUARD: I was doing my rounds, and I did CPR, but he was gone.

[more guards stand around in Sam’s open cell, and Rick walks right up to his body]

RICK: Get that other cell open. Now!

[the door to Dean’s cell opens, revealing him lying also apparently dead on the floor]

[Camp rushes to Dean and checks for a pulse]

CAMP: He’s dead.


[Sam and Dean are laid out on slabs in the prison’s morgue/medical facility, still apparently dead]

DOCTOR WINTERS: I don’t get it. They both died on the same day? That’s not… How’s that even possible?

CAMP: You tell us.

RICK: Great plan. For the last two months, we’ve done nothing but sit around with our junk in our hands because you wanted to wait them out. That really worked. Yeah, nice job.

WINTERS: Well, I’m just gonna… Yeah.

[Dr. Winters leaves Rick and Camp alone in the morgue]

CAMP: You wanted them dead. They’re dead.

RICK: I wanted them punished. I wanted to look Dean Winchester in the eye and… wanted him to feel it.

CAMP: Well that… that is totally mentally normal.

RICK: Go to hell.

[Rick leaves the morgue, followed by Camp, who switches off the light as he leaves]

[at the bunker, sitting at a library table, Cas listens to a voicemail message from Mary on his phone]

MARY: Castiel, it’s me. I’m just calling to… You don’t have to worry about that thing in Missouri. I’m handling it.

[Cas sits there alone, in the dark]

[back to the prison morgue, Dean suddenly gasps. coughs, and begins breathing again. He sits up, and Sam is already sitting up behind him on the other slab]

SAM: You good?

DEAN: Yeah, I’ve been better. I’ve been worse.

SAM: Looks like it worked.

DEAN: So far.

[a door slams in the distance and Sam and Dean are on the alert]

[Dr. Winters returns to the morgue, and Dean jumps him and shushes him]


SAM: Where are we?

WINTERS: I-I don’t know.

DEAN: Answer him. [Dean goes through the doctor’s pockets and steals his phone]

WINTERS: Seriously, they blindfold me every day before they bring me to work. I… This place. It’s not supposed to exist.

[Sam and Dean sneak out a door marked RESTRICTED AREA, AUTHORIZED PERSONS ONLY.]

Sam: [inspects the area outside] Clear.

[they try to sneak away while Dean tries to make a phone call, but repeatedly get’s Cas’s voice mail. We see Cas’s phone on the bunker’s library table, but Cas is not in the room]

CASTIEL: This is my voice mail. Make your voice… a mail…

SAM: [indicating a van parked outside marked Farkas Supply Company] Hey, should we take it?

DEAN: No, it’s probably got lojack. [he tries to call Cas again, and gets his voice mail, while Sam rummages through the truck]

DEAN: Come on, Cas.

SAM: Got a map.

[Cas’s phone rings in the bunker again, and he finally answers]


DEAN: Cas.

CASTIEL: [shocked] Dean?

DEAN: Hey, buddy. Long time.

CASTIEL: What… What happened? Wh– where are you?

DEAN: You wouldn’t believe me, and I have no clue. Uh…

SAM: Got something. [looking from his map to the surrounding mountains] All right, looks like that’s Elk Mountain, which makes that Long’s Peak.

DEAN: [to Cas, on the phone] Okay, looks like we’re in Colorado.

SAM: In Rocky Mountain National Park. Uh, if we head north we should hit State Route 34. Eventually.

DEAN: [to Cas] Did you get that?


DEAN: All right, meet us there.

CASTIEL: Wait, where?

DEAN: Just drive along the road and you’ll see us. And, Cas… We’re kinda on the clock here.

[Dean hangs up]

CASTIEL: Wait, what does that… [sighs]

SAM: You didn’t tell him?


SAM: They’ll track the phone.

DEAN: Right. [he throws the doctor’s phone into the van and they both run off to the north through the woods]

[exterior, a slow pan up what turns out to be a decapitated body lying on a sofa, it’s head on the ground nearby in a pool of blood. Mary walks past with a bloody machete. As she gets into her car, her phone rings]

MARY: Castiel? Slow… slow down. What?

[she gasps, and then whispers] Oh, God.

[back at the prison morgue, Camp and Rick return to witness Sam and Dean’s autopsies, only to find them gone]

CAMP: The hell?

[there’s a banging noise from inside one of the morgue drawers. Rick opens it, slides the drawer out to find the Dr. Winters, stashed there by Sam and Dean]


[outside the prison, a jeep full of soldiers arrives, while Rick and Camp are suited up to track down Sam and Dean through the woods]

CAMP: This isn’t… I took his pulse. They were dead.

RICK: Look, I got no idea what went down here. Maybe they got to one of the guards. Maybe this is some slow your heartbeat kung fu crap. What I do know– the Winchesters are out there. And this time, we’re doing it my way.

[addressing the soldiers]

RICK: All right! [we see Sam and Dean running through the woods, alternating with the soldiers receiving their orders] We got two runners with about a 45 minute head start. These are killers. So you get eyes, you pull the trigger. Let’s move out.


[Mary pulls up in a parking lot and is joined by Cas]

CASTIEL: You got here quickly.

MARY: Yep. What do you think we’re walking into?

CASTIEL: I don’t know.

MARY: We may want backup.

CASTIEL: Crowley and Rowena?

MARY: The King of Hell and his mother? The witch? [scoffs] Hope we can do better than that.

CASTIEL: I may have an idea.

MARY: Good. Seat belt on. I drive fast.

[they race out of the parking lot]

[Camp and Rick are chasing their soldiers through the woods, and Camp slows down, panting]

RICK: Long time since you’ve been in the field, huh? I mean, if you need to head back…

CAMP: I’m fine.

[Sam and Dean trudging through the woods]

SAM: All right, so we got what? An hour ‘til dark? Which puts us at six hours ‘til midnight?

DEAN: That sounds about right.

SAM: Dean, we gotta talk about this.

DEAN: Okay, we will. All right? Later.

[they continue running, leaving footprints in the mud]

[Mary and Cas are parked along a forested road, and have met up with their backup, Mick and Ketch]

MARY: This is your idea? The people that almost killed my boys? They’re gonna be our backup? Suddenly the demon and his mommy don’t look so bad.

CASTIEL: They helped us with Lucifer.

MICK: Lucifer? The Lucifer?


MICK: Wait, so you’re telling me what happened in Indianapolis was you took on the bleedin’ devil himself?


KETCH: Did you win?


[Mick and Ketch share a very impressed glance at one another]

KETCH: Bravo.

MARY: But… Sam and Dean were taken. We think we can get them back, but we need… help.

MICK: So we’ll help.

MARY: Really? Just like that?

MICK: Mrs. Winchester– Mary… I came to this country to do one thing– Make friends. But you American hunters, you’re… you’re a different breed than our sort. You’re surly. Suspicious. You don’t play well with others.

CASTIEL: Well, that is accurate.

MICK: You don’t trust people you don’t know, even when they come bearing gifts. Now I can’t help that, but I can help you. And if word were to get out that we did our part to save Sam and Dean Winchester, well, that’s just good business, innit? And who knows? When all this is over, we might even be friends.

MARY: We think Sam and Dean were being held somewhere in the Rocky Mountain National Forest.

KETCH: Site 94? It’s a government facility, off books. Shadow ops. One of those places that officially doesn’t exist.

MARY: Then how do you know about it?

MICK: We gather information. It’s our job.

CASTIEL: They told us to meet them off State Route 34.

KETCH: Well, that’s a long stretch of road. Where, exactly?

CASTIEL: I’m not sure.

MICK: I’ll get our techs to put a satellite over the area.

MARY: You can do that?

MICK: And so much more.

[they’re about to leave, but Ketch holds Cas back for a moment]

KETCH: Do you have any idea what sort of trouble we’re walking into?


KETCH: Oh, good. I do like a surprise.

[back in the forest, the soldiers have tracked Sam and Dean’s muddy footprints. Sam and Dean, hiding behind a large tree, see the soldiers coming now]

SAM: They’re on us.

DEAN: Yeah, Damn it.

[they take off running again, and then stop behind another large tree, as a single soldier searches the woods nearby, the soldier is distracted by his radio, calling, Norton, come in…]

NORTON: This is Norton. I’m on the ri– [he’s tackled by Sam, and Dean wrestles away his gun and radio]

[the radio continues to crackle, with Norton? Norton, this is Sanchez, do you copy?, but Sam has choked Norton into unconsciousness. Dean picks up Norton’s radio, and replies]

DEAN: Norton has gone nite-nite.

RICK: Winchester.

DEAN: This is the man in charge?

RICK: That’s right.

DEAN: Well, let me tell you how this is gonna go. You’re gonna call your boys, and you’re gonna turn around, and nobody’s gonna get hurt.

RICK: No, no. This is how it’s gonna go. I take my highly trained soldiers, track your ass down, and you get hurt. A lot. You can’t run forever. You’re trapped out here.

DEAN: Well, what we have here is a failure to communicate. ‘Cause we’re not trapped out here with you. You’re trapped out here with us.


[Night has fallen, Sam and Dean are still running through the woods. They stumble across an abandoned hunting cabin]

DEAN: That’ll work.

[they run to the cabin. Inside it’s dark and dusty, but they quickly and quietly set to work MacGyvering a series of booby traps. Dean finds a hunting knife. Sam finds a box of matches and an oil lamp, and lights it. Dean finds a bear trap and sets it up in the woods outside, covering it with leaves. Sam finds a first aid kit and sets it beside the lamp. They nod at one another, having worked out their entire plan silently.

Cut to the soldiers moving through the woods outside, the green laser sights on their guns converge on the cabin, the oil lamp shining through the window. A shadow passes between the lamp and the window, and Rick signals the soldiers to move in. They fan out to surround the cabin.

One soldier comes through the front door and shines his light around what appears to be an empty room. Rick and Camp lead another group around through the woods. A lone soldier rounds the corner to the back of the cabin where he spotted a rustling in the bushes.

Cut to the soldier inside the cabin. He steps slowly across the floor, hears a gun cock below him, from below the floorboards, when shots ring out, shooting him in the feet from below the floor. He falls to the floor, screaming.

Cut to the soldier behind the cabin, now on alert to the sounds inside, he’s distracted enough for Dean to sneak up behind him and grab the soldier’s sidearm from his thigh holster and overpower him, stabbing him in the leg. He falls to the ground clutching his injured leg while Dean runs off.]


[Rick orders the soldiers to attack. Another soldier enters the cabin to investigate the injured soldier, and a trap door in the floor rises, which he riddles with bullets.

Cut to the soldier outside with the leg wound, where another soldier has come to investigate. Dean overpowers him as well. They fight, and Dean knocks him out, whacking him in the head with the butt of his own rifle.

Cut to the interior, where the soldier who’d shot the trap door moves closer to verify whether he’d hit his target or not. When he gets close enough, Sam leaps up from the trap door and overpowers him, knocking him out too. On his way out of the cabin, Sam takes the first aid kit from the table, sets it down on the chest of the man who’d been shot in the feet.]

SAM: You’ll live.

[Sam picks up the man’s rifle and leaves the cabin.

Cut to Rick aiming his gun into the woods in search of a target. Dean sneaks up behind him and calls out.]

DEAN: Hey.

[Rick turns and aims his gun at Dean, takes one step forward, and steps into the bear trap. He drops his gun as he falls to the ground in pain. Dean kicks it away. Rick sits on the ground looking up at Dean, expecting to be killed.]

DEAN: I told you. You’re trapped.

[Camp steps out of the woods behind Dean, and Rick sees him.]

RICK: Camp. Shoot him!

[Camp cocks his handgun and is about to take aim at Dean when Sam comes up alongside Camp, aiming a rifle at his head.]

SAM: Don’t. Hand me the gun.

[Sam takes Camp’s gun and continues holding him at gunpoint]

SAM: You want the truth? The President was possessed by the Devil. We saved his life. That’s the truth.

DEAN: Now you can take that and do what you want with it. But if you come after us, you know what’ll happen.

[Sam and Dean stand together and walk away from the cabin]

CAMP: Who are you?

SAM: We’re the guys that save the world.


[exterior, still night, still in the forest. The underbrush rustles and Dean and Sam come crashing out to meet Cas, who’s standing in a clearing waiting for them]

CASTIEL: Sam, Dean.

DEAN: Cas.

SAM: Cas.

[Sam stumbles past Dean and grabs Cas into a hug. Only then does Sam notice Mary standing a short distance away.]

SAM: Mom.

[Sam runs over to hug Mary, while Dean steps up to hug Cas]

DEAN: Hey, buddy.

[Dean then goes to hug Mary]


[They walk the rest of the way through the woods, back to Mary’s car.]

SAM: Mom, how did y’all even find us?

MARY: They helped.

[pan to Mick and Ketch standing by the car.]

MICK: Hello, lads.

CAS: They have a thermal imaging satellite that saw you. From space.

MICK: Well, we don’t have one. Just borrowed it for a bit. Friends in all the right places.

DEAN: Well, I guess this is where we’re supposed to say thank you.

MICK: No need. Happy to be of service.

KETCH: Again.

SAM. Okay, then. We should get. The people we left, they’ll call for backup any second.

KETCH: Uh, you left survivors?

[Sam squints and nods at Ketch dubiously. Cas looks at Sam and then Dean.]

DEAN: They were soldiers, just doing what they were told.

KETCH: Still… a bit unprofessional.

SAM: We’ll handle it. Let’s get.

[Dean glares at Ketch, Cas gives him a dubious look again, and they get in their car]

[Mick and Ketch exchange a look and a nod.]

[Mary drives toward a bridge. Inside the car the GPS screen shows that it’s 11:59 pm. Dean, in the back seat with Cas, looks over at him. Mary glances back to smile at Dean.]

DEAN: So wait, you’re hunting?

MARY: A little bit.

SAM: Yeah, I knew you couldn’t stay away.

[The radio turns on, static crackles, the GPS screen flashes from 11:59 to 12:00, and the car suddenly loses all power and the engine sputters to a halt just as it rolls up to the bridge.]

SAM: It’s time.

[In the back seat, Dean casts a guilty look at Cas, and the realization dawns on Cas that Dean knows exactly what is happening, and that it will have devastating consequences. Dean can’t look at him, and turns away.]

[The car continues to roll out onto the bridge and finally stops. The doors open, and everyone gets out.]

MARY: What’s happening?

BILLIE: Yeah, Dean. ‘Sup.

[Billie the reaper is standing on the bridge in front of the car with her arms crossed. Sam and Dean look resigned. Mary approaches Billie, followed by Cas.]

MARY: Billie?

CAS: The reaper?

MARY: I don’t understand.

DEAN: Mom… that place… there was only one way we were getting out of there, and that wasn’t breathing. [Cas understands everything now, and turns his horrified look from Dean to Billie.]

DEAN: So I made a call.

[flashback to Dean in prison, sitting on his bunk]

DEAN: Billie.

SAM: Dean talked with her, and then Billie came to see me.

[back to the scene on the bridge, Mary steps up in front of her sons, disbelieving and shocked]

SAM: And we made a deal. We’d get to die and come back one more time, but in exchange…

BILLIE: Come midnight, a Winchester goes bye-bye. Like, permanently. And that is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

MARY: Why would you–

DEAN: We were already dead. Being locked in that cell with nothing… I’ve been to Hell. This was worse.

SAM: At least this way, one of us gets to keep fighting.

CAS: You don’t have to do this.

BILLIE: Yeah, they do.

[flashback to the prison cells, where first Dean and then Sam slice their palms open with Dean’s screw]

BILLIE: We made a pact, bound in blood. You break that, there’s consequences on a cosmic scale. So, who’s it gonna be?

[Sam and Dean look at each other, but before either of them can answer, Mary turns around to face Billie, drawing her handgun from her waistband as she turns.]


DEAN: Mom, mom.

SAM: No. No.

[Billie flings Sam and Dean away with her power.]

MARY: You said come midnight, a Winchester dies? I’m a Winchester.

BILLIE: Works for me.

[Mary cocks her gun and raises it toward her head]

SAM: Mom!

DEAN: Don’t!

MARY: [sniffles] I love you.

[Mary is about to pull the trigger when suddenly an angel blade pierces through Billie’s chest from behind, and she falls down dead, revealing Cas behind her. Everyone looks suitably shocked, including Cas. Mary lowers her gun, and Sam and Dean get to their feet.]

DEAN: Cas, what have you done?

CASTIEL: What had to be done. You know this world– this sad, doomed little world– it needs you. It needs every last Winchester it can get, and I will not let you die. I won’t let any of you die. And I won’t let you sacrifice yourselves. You mean too much to me. To everything. Yeah, you made a deal. It was a stupid deal, and I broke it. You’re welcome.

[Cut back to Mick in his motel room from Act One, filing his report on his magical typewriter.]

MICK: And just like that, the Winchesters are back, for better or worse. True, they did leave loose ends, but… that’s what Mr. Ketch is for.

[scene changes back to the prison, where we’re shown a montage of Mr. Ketch’s victims, including Camp, Rick, Dr. Winter, and all the soldiers at the prison]

MICK: Every person who knew about Sam and Dean’s little adventure in assassination has been dealt with.

[cut back to Mick at his typewriter]

MICK: As far as the world’s concerned, it never even happened. The last thing we need is for the United States government sniffing about, asking questions. And as for making inroads with the American hunters, well, good news.

[Mick sits back, and then the scene shifts again. Mick, in a diner, talking into the camera as he delivers his sales pitch to another hunter]

MICK: Let me paint you a picture, of a world without monsters, or demons, or any of those little buggers that go bump in the night. Of a world where no one has to die because of the supernatural. Of a new world, a better world.

[the angle changes and we see that the hunter he’s talking to is Mary. She leans forward and rests her crossed arms on the table.]

MARY: I’m listening.

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