Σενάριο Supernatural | 5×11 Sam, Interrupted

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Supernatural 5x11 Sam, Interrupted pudding

Σενάριο Supernatural | 5×11 Sam, Interrupted

Written by: Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin

Directed by: James L. Conway

Air Date: 21 Jan 2010


From 5.10 Abandon All Hope…

A hellhound steps in a puddle next to MEG.

DEAN: Hellhounds?

MEG: Yeah, Dean, your favorite!

DEAN shoots a hellhound with the Colt. JO shoots a hellhound. A hellhound tackles JO, shredding her side. In the store, ELLEN takes care of a bleeding JO as SAM and DEAN watch.

JO: I can’t fight. I can’t walk. But I can do something. We got everything we need…to build a bomb.

The hellhounds come through the store doors, past the propane tanks. ELLEN presses the button, and the store explodes as SAM and DEAN watch in horror.
From 4.06 Yellow Fever

SAM and DEAN stand next to the IMPALA.

DEAN: What are we doing?

SAM: We’re hunting a ghost.

DEAN: You know who does that? Crazy people! We…are insane!
From 5.03 Free to Be You and Me

SAM fights TIM and REGGIE in the bar, blood on his face.
From 5.10 Abandon All Hope…

SAM, DEAN, CASTIEL, BOBBY, ELLEN and JO stand for the group picture.

CASTIEL: Tomorrow, we hunt the devil. This is our last night on earth.
From 5.10 Abandon All Hope…

SAM stares at LUCIFER in the field. DEAN points the Colt at LUCIFER’S head.

CROWLEY VOICE-OVER: Take this thing to Lucifer, and empty it into his face.

LUCIFER looks at DEAN, and DEAN shoots LUCIFER in the head. LUCIFER stands and throws DEAN into a tree.

LUCIFER: (talking to SAM) You know I’d never hurt you.

SAM: You listen to me, you son of a bitch.

LUCIFER throws dirt in the hole.

SAM: I’m gonna kill you myself. I am going to rip your heart out!

LUCIFER: That’s good, Sam. You keep fanning that fire in your belly. All that pent-up rage…I’m gonna need it.


Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital

Ketchum, Oklahoma
DR. FULLER opens a file at his desk and flips through some pages. One is a newspaper article that reads: “Young boy dies tragically in early morning hours fire.” DR. FULLER sits at his desk while a patient–SUSAN–sits in a chair in front of it.

DR. FULLER: The nurses tell me that you’re not taking your medication. You wanna tell me why? (SUSAN is silent.) Susan?

SUSAN: The pills make me sleepy, but I can’t. If i sleep, it’ll come.

DR. FULLER: Now, we have talked about this.

SUSAN: But it killed Annie.

DR. FULLER leans towards SUSAN.

DR. FULLER: Susan, you’re schizophrenic. Your mind plays tricks on you. You get confused. Sometimes, you see things.

SUSAN: I know what I am. Like, I can see my dead son standing right behind you.

There is a little boy standing at the wall behind DR. FULLER’S desk. SUSAN stares at him as she speaks.

SUSAN: I know he’s not real.

The little boy is gone, and DR. FULLER begins to look that way, but looks back at SUSAN. SUSAN looks at DR. FULLER.

SUSAN: But the monster…It is real.

DR. FULLER leans back in his chair.

DR. FULLER: Annie was your roommate, and what happened to her was painful for all of us. Perhaps it’s easier for you to conjure up a monster than to face how tragic her suicide really was.

SUSAN: I can hear it at night…in the walls. Please. You have to believe me.

DR. FULLER: Susan, there is no such thing as monsters.
SUSAN caresses a picture of her son that is taped to her wall. The lights went off.

ORDERLY IN THE HALL: 10:30. Lights out.

SUSAN hugs her knees on her bed for a minute before she hears some thumps coming from the ceiling vent. She gets off the bed as the thumps continue. She stands under the vent, watching it for a while. A screw on the vent starts to unscrew, and she backs up against the wall.

SUSAN: Oh, my God! Help me! Help me!
Down the hall, other patients begin to yell. A nurse at the nurses’ station listens.

NURSE: They’re starting early tonight.
SUSAN cowers in the corner as the screw falls to the floor. Another screw begins to come loose.

SUSAN: Hurry!
SUSAN slams against the door, yelling through the window in her door.

SUSAN: It’s coming!

Another patient, TED, across the hall watches through his window.

SUSAN: Help me, please! Help me!

SUSAN is suddenly dragged away from the door, and TED gasps. SUSAN’S screams echo down the hall.
An orderly unlocks the door and opens it to find SUSAN lying dead on the floor, her wrists cut and blood pooled under her hands.

Title card:



DR. FULLER looks through a file, and the camera pans up to reveal DEAN sitting across from him. The camera pans over to show SAM sitting next to DEAN. DR. FULLER looks back down at his file.

DR. FULLER: You were referred to me by a Dr. Babar in Chicago.

DEAN: That’s right.

DR. FULLER: Isn’t there a children’s book about an elephant named Babar?

DEAN: I don’t know. I don’t have any elephant books. Look, Doctor, I-I-I think the doc was in over his head with this one. (DEAN points at SAM) ‘Cause my brother is…

DEAN makes a “crazy sign,” circling his finger at the side of his head and whistling. DR. FULLER raises a hand.

DR. FULLER: Okay, fine, thank you. That’s-that’s really not necessary. (DR. FULLER grabs his file and notepad) Why don’t you tell me how you’re feeling, Alex?

SAM: (sighs) I’m fine. I mean, okay, a little depressed, I guess.

DR. FULLER writes in his notepad.

DR. FULLER: Okay. Any idea why?

SAM: Probably because I started the apocalypse.

DR. FULLER: (looks up at SAM) The apocalypse?

SAM: Yeah, that’s right.

DR. FULLER: (looks at DEAN, who smiles) And you think you started it?

SAM: Well, yeah, I mean…I killed this demon, Lilith, and I accidentally freed Lucifer from hell. So now, he’s topside, and we’re trying to stop him.

DR. FULLER: (looks at DEAN, who looks exasperated) Who is?

SAM: Me. A-and him. (points at DEAN) And this one angel.

DR. FULLER: Oh, you mean, like a…like an angel on your shoulder.

SAM: No. His name’s Castiel. He wears a trench coat.

DR. FULLER goes back to taking notes.

DEAN: See what I mean, Doc? The kid’s been beating himself up about this for months. The apocalypse wasn’t his fault.

DR. FULLER: (looks up at DEAN, stunned) It’s not?

DEAN: No. There was this other demon, Ruby. She got him addicted to demon blood, and near the end, he was practically chugging this stuff.

DR. FULLER looks at SAM, who looks ashamed. DR. FULLER looks back at DEAN.

DEAN: My brother’s not evil. He was just…high…yeah? So, could you fix him up so we can get back to traveling around the country and hunting monsters?

DR. FULLER puts up a finger for them to wait. He picks up his phone and dials an extension.

DR. FULLER: Irma…cancel my lunch.

As the doctor hangs up, DEAN pats SAM comfortingly on the arm.

HAPPY NURSE VOICE-OVER: Doctor Fuller would like to–
A happy nurse leads SAM and DEAN down a hall.

HAPPY NURSE: –keep you both under observation for a couple of days.

DEAN: Both? Me, too?

HAPPY NURSE: Yes, Sugar. The doctor thinks that would be best.

SAM and DEAN give each other victorious smiles.
HAPPY NURSE wraps a blood pressure cuff around DEAN’S right arm.

HAPPY NURSE: Alright, I’m just gonna give you a little check-up.

DEAN: Alright, look, Nurse Ratched, let’s get one thing straight. I’ve seen Cuckoo’s Nest, so don’t try any of that soul-crushing, authoritarian crap on me, hm?

HAPPY NURSE: (smiles) Okie-dokie.

DEAN nods, smiling uncomfortably.
HAPPY NURSE takes the blood pressure cuff off of SAM’S arm.

HAPPY NURSE: Alright, you can go ahead and take down your pants.

SAM: (looks up in horror) Wait, w-what? W-what for?

HAPPY NURSE snaps a rubber glove on, smiling at him. SAM looks uncomfortable.
DEAN leans against the back of a couch, wearing the patient scrubs, shoes and blue robe. He stares at the floor until SAM walks up, wearing the same thing. SAM sighs, and they both look frazzled.

DEAN: How was your Silkwood shower?

SAM: Okay. Yeah, good. Yeah, good, um–good water pressure. Did the nurse…

DEAN: She was very thorough.

SAM: Yeah. Yeah, good. Good. Yeah.

DEAN looks around the lounge, seeing the other patients. One female patient is playing with a pink bunny.

DEAN: I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.

SAM: Hey, it’s the least we could do. Martin saved Dad’s ass more times than we can count. He’s a great hunter.

DEAN: Was. Until Albuquerque.

SAM: Besides, I just figure it’s best we keep busy. That’s all.

DEAN: Better than what?

SAM: Nothing.

DEAN motions for more.

SAM: Okay. Look…um…last few weeks, you’ve kind of been worrying me.

DEAN: (rolls his eyes) Oh, come on, Sam. Stop. Look, just because we’re in the loony bin doesn’t give you the right to head-shrink me.

SAM: Dean–

DEAN: Ellen and Jo dying–Yeah, it was a friggin’ tragedy, okay? But I’m not gonna wallow in it.

SAM: Dean, you always do this. You can’t just keep this crap in.

DEAN: (chuckles) Watch me. (looks over towards a table) Oh, there he is.

SAM and DEAN walk over to a table where MARTIN sits, staring out the window. SAM clears his throat, and MARTIN looks at them.

MARTIN: Sam, Dean, wow. (stands, shakes SAM’S hand) Wow, you boys got big. You look good.

SAM: Thanks. You do, too, Martin.

MARTIN: Uh…Well, thanks for coming. (motions for them to sit)

SAM: Yeah.

DEAN and MARTIN sit at the table while SAM gets a chair and pulls it up, sitting.

MARTIN: In the old days, I could’ve taken care of this thing with both hands tied behind my back…but, well…now…

SAM: What do you think it is that we’re hunting?

MARTIN: I don’t know yet. A ghost, demon, monster…animal, vegetable, mineral. (chuckles) Hospital’s had five deaths in the last four months. Doctors keep calling it suicides, but they’re wrong.

SAM: So, you’ve seen this thing?

MARTIN shakes his head.

DEAN: Has anyone seen this thing?

MARTIN: Well, a couple patients have, uh…had glimpses, but there’s not a lot to go on.

DEAN: Are they reliable?

MARTIN: Oh, sure, why wouldn’t they be?

DEAN looks around at a female patient, who is dancing and humming. DEAN looks back at MARTIN.

DEAN: Gee, I don’t know.

MARTIN: I know you boys think I’m a bag of loose screws. Now, you wouldn’t be wrong. But I wouldn’t have called you unless there was something here. I can feel it in my gut.

DEAN and SAM exchange looks.

SAM: We believe you. Have you checked any of the bodies? Found signs of an attack?

MARTIN: Well, uh, no…I don’t go around dead b-b-b-bodies anymore.

DEAN frowns at MARTIN’S flinching. DR. FULLER walks up behind them.

DR. FULLER: Alex, Eddie.

SAM and DEAN turn to face him.

DR. FULLER: Well, I’m glad to see you’re making friends. Why don’t you and, uh, Mr. Creaser join us for group? Please. Right this way.

SAM, DEAN, and MARTIN stand. MARTIN and SAM walk over to the doctor. DR. FULLER stops DEAN.

DR. FULLER: Actually, I’m gonna be putting you in the afternoon group.

DEAN: What? Why?

DR. FULLER: Well, to be frank, uh, the relationship that you have with your brother seems dangerously codependent. I think a little time apart will do you both good.

DR. FULLER walks away, and SAM and DEAN watch him go, confused. DEAN waves goodbye to SAM.
SAM, MARTIN and five other patients sit in a circle with DR. FULLER.

DR. FULLER: Alright, so…who would like to start us off?

TED raises his hand.

DR. FULLER: Anyone else?

TED raises his hand a little higher.

DR. FULLER: Alright, Ted. Calm down.

TED: (lowers his hand) I am calm. And I’d very calmly like to talk about the monster that’s hunting us.

DR. FULLER: Ted, we’re not going to have that discussion again.

SAM and MARTIN exchange looks, intrigued.

DR. FULLER: It’s not good for group.

TED: I agree. You know what else isn’t good for group? A monster eating all our faces off.

DR. FULLER: Alright, fine, thank you. Now, anyone else?

TED: I saw it…when it killed Susan.

SAM is intrigued.

OTHER PATIENT: I did, too. It had big lobster claws.

TED: No, it didn’t.

OTHER PATIENT: Yeah, and it was an alien, like on X-Files.

TED: Stop it. Stop helping. Listen to me. We’re all dead!

DR. FULLER: That’s enough. (leans forward, taking off his glasses) There is no monster.

SAM looks at DR. FULLER.

DR. FULLER: Now, Ted, do you need me to call the orderlies…

TED shakes his head.

DR. FULLER: …or can you behave?

TED: (nods) Behave.

SAM and MARTIN exchange looks again.
DEAN is playing checkers with himself. He moves a piece.

DEAN: King me! (laughs)

DR. CARTWRIGHT walks up to DEAN.


DEAN looks up at her.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: I’m Dr. Erica Cartwright. I’ve been assigned to your case.

DEAN: You’re my shrink? (smiles seductively) Heh. Lucky me.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: (opens her file) And you’re my…paranoid schizophrenic with narcissistic personality disorder and religious psychosis. (closes her file and smiles) Lucky me.

DEAN: (looks down awkwardly) Hm.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: Can we talk? (sits opposite DEAN at the table)

DEAN: Yes. I actually got some questions for you.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: What a coincidence. I’ve got some for you, too.

DEAN: Well, then…Quid pro quo, Clarice.

DEAN sucks his bottom lip into his mouth a couple times, just like Hannibal Lector.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: Okay, Hannibal. I’ll go first. How many hours a night do you sleep?

DEAN: Three or four, every couple of nights. What can you tell me about the recent suicides in here?

DR. CARTWRIGHT: They were tragic.

DEAN: But you haven’t noticed anything…strange, like, uh…I don’t know, black smoke or sulfur?

DR. CARTWRIGHT: No. Why? What’s that supposed to mean?

DEAN: Demon signs. I hunt demons, monsters, that kind of thing.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: How many drinks do you have a week?

DEAN: Well, I gotta sleep sometime. So, uh, what’s seven days times–somewhere in the mid fifties. You ever feel any, uh, cold spots or get a chill walking through the hospital?

DR. CARTWRIGHT: Not that I can remember. If I had?

DEAN: It means there’s a ghost around.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: Okay. When was the last time you were in a long-term relationship?

DEAN: Define long-term.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: More than two months.

DEAN: Never. Have the patients reported seeing anything weird?

DR. CARTWRIGHT: In here? (chuckles) All the time.

DEAN: Right.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: So… (leans towards DEAN) let’s talk about your father.
DEAN follows several patients down the hall, his hands in his pockets and staring at the floor. He looks kind of depressed. SAM walks out of the doorway behind him.

SAM: Dean, hey.

DEAN turns towards him. SAM frowns.

SAM: You okay?

DEAN: I just got thraped. So, no, I am not okay. Tell me you found something.

SAM: Yeah. A guy says he saw the creature. We should talk to him. You wanna meet here in an hour?

DEAN: Yeah, sooner we take care of this thing, sooner we can get gone. This place gives me the creeps.

DEAN turns around, and WENDY is standing behind him. She puts a hand on the back of his head and kisses him for a moment or so. SAM watches awkwardly.



WENDY: I’m Wendy.

DEAN: Uh-huh.

WENDY walks past DEAN and SAM down the hall after patting DEAN on the butt. DEAN smirks at SAM.

DEAN: Maybe this place isn’t so bad after all.

SAM: Dude…you CANNOT hit that.

DEAN: (watches WENDY) Oh, so torn.
SAM walks out of his cell with a lock-pick in his hand. DEAN is standing there.

DEAN: Well, it’s about time. Nurses are on their rounds. We got, like, fifteen, twenty minutes. So, where is this guy?

SAM: Room 306.

SAM and DEAN head down the hall towards TED’S room. As they round the corner, they hear TED screaming. They rush to TED’S door and look in the window. SAM begins to pick the lock. TED’S feet slam against the window.

DEAN: Hurry up! Come on, hurry up!

SAM: (looks up at DEAN) Back off, Dean!

SAM returns to picking the lock, and then SAM and DEAN lunge into the room to find TED hanging from a pipe in the ceiling, a tied bed sheet around his neck.


DEAN opens TED’S drawer and pulls him out. SAM pulls back the sheet and starts feeling TED’S head. DEAN searches his hands. SAM finds two holes just behind TED’S ears.

SAM: Hey, I think I found something.

DEAN: What do you got?

SAM: Right here. Uh, give me a hand.

SAM grabs a long Q-tip from a table and sticks it far into the hole.

SAM: This hole goes all the way through to his brain.

DEAN: What does that mean?

SAM: (spots a bone saw) Let’s find out.

DEAN: Seriously?

SAM: You might want to keep watch.

DEAN backs off.
DEAN stands outside the morgue doors, keeping watch. He hears the bone saw start up, and he frowns in disgust.
SAM takes the top of TED’S head off, removing his brain. TED’S brain is a small, hard, black thing.
DEAN hears a door open and looks down the hall. He goes back into the morgue.
DEAN: Dude.

SAM: (holds up the brain) Look, his brain’s been sucked dry.

DEAN: That’s fascinating. Somebody’s coming.

SAM and DEAN hurry to clean up.
HAPPY NURSE walks down the hallway.
SAM puts TED’S brain back in his head.
HAPPY NURSE gets closer to the morgue.
SAM puts the top of TED’S head back on.
HAPPY NURSE approaches the morgue doors.
DEAN rolls TED back into his drawer. SAM removes his bloody gloves and throws them in the trashcan just as HAPPY NURSE walks in.

HAPPY NURSE: What are you boys doing in here?

SAM looks at DEAN, unable to think of something. DEAN shrugs, pulls down his pants, and throws his arms over his head.

DEAN: (smiles) Pudding!

HAPPY NURSE: (smiles) Alright, come on, you two.

DEAN smiles goofily and pulls his pants back up. As DEAN heads for the door, he turns back towards SAM.

DEAN: (whispers) Crazy works.

HAPPY NURSE chuckles as she follows them out the door.
MARTIN, SAM and DEAN look at paintings of clowns on the walls.

DEAN: Are those original Gacy’s? (chuckles)

MARTIN: I painted those.

SAM: Back on point, please. Um…so, whatever this thing is–

DEAN: (to MARTIN, about the pictures) It’s good.

SAM: It Slurpees your brain, sucks you dry.

DEAN: Yeah, then it makes the deaths look like suicides. Any ideas?

MARTIN: Yeah. A bad one.
MARTIN shows SAM and DEAN a drawing in his journal.

DEAN: What is it?

MARTIN: Well, I bet you a chicken dinner it’s what we’re up against…a wraith. They crack open skulls and feed on brain juice.

SAM: You ever tangle with one before?

MARTIN: Never. Never wanted to, neither.

DEAN: So, how do we kill it?

MARTIN: Silver. You so much as touch a wraith with the stuff, and the skin will crackle. Now, that’s the good news. The bad news is…they can pass as humans.

SAM, DEAN and MARTIN look around the room.

MARTIN: It could be any Peter, Paul and Mary in the joint.

DEAN: Fantastic. So, how do we find it?

MARTIN: A mirror. Lore says a wraith will show its true form in a mirror.

DEAN: Okay, well, we just gotta spot check every patient and every staff member.

SAM: (nods) Okay. Yeah. But–I mean, what’s it doing in a mental hospital?

DEAN: A nuthouse; it’s-it’s-it’s a perfect captive victim pool.

MARTIN: Sure. Who’s gonna believe a patient when they say they saw a monster? It’s the perfect hunting ground.
DEAN stands at the corner of the nurses’ station, watching people walk by in a round mirror by the ceiling. DR. CARTWRIGHT walks up and joins him.

DEAN: What’s up, Doc?

DR. CARTWRIGHT: You tell me.

DEAN: Hunting. A wraith, actually. Could be anybody.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: So, I could be a monster?

DEAN checks the mirror and sees that she’s normal.

DEAN: No, you’re clean.


DEAN: Why me, what?

DR. CARTWRIGHT: Why do you have to hunt monsters? Why not let someone else do it?

DEAN: (shrugs, smiles) Can’t find anybody else that dumb. (thinks for a moment) It’s my job. Somebody’s gotta save people’s asses, yours included.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: So, is there a quota? How many people do you have to save?

DEAN: All of them.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: All of them? You think you have to save everyone?

DEAN: Yep. Whole wide world of sports.


DEAN doesn’t answer, but looks at her, not wanting to tell her.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: Believe me, whatever you’ve got, I’ve heard weirder.

DEAN: It’s the end of the world, okay? I mean, it’s a damn Biblical apocalypse, and if I don’t stop it and save everyone, then no one will, and we all die.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: That’s horrible.

DEAN: Yeah, tell me about it.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: I mean, apocalypse or no apocalypse…monsters or no monsters, that’s a crushing weight to have on your shoulders. To feel like six billion lives depend on you…God…how do you get up in the morning?

DEAN stares contemplatively for a moment.

DEAN: That’s a good question.

DR. FULLER walks up to them.

DR. FULLER: Hello, Eddie.

DEAN: Doc.

DEAN looks up at the mirror as DR. FULLER passes it. DEAN sees a decaying face with matted hair instead. DEAN pushes away from the wall and watches DR. FULLER walk down the hall.
DEAN and MARTIN are waiting in the hall. SAM walks up to them.

SAM: Alright, I had to raid three nurses’ stations to get these.

SAM hands a letter opener to DEAN.

SAM: They’re only silver-plated, but they should work.

SAM hands one to MARTIN. WENDY starts heading their way. DEAN spots her.

DEAN: Oh, no, no, no. Not today, sweetheart. Come on, keep walking. I…

WENDY walks up to SAM, pushes him against the wall and starts kissing him. DEAN watches in shock. SAM is flustered, waiting for WENDY to finish.

WENDY: I want him now. (looks at DEAN) He’s larger.

DEAN, SAM and MARTIN watch WENDY walk away.

DEAN: Hm. (shrugs at SAM) You’ve had worse.

SAM: Fuller is on call tonight, so we’ll have to hit him after lights out. All three of us.

MARTIN: What? No.

DEAN: Martin, we gotta get past security, past the orderlies, and then cut the boss-man’s throat, okay? It’s gonna suck start to finish, but we could use the backup.

MARTIN: Oh, I can’t. I can’t.

MARTIN begins to walk away.

SAM: We know what happened in Albuquerque.

MARTIN: (stops) You don’t know the half of it. (turns to them) God, I used to be just like you two. I used to think I was invincible, and then…Well, I found out I’m not.

DEAN: Martin, you’re still a hunter.

MARTIN: No. I’m not. I’m useless. Why do you think I checked myself into the Hotel California? I’d give anything to help you boys, I would. But, I-I can’t. I’m sorry. I can’t.

MARTIN walks away.
SAM and DEAN walk into the office, but DR. FULLER is not there. DEAN picks up car keys from the desk.

DEAN: He’s still in the building. You take the west wing. I’ll take the east.

DEAN sets the keys back down, and they leave the office.
SAM walks down a hallway, holding his knife at the ready. He looks in each room he passes. SAM comes to another hallway and looks around the corner. He sees DR. FULLER heading his way. SAM stands up against the wall, waiting. DR. FULLER gets closer. As DR. FULLER rounds the corner, SAM steps forward, raising the blade. DR. FULLER puts an arm up as SAM brings the blade down, cutting DR. FULLER’S arm. DR. FULLER yells, and SAM takes another swing. Two orderlies grab SAM and begin to drag him away. SAM struggles. He throws off one orderly and punches the other. The first orderly approaches, but SAM knocks his head into a window, shattering it. SAM goes back to the other orderly and punches him twice. DR. FULLER runs, and SAM grabs the blade from the ground and follows. SAM tackles DR. FULLER to the ground and raises the blade. MARTIN grabs SAM’S arm.

MARTIN: No! No! Look at his arm. That cut’s not burning.

SAM looks at the cut.

MARTIN: It’s not him. It’s not him.

SAM begins to realize and drops the blade. He stares at DR. FULLER, stunned at what he almost did.


SAM sits on his bed in a drugged up stupor. DEAN opens the door and walks in.

DEAN: You okay?

DEAN approaches SAM’S bed.

SAM: No. No, I’m not okay. I–I am…awesome…

DEAN: They give you something?

SAM: Oh, yeah. They gave me…everything. It’s spectacu-lacular. (laughs)

DEAN: You always were a happy drunk.

SAM grows serious and grabs DEAN’S arm, pulling him down to eye level.

SAM: Dean…the doctor…wasn’t a wraith.

DEAN: I know.

SAM looks comically stunned that DEAN could possibly know this.

DEAN: I don’t understand it. I mean, I saw it in the mirror. It wasn’t human.

SAM: Or you’re seeing things. Maybe-maybe-maybe you’re going crazy.

DEAN: I’m not crazy.

SAM: Well…come on. I mean, you’ve been at least…half crazy for a long time, and since you got back from hell, or since before that, even. I mean, we’re in a–we’re in a mental hospital. (laughs) Maybe-Maybe you finally cracked! You know, maybe now you are really…for real…crazy…

DEAN: I made a mistake, that’s all. I’ll find the thing.

SAM: Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I know.

SAM puts a hand on DEAN’S shoulder. DEAN looks down at SAM’S hand.

SAM: It’s okay. Hey, hey. Look at me.

DEAN looks at SAM.

SAM: It’s okay…because you’re my brother…and I still love ya.

DEAN nods. SAM pokes at DEAN’S nose.

SAM: Bop!

DEAN stares at SAM.
DEAN walks down the hallway and through a doorway. DR. CARTWRIGHT joins him.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: You missed our session today.

DEAN: A little busy.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: Still hunting that wraith?

DEAN: People are dying.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: People die all the time.

DEAN: Look, lady, why don’t you just let me do my job, maybe save your life.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: It’s not my life that I’m worried about.

DEAN: (exasperated) Oh, my G–I am fine, okay? (stops and turns towards her) I’m fine.

An orderly sorting laundry down the hall looks up at him, but goes back to his job.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: Come on, even you don’t believe that. All this pressure that you’re putting yourself under, all this guilt; it’s killing you. You can’t save everybody. You can’t. (her voice becomes hard) Hell, these days, you can’t save anybody, Dean. (turns to leave)

DEAN: What did you say?

DR. CARTWRIGHT: (turns back to him) The truth, Dean. You got Ellen and Jo killed. You shot Lucifer, but you couldn’t gank him.

DEAN begins to get confused and a little afraid.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: You couldn’t stop Sam from killing Lilith, and–oh, yeah–you broke the first seal. All you do is fail. Did you really think that you, Dean Winchester with a GED and a give-’em-hell attitude, were gonna beat the devil?

DEAN gets a little more afraid.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: Please. The world is gonna burn, and there is nothing that you can do about it.

DEAN: Who are you? (voice rising) How do you know that stuff?

The orderly sorting laundry looks up again.

ORDERLY: Hey, settle down.

DEAN: Tell me!

The orderly walks around his cart and begins to approach DEAN.

ORDERLY: I said, settle down.

DEAN: (quietly) Who are you?

DEAN backs away from DR. CARTWRIGHT a little and looks at the ORDERLY, but DR. CARTWRIGHT is now gone.

DEAN: (points at DR. CARTWRIGHT) Who is she?


DEAN: What are you, blind? (points again) Her!

ORDERLY: Pal, there’s nobody there.

DEAN looks at the ORDERLY and looks back at DR. CARTWRIGHT, who has a twisted smile on her face.

DR. CARTWRIGHT: I’m not real, Dean. I’m in your head…because you are going crazy.

DEAN looks around the hallway, DR. CARTWRIGHT having disappeared. He looks at the ORDERLY, beginning to fear for his sanity.

DEAN: Just leave me alone.

DEAN stalks down the hallway, and the ORDERLY watches him go. DEAN sees HAPPY NURSE and a doctor. He passes a mirror, where he sees that they look like a wraith. Freaked, he passes them and sees two patients, who look like wraiths in another mirror. He passes them as well, heading for the end of the hall. He tries to open a door, but it is locked. He backs into the corner and slides down to the floor, panting. His eyes follow everything in the hall, looking freaked.
SAM is looking pensively out the window when someone knocks on the door. DR. FULLER enters with an orderly, and SAM stands, facing him.

DR. FULLER: You asked to see me?

SAM: Yeah. Thanks. I, um…I just wanted to apologize. I feel horrible about what I did to you. I thought you were a monster.

DR. FULLER: I know that. The question is, why?

SAM: I was…It doesn’t matter, um…because after what happened last night, I had a…moment of clarity. I realized…there’s no such thing as monsters.

DR. FULLER: Well, I’m glad to hear you say that, but, honestly? Monsters are the least of your problems. People can learn to live with delusions, but the anger I saw in you…You hurt those two men, and you were going to kill me. The look in your eyes when you came after me, I…It was like you were barely even human…like a man possessed.

SAM: (very ashamed and guilt-ridden) I know. Please…just…could you give me a second chance?

DR. FULLER: Well, this isn’t a prison. You’ll be allowed to go to the day room, under supervision.

SAM: Thank you.

DR. FULLER: (steps closer) But if there is one more outburst…I will transfer you to a facility that is equipped to handle violent patients. And, believe me, they will be far, far less forgiving.
SAM enters with an orderly following him to keep an eye on him. SAM finds DEAN at a checkers table, sitting and staring at the wall.

SAM: Dean? Hey.

DEAN stands, frowning at SAM.

SAM: Oh. What’s wrong?

DEAN: (faces SAM) It’s not the demon blood, Sam. It never was.

SAM: What?

DEAN: The problem was you. It was always you. The lies…your arrogance…the black spot on your soul.

SAM is very confused and anguished. Other patients surround him. A female patients faces him.

FEMALE PATIENT: Now we’re all gonna die because of you. It’s all your fault.

SAM turns to a male patient who is talking to him.

MALE PATIENT: You killed all of us. Pathetic freak.

MALE PATIENT shoves SAM into the other patients.

FEMALE PATIENT: You evil son of a bitch!

The patients shove him as they speak.


FEMALE PATIENT: Grow up and die!


Unable to take it anymore, SAM begins hitting the other patients. But there are no patients there at all, and SAM is just swinging at the air in the middle of the lounge. Two orderlies come up to him and try to calm him. One orderly grabs him.

SAM: Leave me alone!

SAM punches the first orderly, but they both grab him by the arms. DEAN is sitting at a table by the window, watching the whole thing with his hands clasped in front of him.

SAM: Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

SAM is yelling at the patients only he can see.

SAM: No! Stop it! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! I didn’t do it! Get off of me!

DEAN watches the orderlies drag SAM down the hall.

SAM: Leave me alone! Get off! No! Leave me alone!

The orderlies drag SAM out of the hall.

DEAN: (quietly) What’s happening? What’s happening?
MARTIN is apparently sleeping fitfully in his bed. He hears the door open, and he sits up, brandishing the silver blade. It is DEAN, who is standing next to the bed, holding his hands out and looking scared.

DEAN: (in a small voice) Martin, Martin, it’s me. It’s Dean.

MARTIN: Oh, sorry.

MARTIN lowers the blade. DEAN puts a hand to his forehead.

MARTIN: You–You look like hell, boy.

DEAN nods.

DEAN: I-I feel like it, too.

MARTIN: Where’s Sam?

DEAN: Lockdown! He went crazy! Thank God.


DEAN: I’m going crazy, too. I’m seeing things. I’m hearing things. I mean, we both are. Crazy is the clue.

MARTIN: What do you mean?

DEAN begins to explain, but he stops and stares at the other side of the room. After a moment, MARTIN snaps his fingers in DEAN’S face.


DEAN: (jolts a little and looks back at MARTIN) Crazy is the clue.

MARTIN: You said that. What?

DEAN: I mean, the things that me and Sam have done, the stuff that we’ve seen, we’re gonna end up going guano eventually. Probably end up like a couple of drooling nut bags. (realizes what he’s said) No offense.

MARTIN: None taken.

DEAN: But me and him, freaking out on the same day? I mean, it’s gotta be…

MARTIN: The monster…

DEAN: (freaks, looking around for it) What? Where? Where? (ducks down at the side of the bed)

MARTIN: No–It’s not–No, there’s nothing there.

DEAN: (crouching next to MARTIN’S bed) Okay. What if this thing doesn’t just feed on the insane? What if it makes people insane? (begging for clarification from MARTIN) Is it possible? Does that seem real?

MARTIN: Well, I’m not the most reliable source on what is real, but it sounds–It makes sense.

DEAN: Okay. Okay. So-so we got infected. You know, something shot us up with crazy. You know, something… (begins to realize something) Maybe…maybe it’s the ghost of my dad…

MARTIN: No. Focus on the wraith, Dean. Focus.

DEAN: (realizes MARTIN is right) Right, the wraith, the wraith. (stands) Okay. So, the wraith, the wraith, it-it poisoned us. It–Yeah. Maybe with venom, you know? By-by touch…or-or venom, or saliva. (freezes, realizes) Wendy.

MARTIN: Wendy?

DEAN: Wendy. Wendy slobbered all over me and Sam! That’s how we got infected!
MARTIN and DEAN walk around the corner, heading for WENDY’S room. DEAN is walking awkwardly. MARTIN notices and looks down at DEAN’S feet. He is walking in weird spots on the tiled floor.


MARTIN stops and DEAN stops also, noticing his weird look.

DEAN: I can’t step on the cracks.

A woman screams, and they hurry off.
DEAN kicks in the door to find WENDY on her bed, her wrists slit. Sitting on the bed over WENDY is HAPPY NURSE. DEAN looks over in a mirror to see that HAPPY NURSE looks like the wraith. He looks back at the bed.

DEAN: Is this real?

HAPPY NURSE–THE WRAITH–withdraws her hand from WENDY’S head. There is a skewer sticking out of her wrist, which enters WENDY’S head. THE WRAITH brings it up and licks it off before it goes back into her wrist.

THE WRAITH: Oh, it is, Sugar. It’s very real.



THE WRAITH throws DEAN against the wall. MARTIN attacks THE WRAITH with his blade, but she throws him into the hall. THE WRAITH pins DEAN to the wall by the throat and punches him a bunch of times. MARTIN, meanwhile, grabs his blade and attacks THE WRAITH. THE WRAITH releases DEAN and puts a hand up to shield herself. MARTIN cuts her hand, and she yells. DEAN slides to the floor. THE WRAITH’S cut is burning and crackling, and she shuts the door, locking them in with WENDY. MARTIN sees that DEAN is disoriented, and he gets up to check on WENDY. After a moment, WENDY blinks.

MARTIN: She’s still alive.
THE WRAITH is heading down the hall, cradling her hand, and spots two orderlies.

THE WRAITH: There’s two patients in Wendy’s room. They attacked me.

The two orderlies rush off, and THE WRAITH watches them go and smiles. Her hand drips blood as she heads down the hall.
DEAN is trying to get his bearings against the wall.

MARTIN: Dean? Can you hear me? Dean!

DEAN looks up and has a fragmented vision of MARTIN standing over WENDY’S bed, talking to him.

MARTIN: You’ve gotta get out there and kill that thing. I’ll take care of her.

MARTIN’S voice echoes in DEAN’S ears.

DEAN: (shakes his head) I can’t.

MARTIN: You have to. You have no choice, son.

The two orderlies walk in and grab MARTIN, who fights back. The orderlies are distracted by MARTIN.

MARTIN: Go. Dean, run! Run!

DEAN struggles to his feet and runs out the door.
DEAN falls against the wall, looking around. The hallway seems to spin in front of him. He looks up at the lights, which are very bright and spin also. He looks down at the floor to see blood droplets leading down the hallway. DEAN pushes off from the wall and begins to follow the blood trail, falling to his knees against the wall.
SAM is lying on a bed in a padded room. His ankles are strapped down, along with his wrists. The door opens, and THE WRAITH walks in.

SAM: Hey! Let me go!

THE WRAITH: No. You are far too angry to be out there in the real world.

SAM and THE WRAITH look up at a mirror to see that she looks like THE WRAITH.

SAM: You.

THE WRAITH: Of course, it’s me. (looks back at SAM) I gotta say, you hunters don’t exactly live up to your rep. (circles the bed) I mean, Martin’s a wreck. He’s harmless.

SAM begins to fight the restraints.

THE WRAITH: And you and your brother come in here, talking tough about killing monsters…kind of made you easy to spot. Then all it took was a touch…

THE WRAITH is holding SAM’S arm while checking his blood pressure the first day he got there.

SAM realizes what happened.

THE WRAITH: …and you were mine. Oh, I love it in here. (kneels down at the head of the bed) This place is my own personal five-star restaurant.

THE WRAITH trails a finger across SAM’S forehead, and SAM jerks his head away from her. THE WRAITH sticks her finger in her mouth and licks it, moaning.

THE WRAITH: Crazy brains. (trails another finger across his forehead) They get soaked in dopamine and adrenaline and all sorts of hormones and chemicals that make them…delicious. (licks her finger off) And the crazier they are, the better they taste.

SAM: You did this to me!

THE WRAITH: Well, I helped. But that rage? No, no, no. That’s all you. (stands, walks to the side of the bed) I don’t make crazy. I just crank up what’s already there.

SAM yells. THE WRAITH sits beside SAM.

THE WRAITH: You build your own hell, but I give you the Legos. And when you’re ripe…

THE WRAITH’S skewer popped out of her arm next to SAM’S head.

THE WRAITH: …I make all of your problems disappear.

THE WRAITH turns SAM’S head to the side, sticking the skewer closer to his head. The door flies open, and DEAN stumbles through.

DEAN: You get away from him.

THE WRAITH: (stands to face DEAN) Do you really think this is gonna end well for you, kiddo?

DEAN: No. (takes out a silver blade) But I’m crazy, (smiling crazily) so, what the hell?

THE WRAITH chuckles and raises her hand. Her skewer goes back into her arm. DEAN swings the blade at her, but she ducks and throws him into the wall. DEAN goes after her again, and she grabs his arm, throwing him into the wall. DEAN drops his blade. SAM watches helpless from the bed. THE WRAITH throws DEAN into the other wall, pinning him by the throat. DEAN grabs her hand as she raises her other one. The skewer jumps out, and she aims it at DEAN’S forehead. DEAN grabs the other arm, trying to hold it away from his head. The skewer comes out a little more, getting closer to his head. DEAN grunts as he tries to push it away. DEAN grabs the skewer with his other hand and breaks it off. THE WRAITH screams as she backs into the other wall, holding her skewer hand, which is now spurting blood. DEAN holds the skewer for a moment, dropping it in revulsion. He runs over to the blade and grabs it. THE WRAITH turns towards him, yelling in rage. DEAN stabs the blade into her heart. The silver burns her as she hits the wall and slides to the floor. SAM and DEAN stare at her. DEAN’S vision loses its fragmented pieces and becomes normal again.

SAM: (watching DEAN warily) You still crazy?

DEAN: (turns to SAM) Not any more than usual.

DEAN heads over to SAM’S bed, leaning over it. He takes off one of SAM’S wrist restraints.

DEAN: We gotta get out of here.

SAM: Yeah.

The alarm bell rings, and they both look up at the doorway, staring.


SAM and DEAN burst out of the side door, the alarm bell still ringing, and they run towards the parking lot and the woods.
SAM and DEAN approach the IMPALA.

DEAN: Well, looks like Tom Cruise was right. Shrinks suck.

DEAN reaches the driver’s door, but SAM is still standing at the trunk, sighing.

DEAN: What are you doing? Sam? You okay?

SAM: No. No. The wraith–

DEAN: What about her?

SAM: She was right.

DEAN: No, she wasn’t. She’s dead, okay? Let’s hit the road. I need a drink, or twelve.

SAM: Most of the time, I can hide it, but…I am angry. I’m mad at everything. I used to be mad at you and Dad, then Lilith, now it’s Lucifer, and I make excuses. I blame Ruby or the demon blood, but it’s not their fault. It’s not them. It’s me. It’s inside me. I’m mad…all the time…and I don’t know why.

SAM is very anguished and exasperated. DEAN steps closer.

DEAN: Stop. Stop it. So what if you are? What are you gonna do? You gonna take a leave of absence? You gonna say yes to Lucifer? What?

SAM: No, of course not. I–

DEAN: Exactly. And that’s exactly what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna take all that crap and you’re gonna bury it. You’re gonna forget about it, because that’s how we keep going! That’s how we don’t end up like Martin! Are you with me?

SAM is silent.

DEAN: Come on, man. Are you with me?

SAM: I’m with you.

DEAN: Good. Let’s get the hell out of here.

DEAN gets into the IMPALA. SAM hesitates a moment and gets in the passenger seat. DEAN drives away into the night.

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