Σενάριο Supernatural | 12×15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

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Σενάριο Supernatural | 12×15 Somewhere Between Heaven and HellWritten by: Davy Perez
Directed by: Nina Lopez-Corrado

Air Date: March 9, 2017

[clips from 12.14] They’re dead. They’re all dead.

MARY: I’m not trying to recruit you, but you need to know, things are changing.
MICK: You’re just in time for the briefing. I mean, that is if you want to hear how we’re gonna exterminate every last vampire in America.
DEAN: You’re always playing the middle. For once, why don’t you pick a side.
[clip from 8.14]
DEAN: The hellhounds. See, when you sell your soul to a demon, they’re the ones that come to rip it out of you.
[clip from 5.20]
DEAN: You can control them?
[clip from 12.08 and 12.13]
CROWLEY: Getting you here, I managed to pervert that spell. So your essence wasn’t sent back to the cage.
LUCIFER: How do you think this is going to end? You’re not even going to see it coming, when you get taken down.
CROWLEY: By you?
LUCIFER: And my flesh and blood. You remember Kelly Kline?
[clip from 12.13]
CASTIEL: This is not a baby, this is the spawn of Lucifer.
DAGON: Kelly, the angels, they want you dead. But I can protect you.
KELLY: I don’t even know your name.
DAGON: Dagon.
[clip from 12.14 of Sam shooting the Alpha Vampire]
SAM: The Alpha Vampire is dead. You’re changing the world, and I wanna be a part of it. I’m in.
MICK: And your brother?
SAM: Gimme some time.

NOW (Sheridan County, Nebraska)
[exterior: a couple is camping in the woods]
MARCUS: Oh, my god.
GWEN: Babe, we’re gonna need more wood.
MARCUS: [chuckles] Okay, but first check out this video. This bear goes crazy on these guys, and he j–
GWEN: Um, no. That’s not why we come out here. We come out here to commune with nature, not watch people get eaten by it.
MARCUS: Okay, first of all…
[Gwen sighs]
MARCUS: …he — he doesn’t eat them. He chases them up a tree, and they cry. A lot.
[man sobbing on the video Gwen and Marcus watch on his phone]
[GWEN laughs]
[man in video says “what do they want?” and continues sobbing]
MARCUS: It’s hilarious.
[man in video says “oh my god, please” and Marcus shuts the phone off and puts it in his pocket]
MARCUS: And second of all, “commune with nature”? I thought you brought me out here to get naked and do weird stuff.
GWEN: Yeah, it’s not gonna get that weird.
[they laugh, Gwen sighs contentedly and rests her head on Marcus’s shoulder while they sit by the campfire]
GWEN: I’ll miss this.
MARCUS: I’ll miss you. And I get it. I mean Washington has the best veterinary program in the country. You got in. I mean, you have to go. But people make this long distance thing work all the time, right?
GWEN: [hesitantly] Right, sure.
MARCUS: I’m gonna get more firewood.
GWEN: Okay.
[Marcus walks slowly through the woods talking to himself]
MARCUS: Will you marry me? Will you marry me? Just man up. She’ll say yes.
[back at the campsite, Gwen finds the engagement ring and looks concerned, while Marcus collects wood and hears a branch snap, followed by growling noises that get louder and louder, then become snarls and barks, but he can’t see what’s making the sounds until he’s attacked]
MARCUS: [running back to camp] Gwen! Run!
GWEN: Marcus?
[Marcus falls to the ground and Gwen watches as he’s torn apart by an invisible monster]
GWEN: Oh my god!
[Gwen screams and watches as something she can’t see leaves monstrous footprints in the mud as it stalks toward her. She falls against the tent and reaches for something to defend herself– an iron hatchet– and hits the invisible monster with it before making a run for it. The monster whimpers and snarls as she escapes.]


[interior: Sam and Dean enter the bunker’s library after a hunt]
[Sam groans]
DEAN: Hoo-hoo! Back to back to back. That was one for the books.
SAM: Yeah.
DEAN: Man. [Dean holds up a bloodied barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat] Dad would love this thing. [he drops the bat to the table]
SAM: Dude, on the — on the —
[Dean, covered in blood and gore, sits and sighs heavily]
SAM: No, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t! Don’t s–
DEAN: What?
SAM: Dean, you’re covered in ghoul, man, and — and — and wraith. You… you have a piece of siren in your hair.
[Dean pulls the bit of siren out of his hair and makes a disgusted noise and then laughing while examining it]
DEAN: Gross. [he flicks the bit of siren across the room]
SAM: Yeah. Dude, why don’t you take a shower and change your clothes. You’ve been wearing the same pair of boxers for four days.
DEAN: Okay, one, weird that you know how much underwear I packed.
SAM: That’s what’s weird about this?
DEAN: And B, it’s two and two. Doesn’t count if you flip ‘em inside out.
[Sam’s cell phone chimes and he pulls it out of his pocket to check the message, which is from “Frodo,” aka Mick Davies. It reads, “Sheridan County, Nebraska. Missing camper. Bloody aftermath. -M”]
SAM: Got another case.
DEAN: Really? Already? How’d you do that?
SAM: Same as the others. I-I made a computer algorithm that scrapes data from police scanners, emergency calls, uh, local news sites, and then it puts everything through a h–
[Dean stares at Sam]
SAM: The computer told me. [clears throat]
DEAN: Computers. [ Chuckles ] Monsters, porn. Is there anything they can’t do? All right. [ Hits tabletop ] Well, let’s get to it, then.
SAM: Yeah, that’s fine. And, dude, um… after you get cleaned up.
DEAN: I got baby wipes in the car.
SAM: Dude. Dean, I’m serious, man. You smell like roadkill.
DEAN: That’s ’cause I do all the heavy lifting.
SAM: You — All right. [ Sighs ]
[Dean gets up and walks out of the library]
DEAN: I’m using that fancy shampoo you keep hidden from me.
[Sam sighs]

[exterior, Sam and Dean exit Baby at the crime scene, Sam talking on the phone to Mary, Dean talking to Cas]
DEAN: Oh, really?
SAM: Oh, that’s great, Mom. Oh.- No, we’re — we’re fine. We, uh…
DEAN: – It sounds like somethin’.
SAM: Yeah. Love you, too.
DEAN: All right, Cas. Let us know.
[they hang up and shut the car doors, walking toward the crime scene]
DEAN: You first.
SAM: Mom just finished working a haunting in Akron.
DEAN: The Brits?
SAM: Yeah.
DEAN: Great. Who you gonna call? Douchebusters.
SAM: What about you?
DEAN: That was Cas. He’s in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Someone’s killing angels. Again.

[interior, shot of a tabloid newspaper with a photo of burnt angel wings in a parking lot where Dagon had killed two angels in 12.13, and an article about a waitress at a diner who met an “untimely and violent demise at the hands of an irate alien,” according to her manager, Herb Nelson. Cas is the one reading the article, standing in that diner. He flashes his FBI credentials (upside down, of course). Lorene Mercer’s “Ballad of a Truck Driver’s Wife plays.]
WAITRESS: [behind Cas] All right, sounds good. I’ll get your waters right away.
CASTIEL: Hello. I’d like to speak to your manager, if I could.
HERB: [running over as soon as Cas introduces himself] Hiya! [ Chuckles ] Hey! I’m, uh, Herb Nelson. I run this joint. [he cranes his neck to see Cas’s again upside-down badge] Pleasure to meet you, Agent…Solange.
CASTIEL: I’m, uh, I’m here about…
HERB: Oh, I-I-I know why you’re here. Uh…follow me. Quietly.
[Herb leads Cas through a heavy metal door secured with numerous locks]
CASTIEL: What is this?
HERB: Well… You know… [he bars the door shut behind them] Can’t be too careful. They’re always watching, listening.
CASTIEL: [taking in the walls covered in odd news clippings] They… are?
HERB: Oh, yeah. But we’re safe in here. [he knocks on the door] Ow. [ Chuckles ] Reinforced steel. Nothing’s gettin’ through this sucker.
CASTIEL: Mm. Yeah.
HERB: Aah. So, uh, you’re here about Sara.
CASTIEL: Yes, your waitress. In this article, you said, uh, you said that she was killed by an alien.
HERB: Well, not just aliens. Reptilians. You know… like the Queen of England.
CASTIEL: Right. Okay, well, that’s by helpful. Thank you so much for your time.
HERB: And I-I got proof. Um. [Opens drawer, rummages around and pulls out a video tape] You know… Ah. See? Most sheeple can’t handle the truth. But not me. I’m woke. It’s, uh…[he fumbles with the tape and inserts it into a video player] …why I don’t use, uh, new tech. Anything past ’96, it’s a trap. You know…Palm Pilot. It’s more like Tracking Device. Am I right?
HERB: Exactly. Now watch this. [the monitor only shows snow until he whacks it] Now, here we go.
[we see an alternate angle of the scene in 12.13 where Dagon confronts and kills the two angels]
HERB: Okay, now I-I don’t know who she is. Probably another alien. She’s preggers, so my money’s on brood queen. [it’s Kelly Kline] Now, I don’t know who he is either. There! That’s Sara. Look, look, look. See? Silver knives. That’s, uh, star metal. [ Static hissing ] Yeah, the — the camera got fried. But you… you saw it, yeah? [Herb rewinds the tape and pauses it] R-right… there. She has…
CASTIEL: [looking at Dagon] Yellow eyes.
HERB: Like I said, reptilian. Now, the local cops, they think there’s something– they don’t believe me. They think there’s something weird with the camera. But I mean, that’s why you’re here.
[Cas ejects the tape and pockets it, and heads toward the door]
HERB: The– the FBI Man in Black. Well, you know, beige.

[exterior, Sam and Dean are led to the crime scene by the sheriff]
SHERIFF: You ask me, a bear got him. Maybe a cougar. Found a fair amount of blood over here and some there, but no body. Figure whatever did this dragged him off. So unless you guys are lookin’ to make a federal case on some critters…
SAM: Sir, you said there was a survivor.
SHERIFF: Yeah, Gwen Hernandez. Uh, but she’s pretty shaken up, saying all sorts of strange things.
DEAN: Like what?
SHERIFF: Like that they were attacked by a wolf– an invisible wolf.[ Chuckles ] Girl says that, you know, it came outta nowhere and that it’s coming after her next.
DEAN: Right.
[the sheriff laughs]
DEAN: Sheriff, thank you.
[Sam and Dean walk the scene and confer]
DEAN: Invisible dog, huh? Sounds like a hellhound to me.

[interior, Gwen’s house. She’s napping on the sofa and we hear her recall Marcus’s death]
MARCUS: Gwen! Run!
[Marcus screams as he’s torn up, and Gwen wakes up scared and crying]
[from outside Gwen’s window, we hear growling, and then Sam and Dean pull up, the engine of the car replacing the growling]
DEAN: This is dumb. It’s a dumb idea.
SAM: Listen, Gwen saw something kill her boyfriend, and she thinks it’s coming for her next. We just gotta tell her–
DEAN: Tell her what? [ Sam sighs ] No, seriously, Sam, what are you gonna say? “Hi, my name is Sam Winchester. This is my much handsomer brother Dean. We hunt monsters. Oh, and that guy you were banging? We’re pretty sure he made a deal with a demon, so a hellhound came and dragged his soul to Hell. But you? You’re cool. And since there’s nothing around for us to kill, peace out.”
SAM: You done? Yeah, we don’t say that, Dean. We’ll say something that’ll give her peace. You know, help her sleep at night.
DEAN: Oh, so we lie?
SAM: [sighs] Yeah. A lot. [he clears his throat and rings the doorbell]
[from behind Sam and Dean, we see the hellhound’s pov and hear it growl, but they don’t know it’s there, then Gwen opens the door]
DEAN: Gwen Hernandez? Uh, Agents Baker and Clapton. FBI. May we come in?
GWEN: I… I don’t want any…
SAM: We just wanna talk. That’s all. About Marcus.
[Gwen lets them in, but we see the hellhound follows on their heels]
GWEN: Uh, you can have a seat.
SAM: Right. Gwen, uh, we’re here today because we, uh, we know what you told the police, that you feel like something… supernatural is after you. But we’ve concluded our investigation, and the thing that killed your boyfriend —
DEAN: Was a bear.
SAM: Was a bear. Now, we found it and put it down. So you’re no longer in any kind of danger, okay?
GWEN: I don’t… I-I know what I saw.
[we see the hellhound’s pov again, stalking patiently around the room unseen]
SAM: Gwen, when you go through a traumatic experience, sometimes your mind can make things up.
GWEN: Get out.
SAM: Sorry?
GWEN: Get out of my house.
DEAN: Okay, calm down. We’re just trying to help.
GWEN: I don’t need your help. I know what I saw.
SAM: Gwen–
GWEN: [standing up and getting angry] Get out!
DEAN: Okay.
[Sam and Dean leave, but the hellhound stays inside]
DEAN: Oh, yeah. She’s gonna sleep like a baby.
[Gwen watches through the window as Sam and Dean get in the car, and the hellhound watches her, growling]

[Gwen watches invisible claws gouge the floor, and screams as the hellhound barks and snarls at her, chasing her from the room. She tries to barricade herself in another room, but the hellhound barges in and pins her to the floor, clawing beside her head as she screams. Sam and Dean heard her screams and enter, shooting at the invisible hellhound. Dean hits it, it yelps in pain, and jumps through the window]
SAM: Hey, hey. It’s okay. You’re gonna be okay. All right?

[interior, the room where Crowley has Lucifer bound]
CROWLEY: It must really burn you, knowing I’m the one who put you in this prison. Me. I own you, and I have big plans for us.
LUCIFER: Ooh. I’m flattered. All this hard work, all that…grr! You get ’em, slugger! I’m still gonna peel off your skin and eat your soul.
CROWLEY: Is that so?
LUCIFER: Yeah. I mean, it will be… little bit messy, but… You know, gotta protect the rep. You understand.
CROWLEY: I do. But you, in — in those chains? I mean, forgive me if I’m not quaking in my Testonis.
LUCIFER: Oh, I think both you and I understand that this? [Chains rattle] It’s just a temporary situation.
CROWLEY: Oh, do we? See, I understand that whatever sad little scheme that you’re brewing up, I’m already 10 steps ahead.
LUCIFER: And I thought pride was my sin.
CROWLEY: [scoffs] It’s not pride. It’s fact. You cross me, I crush you. You hit me, I hit you back twice as hard. You make me your dog, I make you my slave.
[Crowley chuckles as someone knocks on the door]
DEMON: [through door] Hello? [more knocking] Crowley. My lord.
LUCIFER: [in fake British accent] My lord. Duty calls.
[Crowley grumbles]
LUCIFER: Don’t worry about me. I’ll just sit right here.
[Crowley picks up a metal device and holds it up for Lucifer to see]
CROWLEY: Yes, you will.
LUCIFER: Hmm, kinky.
[Crowley enters his throne room where two demons await him]
DEMON 1: Apologies, your Excellence. It’s just, um…you’re already an hour late for the weekly meeting. And we had to push last week, so…
DEMON 2: You have 410 crossroad deals that need senior management approval, on top of the 638 other matters that require your immediate response.

[interior, Gwen’s house]
SAM: Gwen, that, um, that thing was a hellhound.
GWEN: A… what?
DEAN: Hellhound. Kind of hard to explain. Uh, basically, giant, invisible hounds from Hell. Huh. Wasn’t hard at all. [Chuckles]
GWEN: So you guys are not cops, are you?
SAM: No, not exactly. Um…My name is Sam. That’s my brother Dean. And we hunt monsters.
DEAN: And we’ve tangled with hellhounds in the past. Goofer dust’ll keep ’em out. A demon knife or an angel blade, that’ll kill ’em.
GWEN: Uh… wait, so why did you tell me that Marcus got killed by a bear?
DEAN: Make you feel better. [pointing at Sam] It was his idea.
[Sam sighs]
SAM: Listen, I know this sounds insane–
GWEN: It does. But… like I said, I know what I saw. And what I saw was insane.
SAM: Right. Now this is awkward, but, um… hellhounds only come after people who sold their souls… to a demon.
DEAN: So about ten years ago, did you really want something? Like… I don’t know, a Hello Kitty backpack or the death of an enemy?
SAM: What about Marcus? Did he… would he–
DEAN: Hmm. Great. So what the hell?
SAM: I don’t know. But I do know who we can ask.

[interior, Crowley’s throne room, he’s utterly bored as the demons conduct the weekly meeting]
DEMON 2: And, moving on to, um, case 41, Awar, a Rank Three demon, claims to have had six babies, but then Morax, a Rank Two demon, took two of his babies, which would leave Awar with… [Crowley holds up four fingers] um, yes, four babies.
DEMON 1: Which I think we can all agree isn’t enough babies [laughs] for a decent meal.
DEMON 2: No, not at all. Um, Awar is looking for compensation in the form of —
CROWLEY: I don’t care. Moving on.
DEMON 2: Oh. [clears throat] Me either. Moving on to case 42.
DEMON 1: This is a good one. It’s on tort reform.
DEMON 2: Yeah. [clears throat]
[Crowley’s phone rings, and he holds up a finger to halt the meeting while he answers. It’s Dean “Not Moose” Winchester, and he walks away to talk to him]
CROWLEY: What the hell do you want?
DEAN: All right, peaches, I get that you’re still upset about the whole, uh…
CROWLEY: Upset? No. I’m totally over how you and your little band of misfits sent my son back in time… to die!
[Dean takes Crowley off speakerphone, because the conversation seems to be weirding out Gwen]
DEAN: Okay, look, that was totally Gavin’s call. All right? You know what? We have a situation here.
CROWLEY: Oh, well, in that case…Bye.
DEAN: Hellhounds, Crowley. One of your mutts is going after folks who didn’t sell their souls.
CROWLEY: Not possible.
DEAN: You sure about that?
[Crowley lowers the phone and addresses his demon minions]
CROWLEY: My hounds… You have anything to tell me?
Demon 2: Well… we didn’t wanna bother you… It was Ramsey. She got out, my lord.
CROWLEY: Have the kennel guards killed.
[Dean rolls his eyes and mimes Crowley yammering on with his hand]
CROWLEY: Painfully. [on the phone to Dean again] I’ll be right…
[Crowley appears in Gwen’s living room]
CROWLEY: here.
SAM: Mm.
CROWLEY: You miss me?

[exterior, Sherman’s Diner parking lot, Cas is walking back to his truck where someone awaits him]
KELVIN: Nice day out.
[Cas drops his angel blade into his hand]
KELVIN: Hello, brother.
CASTIEL: Kelvin.
KELVIN: Oh, you remember? We only met the once, so…
CASTIEL: What are you doing here?
KELVIN: Same reason as you. Track down Kelly Kline and that unholy bun she’s got in her oven. So what do you say we help each other out?

[interior, Gwen’s house]
CROWLEY: You have to understand, this isn’t just a hellhound, this is the hellhound.
SAM: That means what?
CROWLEY: Right after God said, “Let there be light,” he — he made a whole bunch of things — posies, koalas, hellhounds. He wanted The Creator’s best friend, but the hounds were too vicious. So he planned on having them all put down, until along came our favorite fallen angel. He rescued one of the hounds — a pregnant bitch named Ramsey.
DEAN: Why don’t you just tell her to heel?
CROWLEY: I can’t control her. No one can. She’s loyal only to Lucifer.
GWEN: Wait, like the Devil?
DEAN: Yeah, but he’s locked in a cage.
GWEN: Oh. Good.
DEAN: Yeah. All right, so where is Fido now?
CROWLEY: Well, if I had to hazard a guess, I would say huddled up in some nice, warm den.
DEAN: Well, why is she after Gwen?
CROWLEY: Ask her.
GWEN: I… I don’t… um… When it attacked us, I did hit it. With an ax.
CROWLEY: Well, there you go. The bitch does tend to hold a grudge. So, we either kill Ramsey, or the hound eats her. [claps hands together] Fun.
SAM: Wait a second. “We?”
CROWLEY: Pup like that out and about is not good for business. Makes it look like I’m not in control. But that mutt’s head mounted on my wall? Good for the brand. So, yes, Moose. For now, “we.”
DEAN: Great. So we have a hellhound who’s gunning for revenge, and it’s personal. Ah. Just when I thought this gig couldn’t get any weirder…
CROWLEY: [chuckles] Oh. It can always get weirder.

[interior, Lucifer’s cell, where he’s bound in chains and wearing a metal gag. The door rattles and clanks open, and Crowley’s demon minions enter]
DEMON 2: [laughs] I knew it.
LUCIFER: [waves] Hi, guys.

DEMON 1: [kneels] My lord. I’m not worthy.
LUCIFER: [speaks indistinctly because of his gag]
DEMON 2: We knew Crowley was up to something.
LUCIFER: Mmm hmmm hmm.
DEMON 2: The way he’s been acting? And how he snuffed out everyone who was part of the Cage project?
LUCIFER: [muttering through the gag]
DEMON 1: And a lot of us really don’t like Crowley. He’s very prancy.
LUCIFER: mmm hmm
DEMON 2: So we released your hound to create a distraction, to see what he was hiding.
LUCIFER: Uh huh.
DEMON 2: We–
DEMON 1: We hoped– We knew it could only be you.
LUCIFER: Mm-hmmm.
DEMON 2: [holds up a key] And we brought this.
LUCIFER: [indistinct mumbling while holding out his shackled hands]
DEMON 2: But– but…
LUCIFER: [growling]
DEMON 2: Before we, uh, let you out, we have a few… well, I wouldn’t call them demands, exactly. But…

[exterior, Dean sorting through the Impala’s trunk near the crime scene from act 1]
DEAN: So hellhounds are invisible to humans… unless you sold your soul, and they’re after you.
SAM: Or, uh, you’re wearing a pair of these. They’re glasses treated with holy fire.
DEAN: All right, Crowley and I are gonna hit the woods, see if we can’t track down Cujo. You stick with Sam. He’ll keep you safe.
GWEN: Okay.
[Gwen gets in the car and Dean turns to Sam]
DEAN: Take care of her.
SAM: Of course. Dean, look, even if Ramsey circles back, as long as we keep moving, Gwen’s gonna be just… [Inhales sharply, chuckles] You’re talking about the car.
DEAN: You tend to ride the brakes.
SAM: Dean, I know how to drive.
DEAN: I’m just saying. Okay, just imagine she’s a… a beautiful woman.
SAM: Oh, come on. Get out of here.
DEAN: A beautiful, beautiful woman.
SAM: I’m done. [he gets in the car]
DEAN: Sam…
DEAN: Come on.
[Dean and Crowley head down a trail labeled Sica Hollow, and are apparently followed by Ramsey]

[interior, a bar where Cas and Kelvin are drinking water]
CASTIEL: So how are things in Heaven?
KELVIN: Functional. You know, there’s the usual infighting, but… let’s just say that Lucifer having a baby on board has brought us all together. You know, this is an all hands on deck situation, Castiel. Including yours.
CASTIEL: Okay, so you’re here for my hands?
KELVIN: We want you. Look, you got more field experience than the next thousand angels combined.
CASTIEL: I think you overestimate me.
KELVIN: I don’t. Look, I know you’re working with the Winchesters. Sam and Dean — their hearts are in the right place, but wouldn’t it be better to have us waiting in the proverbial wings? All the power of Heaven behind you?
[Cas considers this doubtfully]
KELVIN: You ever miss it? Upstairs? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love Earth. It’s quirky. It smells like hay. But it’s not home, is it?
CASTIEL: don’t believe I’m welcome in Heaven.
KELVIN: No, you’re not. They still hold a lot of grudges up there. But what if I told you, you could come back? That all your sins could be forgotten? Forgiven?
CASTIEL: I would say that you’re lying.
KELVIN: Oh, but I’m not. You help us track down Kelly Kline, and you will be welcomed back into the fold.
CASTIEL: Right. And you have the power to do that.
KELVIN: Oh, no, I can’t. I’m just the messenger. But Joshua can.
CASTIEL: Joshua. I thought he stepped aside.
KELVIN: He did. But like I said, all hands on deck situation. Imagine it, Castiel — free to come and go as you please, part of your family, your true family, again. Look… the Gardener’s got a plan. All we ask is that you hear us, hear him out. For the greater good.
[Cas looks torn, but thinks about it]

[interior, Lucifer’s cell]
DEMON 2: All right.
LUCIFER: [groans and rolls his eyes]
DEMON 2: Oh, and lastly, You will grant me a thousand souls per year, and you will anoint me… [chuckles] the new King of the Crossroads.
LUCIFER: [mutters indistinctly]
DEMON 2: Great.
DEMON 1: Uh huh.
DEMON 2: Hey, Tommy, you want anything, man?
TOMMY: The only thing I care about is making Hell great again.
LUCIFER: [points at Tommy and grins through his gag] See?
DEMON 2: What?
[Lucifer mutters some more]
DEMON 2: [holds up key] All right. Let’s do this. [he unshackles Lucifer] There we go, my lord.
LUCIFER: Oh! [groaning and stretching] Oh, yeah! I feel so good. [he grabs Demon 2 by the throat]
DEMON 2: [choking] We had a deal!
LUCIFER: Did we? [snaps fingers and the demon explodes in a cloud of dust, then turns to Tommy] Sorry, kid. You understand, right? No — no witnesses or anything, yeah?
TOMMY: Yes. Take me, oh, Fallen One! My life is yours to devour.
LUCIFER: See, now you just made it weird.
[Lucifer snaps his fingers and Tommy explodes]

[exterior, night, Dean and Crowley are walking through the forest looking for Ramsey, Dean wearing holy fire glasses and not looking at Crowley]
CROWLEY: [commenting on Dean’s glasses] Fancy. Really bring out your eyes.
DEAN: Shut up.
CROWLEY: [mocking Dean’s tone] Shut up.
DEAN: I mean it, Crowley.
CROWLEY: I mean it, Crowley.
DEAN: Go to Hell.
CROWLEY: Go to Hell. Really, Dean, all these years, you’re so predictable.
DEAN: Yeah, well, I guess we’ve all changed. I got predictable. You got soft. I mean, a few years ago, who’d have thought you’d be helping us save the girl of the week?
CROWLEY: I don’t care about her.
DEAN: Yeah, well, maybe we rubbed off on you.
CROWLEY: Don’t flatter yourself.
DEAN: You save Cas.
CROWLEY: Just to spare myself the Winchester Manpain– you lot moping about like a bunch of schoolgirls.
DEAN: Well, I just wanna say thank you.
CROWLEY: Or…a few years ago, who would’ve thought you’d be working with the King of Hell? Maybe you’ve rubbed off on me. Maybe I’ve rubbed off all over you. [chuckles]
DEAN: Ugh.

[interior of the Impala, driving]
GWEN: I’m sorry.
SAM: For what?
GWEN: This. It’s all my fault.
SAM: Gwen, this is not your fault.
GWEN: Yes, it is. What happened to Marcus…
[Gwen flashes back to Marcus being attacket, yelling at her to run, and feels sick]
GWEN: Pull over. Please.
SAM: Okay.

[exterior, Dean and Crowley in the woods]
CROWLEY: [singing] A hunting we will go, A hunting we will go
DEAN: Crowley, shut up.
CROWLEY: [still singing] Heigh —
DEAN: Seriously.
[Dean spots something off the path in the underbrush and they move in to examine it and find Marcus’s body]
CROWLEY: Ramsey dragged him back… to her den.
DEAN: Well, it’s empty. So where is she now?

[Gwen gets back in the car with Sam, wiping her mouth. She’s crying softly and sniffling]
SAM: You okay?
GWEN: I… [ Sighs ] I don’t think I even know what “okay” means anymore. Marcus… going camping was my idea. I took him out there even though I knew. I knew it was over. I liked Marcus. He was sweet and kind. And he loved me. [inhales deeply] More than I ever loved him. More than… If I’d just told him… If I… Why couldn’t I just tell him the truth?
SAM: Gwen…
GWEN: Yeah, but I didn’t. [Voice breaking] I lied. I lied to make things easier. I… I’m sorry. I… We should go.
SAM: [sighs] Right.
[Sam is about to start the car when he sees Ramsey right in front of them]
GWEN: What?
SAM: She’s here.
[Ramsey growls, then pounces on the Impala, denting the hood and cracking the windshield]
SAM: It’s okay. It’s okay. Stay calm.
GWEN: Oh, my god.
SAM: All right.
[meanwhile Ramsey is growling and snarling, smashing up Baby]
GWEN: We should leave.
SAM: No, no, no, Gwen. I gotta take care of this. It’s the only way she’ll stop.
[Sam pulls an angel blade out of his back in the back seat]
SAM: Stay in the car. Stay in the car!
GWEN: Okay.
[Sam gets out of the car and confronts Ramsey. She leaps at him and pins him to the ground, knocking of the holy fire glasses. Gwen scrambles in the back seat for a weapon and grabs the green cooler. She blindly clobbers Ramsey with it, giving Sam time to get to his feet, but he still can’t see Ramsey without his glasses. He sees her footfalls raising dust and waits for her to jump again, then stabs her with the angel blade, killing her.]

[exterior, Dean surveying the damage to the Impala while Sam, Gwen, and Crowley stand by and a horn blares in the distance]
DEAN: [to Sam] This is why you don’t drive.
SAM: [grunts]
GWEN: So… it’s over?
CROWLEY: It’s over.
GWEN: [hugging Crowley] Thank you.
CROWLEY: Yeah. Ah, dog dead. Must be going.
SAM: Hey, Crowley. Wait a second. Um… thank you.
[Crowley gives Sam his version of a smile and disappears]
[Sam scoffs and shakes his head while another horn blares, then awkward shuffling ensues for all three of them]
GWEN: He seems nice.
DEAN: Yeah.
SAM: [clears throat]
DEAN: Let’s get in. Hopefully it still runs.

[interior, Lucifer’s cell, Crowley finds his chains on the floor, and then finds Lucifer in his throne]
LUCIFER: Now, what was that you were saying about always being two steps ahead? [he stands up and slugs Crowley across the face and he flies across the room. Lucifer brings out his wings, his glow lighting up the room] Buh-bye, Crowley.
CROWLEY: That’s not what I said. [he snaps his fingers and Lucifer’s light goes out and his wings disappear]
LUCIFER: [reaching toward his back for his wings that are gone] Huh? What the…
CROWLEY: I’m glad you had a little taste of freedom. What I said was, I’m always 10 steps ahead. I said you cross me, I crush you. You hit me… [Crowley snaps his fingers and Lucifer convulses in pain]
LUCIFER: Aah! Aah!
CROWLEY …I hit you back twice as hard. [He snaps his fingers again]
CROWLEY: You make me your dog, I’ll make you my slave. [Crowley snaps again, and Lucifer drops to the ground in agony, groaning and panting] That chain around your neck? Was nothing. A stylish accessory. This vessel… That’s your true prison. It’s been warded with runes and spellwork from the Cage, carved into every molecule. In there? I own you. [ Sighs ] I’m just getting started. So… I’m gonna put you back in your hole, and then I’m gonna go find your spawn, and I’m gonna rip him apart while you watch. And then? I’m still just getting started. [Crowley punches Lucifer in the face]

[interior, Sam and Dean walking down the bunker’s stairs, Dean’s on the phone with Cas]
DEAN: Cas, what’s up?
CASTIEL: Hey, I think I have a lead on Kelly Kline.
DEAN: Yeah?
CASTIEL: [getting out of his truck and walking through what appears to be a park] She’s with Dagon, Prince of Hell.
SAM: All right, what do we know about him?
CASTIEL: Actually, it’s a her. And not much. It’s just rumors and stories. Dagon is mostly known for her psychotic savagery.
SAM: Great, so where’s Kelly?
CASTIEL: Well, she was in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Now, I’m not sure.
DEAN: All right, well, we’ll spread the word. Let us know if you find anything.
CASTIEL: Of course.
[We see Cas hang up, and hear Kelvin’s voice]
KELVIN: You ready, brother?
[Kelvin and Cas are at the Heaven Portal playground, which activates for them to return to Heaven as we cut back to Dean in the Bunker]
DEAN: He sound weird to you?
[Sam’s phone buzzes]
DEAN: Mm, is that your computer talking to you again?
[Sam’s getting an incoming call from “Frodo,” aka Mick, which he dismisses.]
SAM: Uh… No. Um… It’s, uh… Mick Davies.
DEAN: – What?
SAM: – Dean… I don’t have a computer program feeding me cases. I-I, uh… Gwen? Every job we’ve worked in the last two weeks? [he inhales deeply] They’ve come from the British Men of Letters.
DEAN: Really?
SAM: Yeah. I didn’t tell you ’cause I know how much you hate them.
DEAN: No, we hate them. Us. Together.
SAM: I-I get that. Yeah, I do. But — but… [he sighs] Dean, because of Mick and his guys, the Alpha Vampire is dead. They get results. I don’t like them either, but– but if– if we can save people, then it… [he sighs] Either way, I-I shouldn’t have lied to you. And… I’m sorry, man. I-I…
DEAN: Well, okay.
SAM: Okay?
DEAN: What do you want me to say? Do I like it? No. Do I trust them? Hell, no. But you’re right. We work with people we don’t trust all the time. I mean, hell, I just Liam Neeson’d it up with Crowley. So if you wanna give this a shot, then… [ Scoffs ] Fine. But the minute– and I mean the second– something feels off, we bail.
SAM: Yeah. Of course. Deal.
[Sam’s phone vibrates again]
SAM: It’s Mick.
DEAN: Pick it up.
SAM: [answering his phone] This is Sam.

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