Σενάριο Supernatural | 2×17 Heart

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Σενάριο Supernatural | 2×17 Heart

Written by: Sera Gamble

Directed by: Kim Manners

Air Date: 22 Mar 2007



[FADE IN: SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. INT. BAR. NIGHT. A young woman, MADISON, is grabbing drinks with her friends. Her co-worker, NATE MULLIGAN, approaches.]

NATE: Hey, Maddie. Listen, I hate to pull you away, but I’m gonna need you to come back to the office with me.

MADISON: Really? [Her friends begin smirking.]

NATE: Yeah. Turns out I’ve gotta file those docs by midnight—

MADISON: Midnight?

NATE: Yeah, I’m gonna need you to, um…[he sees that she is smiling] This isn’t working at all, is it?

MADISON: [laughing] No, it’s not, Nate.

NATE: Listen, I’ve had a couple. I shouldn’t really drive. Could you just give me a lift—

MADISON: I already called you a cab. [smiling] I’ll see you in the morning. [NATE smiles briefly, then gives up and walks away; MADISON and her friends start cracking up.]

FRIEND: That happen a lot?

MADISON: Only on the days that end with a “y”.

[Still laughing, MADISON scans the room and suddenly sees a surly-looking man in a leather jacket. Seated at a table across the bar, he is watching her with a serious look on his face. She stops smiling and looks uncomfortable.]

FRIEND: You okay?

MADISON: Yeah. [When she looks again, the man is gone.] I’ve gotta go.

[CUT TO: STREET. MADISON is walking quickly to her car. She hears a crashing noise behind her, but when she stops, she sees nothing. She continues walking nervously to her car. Once she reaches her car and drives away, the mysterious man immediately begins following her, watching her leave.]

[CUT TO: INT. OFFICE BUILDING. MORNING. MADISON is filling the coffee pot at the water cooler. She stops, suddenly, when she notices blood on the door to NATE’S office. She goes to the door and pushes it open. A trail of blood on the rug leads to the desk, where NATE is lying, dead. His entire chest has been ripped apart, leaving blood everywhere. Screaming, MADISON drops the coffee pot, shattering it to pieces.]



[FADE IN: INT. MORGUE. SAM watches as the employee slides NATE’S corpse from his compartment.]

EMPLOYEE: Here he is, Detective. [NATE has stitches running along his chest, stomach, shoulders, and throat.]

SAM: That’s a pretty nasty bite.


SAM: You know what bit him?

EMPLOYEE: [averting her eyes] I haven’t quite determined that just yet.

SAM: Come on, Doc. Off the record.

EMPLOYEE: Okay, way, way off the record ….

SAM: Sure.

EMPLOYEE: If I didn’t know better, I’d say the guy was attacked by a wolf. But unless I know that the zoo is missing one of their lobos, I’m going with pit bull. [eyeing him] I like my job.

SAM: [chuckling] Yeah, I hear you. One more thing. This guy –- was his heart missing?

EMPLOYEE: Yeah, how did you know that? I haven’t even finished my report.

SAM: Lucky guess.



DEAN: [cleaning his guns] This lawyer guy the first heart-free corpse in town?

SAM: First man. Over the past year, several women have gone missing. Dead bodies all washed up later in the bay, too deteriorated to draw firm conclusions.

DEAN: But no hearts?

SAM: No hearts. They were all hookers working Hunter’s Point. Now, cops are trying to keep things under wrap, but they’re looking for a serial killer.

DEAN: And the lunar cycle?

SAM: Mm-hmm. Yeah, month after month, all the murders happen in the week leading up to the full moon.

DEAN: Which is this week, right?

SAM: Hence the lawyer.

DEAN: Awesome.

SAM: Dean, could you be a bigger geek about this?

DEAN: I’m sorry, man, but what about “a human by day, a freak animal killing machine by moonlight” don’t you understand? I mean, werewolves are badass. We haven’t seen one since we were kids.

SAM: Okay, Sparky. And you know what? After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland.

DEAN: You know what the best part about it is? We already know how to bring these suckers down. [holding up a silver bullet] One of these bad boys right to the heart. So, what’s our next move?

SAM: Talk to the girl who found the body.



MADISON: I don’t understand. I already gave my statement.

SAM: Right, well, we just need to verify a few things.

MADISON: This is my neighbor, Glen. Glen, this is Detective…

DEAN: Landis. And Detective Dante. [He pats SAM on the back. GLEN, a bearded man wearing a “Mission Church” T-shirt, stands.]

GLEN: Well, I guess I’ll leave you to it.

MADISON: Okay. Thanks for the casserole.

DEAN: Oh, how thoughtful.

GLEN: Just call if you need anything. [They watch GLEN leave.]

MADISON: He’s sweet. He came over to check on me. Have – have a seat.

[They sit down at the kitchen table.]

SAM: You must be pretty shaken up. You were Nate Mulligan’s assistant, right?

MADISON: For two years, yeah.

DEAN: So, you knew all about him?

MADISON: Probably knew more about him than he did. Nate was…(smiles) he was nice.

SAM: But?

MADISON: Nothing, really. I – He had a few scotches in him, and he’d started hitting on anyone in a five-mile radius. You know the type. [SAM notices DEAN practically salivating over her.]

SAM: Yeah. I do, actually.

DEAN: [his lecherous grin fades as he hears SAM’s tone, and he becomes serious] Did, uh, did he have any enemies?

MADISON: What do you mean? It sure looked like an animal attack.

DEAN: No, yeah, we’re just covering all the bases. Anyone that might have had a beef with him – a former client, an ex? [SAM notices her think of somebody.]

SAM: What?

MADISON: Well, this is embarrassing, but my ex-boyfriend, Kurt—

DEAN: Kurt have a last name?

MADISON: Mueller. After we broke up, he went kind of nuts. He’s… well, he’s kind of been stalking me. He got it in his head that something was going on between Nate and I. He showed up at my office.

SAM: What happened?

MADISON: Kurt got into it with Nate, threw a punch before security grabbed him. I was lucky to keep my job.

DEAN: When was the last time you saw Kurt?

MADISON: A few nights ago. Actually, the night Nate died. We were all grabbing drinks at this bar, and Kurt showed up.

DEAN: And?

MADISON: Nothing. It was … like he was watching me. Then he was gone. To tell you the truth… he scares me.



DEAN: So, what do you think?

SAM: Stalker ex-boyfriend? He hates the boss. And he was there that night.

DEAN: Think he’s our dog-faced boy?

SAM: Well, it’s a theory.

DEAN: We’ve had worse.

SAM: Yeah.

DEAN: What do you say we pay Kurt a visit?

[Inside the apartment, MADISON hears something outside. She goes to the window and, gasps, seeing KURT watching her from the lawn. When she looks again, he is gone.]


[CUT TO: INT. KURT’S APARTMENT. DEAN picks the lock, and they enter. While they are looking through the kitchen, the point of view changes to that of an animal, watching them from the corner.]

SAM: Anything?

DEAN: [closing the fridge] No, nothing but leftovers and a six-pack.

SAM: Check the freezer. Maybe there’s some human hearts behind the Haagen-Dazs or something.

[As DEAN turns to the freezer, they hear a door open and close, followed by a crash outside. DEAN steps out the sliding glass door onto the balcony. On the wall of the building, he notices claw marks, in the concrete wall, sliding all the way down to the ground.]

DEAN: Sam, come here! [SAM joins him.] Check it out.

[CUT TO: STREET. A policeman is walking around and hears a crash nearby.]

POLICEMAN: Somebody there?

[The point of view changes again. Though the audience cannot see it, it is clear there is an animal watching from the dumpster. It growls and jumps to attack the policeman as he approaches.]

[From the apartment, SAM and DEAN hear a gunshot. They race down to the street, only to find the policeman’s body completely mauled.]


STREET, with the mauled body of the policeman.

SAM: I’ll call 911.

[DEAN bends down to examine the corpse.]

DEAN: I’d say Kurt’s looking more and more like our Cujo.

SAM: Dean, if he’s out here, we better check on Madison.


[CUT TO: MADISON’S APARTMENT. The boys knock on her front door. Across the hall, GLEN opens his door to see the commotion.]

GLEN: What’s going on?

DEAN: Police business, Glen. [MADISON answers the door.]

MADISON: What is it?

SAM: [glancing at Glen] Well, maybe we should talk privately.

[CUT TO: INT. MADISON’S KITCHEN. She is pouring the boys coffee.]

SAM: Has Kurt been here?

MADISON: Not exactly.

DEAN: What exactly does “not exactly” mean?

MADISON: Well, he was outside last night. Just…looking. Just looking at me. [The boys exchange a look.] Has he done something?

SAM: We’re not really sure.

DEAN: It’s probably nothing, but… we just don’t wanna take any chances. In fact, one of us should probably stay here with you? Just in case he stops by. Where does he work?

MADISON: He owns a body shop.

DEAN: You mind grabbing that address for us? [She nods and leaves the room.] Thanks.

SAM: All right, you go. I’ll stay.

DEAN: Forget that. You go after the creepy ex. I’m gonna hang here with the hot chick.

SAM: Dude, why do you always get to hang out with the girls?

DEAN: ‘Cause I’m older.

[DEAN drinks his coffee and smiles with satisfaction. SAM looks at him with incredulity.]

SAM: No, screw that. We settle this the old-fashioned way.

[SAM takes the coffee cups and sets them down, then raises his fist for Rock-Paper-Scissors. DEAN plays along, choosing scissors while SAM chooses rock.]

SAM [with mock concern]: Dean, always with the scissors. [SAM slaps DEAN on the shoulder.]

DEAN: Shut up, shut up. Two out of three.

[SAM sighs but they lift their hands to play once more. SAM’s rock once again beats DEAN’s scissors.]

DEAN [in frustration]: God!

SAM: Bundle up out there, all right?

[Later that morning, MADISON is checking through the mail while SAM watches from the kitchen table. He smiles uncomfortably at her.]

MADISON: Um… do you wanna sit on the couch?

SAM: No. No, no. I’m okay.

MADISON: It’s more comfortable.

SAM: Ah, I’m fine.

[She comes back to the table with a basket of laundry. Dumping it onto the table, she begins sorting through her underwear, pulling up a tiny lacy thong]

SAM: You know, I think I will sit on the couch. [MADISON smiles. SAM sits there awkwardly until his phone rings. He answers.]

DEAN: [from the street] Let me guess. You’re sitting on her couch like a stiff, trying to think of something to say.

SAM: Did you find Kurt?

DEAN: No, he hasn’t been at work all week. But because I’m good, and I mean really, really good, I got a line on where he might be. [DEAN gets into the car.] What’s she wearing?

SAM: Bye, Dean. [He hangs up.]

DEAN: [chuckling] Oh, Sammy.

[MADISON comes to sit by SAM on the couch. She turns on the TV to a soap opera. SAM makes a face, visibly annoyed by the choice of programming.]

MADISON: I saw that.

SAM: Saw what?

MADISON [smiling]: Okay, this is the deal: my house, my TV. I never get to watch my show. So suck it up.

[Later, after the credits have rolled, SAM is sitting forward on the couch, completely riveted.]

SAM: Wait, so, so, Kendall married Ethan’s father, just to get back at him?

MADISON: Yup. And now she’s set to inherit all the casinos that were supposed to go to Ethan.

SAM: What a bitch!

[They laugh.]

MADISON: Admit it, you’re hooked.

SAM: No, no, no, no, no, no. I wouldn’t say I’m hooked. [She giggles.] You know, can I ask you a question? It’s – it’s a little personal.

MADISON: You’ve seen my entire underwear collection. Go ahead.

SAM [smiles, nods]: Okay, um… well, you’re – you’re clearly smart. I mean, your house is full, is full of great books, you know? And you’re independent …

MADISON: Uh-huh.

SAM: What were you doing with Kurt?

MADISON: [after a pause] I don’t know. I mean, it’s not like he introduced himself, like, “Hi, I’m possessive and controlling and I like to punch people. Wanna be my girlfriend?”

[They laugh.]

SAM: Yeah, well, I guess we all make mistakes.

MADISON: Yeah, well, mine’s wanted by the police. [pause] You wanna know why I stayed with him? Really? [He nods.] I was too insecure to leave.

SAM: I find that hard to believe. I mean, you don’t really seem like the type.

MADISON: Yeah, well, some stuff happened. My life changed, I changed. For the better, I think.

SAM: What happened?

MADISON: Well, for one thing, I got mugged.

SAM: [surprised] And that’s supposed to be a good thing?

MADISON: [laughing] I know, it sounds strange. And don’t get me wrong, it rattled me. But – then it hit me. I could keep feeling sorry for myself, or I could take control of my life. I chose the latter. First thing I did was tell Kurt he had to go.

SAM: Smart move.

MADISON: Apparently. Everything else just opened up, blossomed. It’s all been wonderful, really. [SAM shrugs.] What? Doesn’t everybody think that being a victim of random violence is the best thing that ever happened to them?

SAM: [laughing] Yeah, not so much. [pause] You’re … unusual. [awkwardly]

MADISON: Unusual, like … [she circles her finger, pointing to her head, meaning “crazy”] unusual?

SAM: No. No. No, no, no. Unusual, like … impressive. [earnestly]

MADISON: You think so?

[As SAM is about to answer, his phone rings. He smiles apologetically.]

SAM: Sorry. [He answers.] Hey.

DEAN: [at a strip club] I found him.

SAM: Good, don’t take your eyes off him.

[DEAN, taking his eyes off the stripper, glances at KURT. He is sitting across the table, also watching the stripper. DEAN looks back at the woman.]

DEAN: Oh, yeah, my eyes are glued. Look, Sammy, I gotta let you go. I, uh, I don’t wanna … don’t wanna miss anything. [He hands the stripper a dollar bill and hangs up, smirking.]


[CUT TO: MADISON’S APARTMENT. NIGHT. She joins SAM in the living room, while he watches the full moon from the window.]

MADISON: So, um … I’m gonna turn in.

SAM: Okay, yeah. Well, I’ll be here.


SAM: You know, if you hear anything, I mean if you wake up, just – just call out. [He fidgets awkwardly.]


SAM: Okay. [She smiles uncomfortably and goes into her bedroom. SAM sighs, frustrated with himself.]
[Later, SAM is watching TV (“3:10 to Yuma”, a 1957 Western) in the living room. He glances at MADISON’S bedroom, but there’s no movement.]

[Meanwhile, DEAN is standing on the street outside KURT’S house. He sees a light turn on inside the house and gets his gun ready. Suddenly, he hears glass shattering. He looks back up to see the lights off in the house.]

DEAN: What the—?

[DEAN runs to the house and bursts through the door. Entering one of the rooms, he sees a woman hovering over KURT’S mauled body. She turns towards DEAN. It’s MADISON, and she’s a werewolf. Though she still looks human, her eyes have turned an electric blue, her teeth have turned to bloody fangs, and she has long claws. She growls and runs at DEAN, pushing him into the wall. He cuts her arm with his knife – she growls in pain, and runs out the open window.]

[Morning. SAM is still at MADISON’s apartment, awake, and getting a glass of water. He answers his ringing cell phone.]

SAM: Dean, you okay?

DEAN: Yeah, now that I’m conscious. The werewolf knocked me out. Sam, it’s Madison.

SAM: What?

DEAN: Yeah, awesome job of keeping an eye on her.

[SAM enters MADISON’S bedroom to see that she is sound asleep, apparently naked, in bed.]

SAM: Dean, I’ve been here the whole time. She’s in bed, asleep.

DEAN: Well, she wasn’t an hour ago. Check her right arm below her elbow. I nicked her with a silver knife.

[He hangs up. MADISON rolls over and wakes up, noticing SAM.]

MADISON: Morning.

[She sits up and notices that she is naked, covered only by her bed sheets. SAM sees the wound on her arm.]

MADISON: Um… where are my pajamas? [SAM, upset, leaves the bedroom.] Sam? What’s going on? Where are you going? [She jumps out of bed, wrapping the comforter around her, and follows him to the living room, where he is locking the front door.]

SAM: I’m not going anywhere. And neither are you.


[Later, MADISON is seated in a chair, with her wrists bound. SAM is standing in front of her, holding a gun.]

MADISON: You’re psychotic. The whole “I’m a cop” trip – God, I am so stupid.

SAM: Well, I guess neither of us are who we said we were, huh?

MADISON: Sam, you’re sick, okay? You’re imagining things. Monsters don’t exist, not really.

SAM: You know what? Save the act.

MADISON: [crying] It’s not an act! I am not a werewolf! There’s no such thing! It’s made up, all right? Th– They’re not real! You know they’re not real!

SAM: No?! [pointing to her wound] Then where did that come from?

MADISON: I don’t know! Sam, God, you need help. Please, don’t do something that you’re gonna regret. I’m not what you think I am. I’m not.

[SAM, visibly upset, hears knocking at the door. He opens it to see DEAN, who enters and smirks at MADISON.]

DEAN: How you doin’? My head feels great, thanks.

SAM: We’ve gotta talk. [He brings DEAN into another room.] She says she has no idea what I’m talking about.

DEAN: She’s lying.

SAM: Or maybe she really doesn’t know she’s changing, you know? Maybe – maybe when the creature takes over, she blacks out.

DEAN: [deadpan] Like a really hot Incredible Hulk. Come on, dude, she ganked her boss and her ex-boyfriend. That doesn’t sound rash and unconscious.

SAM: Yeah, but what if it was, Dean? I mean, what if some animal part of her brain saw both those guys as threats? Hell, the cop, too.

DEAN: What are you, the Dog Whisperer now?

SAM: Look, man, I just… I don’t know, there, there, there was something in her eyes.

DEAN: Yeah, she’s killing people!

SAM: But if she has no control over it—

DEAN: Exactly. She can’t control it. Even if she’s telling the truth, it’s not gonna change anything.

SAM: I’m not putting a bullet through some girl’s chest who has no idea what’s happening.

DEAN: Sam, she’s a monster, and you’re feeling sorry for her?

SAM: Maybe I understand her. [pause] Look, there might be another way we can get the job done without having to waste her.

DEAN: Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?

SAM: [flipping through the journal] Dad’s theory – “lycanthropy might have a cure if you kill the werewolf who bit you, severing the bloodline”.

DEAN: MIGHT have a cure. Meaning “who the hell knows?”

SAM: It’s worth a shot.

DEAN: We don’t even know where to start looking, all right? I mean, the puppy that bit her could be anyone, anywhere. It could’ve been years ago.

SAM: [realizing something] No. I don’t think so.

[He leads DEAN back to the living room, where MADISON is still seated.]

SAM: Madison, when were you mugged? [She doesn’t want to answer, just looking at him.] Please. It’s important, all right? Just answer the question.

MADISON: About a month ago.

SAM: Did you see the guy?

MADISON: No. He grabbed me from behind.

SAM: Did he bite you?

MADISON: [after a pause] How did you know that?

SAM: Where?

MADISON: On, on the back of my neck. [SAM shows her that he is setting his gun down, and goes behind her, gently brushing her hair away and exposing a scarred lump the size of a golf ball on her neck.]

DEAN: Oh, that’s just a love bite. Believe me, that could have been a lot worse. Where were you at the time?

MADISON: Walking home from a friend’s loft.

SAM: Let me guess. Not too far from Hunter’s Point?

[She nods.]

[SAM and DEAN are back in the other room; SAM closes the door and turns to face DEAN.]

SAM: The same place where those other murders happened. I’m telling you, it’s a werewolf’s hunting grounds.

DEAN: Maybe, but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be out there tonight.

SAM: It’s the right time of the lunar cycle. Look, I know it’s a long shot.

DEAN: Hey, you’re forgetting something. Maddie’s probably gonna turn soon, all right? We can’t just let her take off to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

SAM: I’ll stay with her.

DEAN: And if she busts loose? [No response] Sam?

SAM: I’ll do it.

DEAN: Sam.

SAM: I’ll shoot her, all right? But Dean, I need you to go out there. At least go look for the thing. Dean, please. We can save this girl.

DEAN: [after a pause, realizing that SAM is feeling more intensely than usual] Fine.

[SAM nods.]

[He leaves the apartment. SAM rejoins MADISON, who is still crying.]

MADISON: Please. Just let me go.

[SAM looks at her sympathetically and pulls up a chair to sit in front of her.]

SAM: Look … I know you’re scared. I also know that there’s no way in hell you’re gonna believe me. But I’m doing this because I’m trying to help you. I’m not gonna lie, all right, the odds aren’t exactly in our favor. But if this goes the way I pray it does … I’ll untie you, and I’ll walk out that door, and I’ll never come back. You’ll live the rest of your life. And I’ll just be a bad memory. [SAM is emotional, tearful, as is MADISON.]


[CUT TO: HUNTER’S POINT. NIGHT. A woman, clearly a hooker, is walking the dark street alone. She stops when she hears an animal howling, and looks nervous.]

[CUT TO: MADISON’S APARTMENT. SAM is watching the full moon while MADISON sits in the chair. Suddenly, her fingernails grow, stretching into claws. Her eyes turn bright blue and she bares her fangs. SAM turns just as she breaks loose from the chair. She knocks him to the ground, but he quickly gets up, aiming his gun.]

[CUT TO: HUNTER’S POINT. The hooker is running down the street when suddenly, she comes face-to-face with the animal. The audience watches from the animal’s perspective as it chases her down the street.]

[CUT TO: MADISON’S APARTMENT. SAM keeps his gun aimed at MADISON. Just as she lunges at him, he moves out of the way, forcing her into her bedroom. He moves the entertainment center in front of the door, trapping her inside.]

[CUT TO: HUNTER’S POINT. The werewolf catches up with the hooker, dragging her screaming across the pavement.]

DEAN: Hey!

[The werewolf looks up just as DEAN shoots him, three times in the chest. The werewolf is MADISON’s neighbor, GLEN. The woman stands up, frightened, and glances at DEAN before running away.]

DEAN: Hey, don’t mention it!

[He crouches next to GLEN, who is coughing and choking. His mouth is covered in blood. After a moment, his fangs retract, and he returns to normal.]

GLEN: It happened … again. Where am I? H–help me. Oh, God. Oh my God. [GLEN coughs.]

DEAN: All right, easy, Glen. Just take it easy. [He watches as GLEN dies, his eyes glazing over.]


[CUT TO: MADISON’S APARTMENT. MORNING. She wakes up (dressed) as SAM opens the bedroom door.]

SAM: It should be over now. You’ll never see me again.

[Standing, MADISON surveys the bedroom. Furniture is overturned, and there are claw marks covering every inch of the walls. When she turns around, SAM is gone.]
[CUT TO: INT. IMPALA. The boys are parked outside MADISON’S building.]

DEAN: It was sort of sad, actually. Glen had no clue what was going on. Hey, why do you think he turned Madison instead of just killing her in the first place?

SAM: I don’t know. I mean, he kind of seemed to have a thing for her.

DEAN: Maybe his primal instinct did, too. Maybe he was looking for a little, uh, hot breeding action.

SAM: Yeah. Something like that.


SAM: So what?

DEAN: Speaking of Madison …?

SAM: Oh, whatever.

DEAN: Don’t “whatever” me, man, you liked her. Maybe, uh—

SAM: Dean, she thought I was a stark-raving lunatic.

DEAN: You saved her life.

SAM: Yeah, but she doesn’t know that. [MADISON appears at the window.]

MADISON: You know, for a stake-out, your car’s a bit conspicuous. What are you still doing here?

DEAN: Honestly? Uh, we’re pretty sure you’re not gonna turn tonight, but we’ve gotta be a hundred percent, so… you know, we’re … lurking.

SAM: I know this sounds crazy.

MADISON: Sure does. Well, if we’re gonna wait it out… we might as well do it together.
[CUT TO: MADISON’S APARTMENT. She lets the two boys inside.]

MADISON: You were telling the truth, weren’t you? About everything. What you did – it was to help me.

SAM: Yeah.

MADISON: I did all of those horrible things … when I turned.

SAM: You didn’t know.

MADISON: [after a pause] So, when will we know for sure? Moonrise?

SAM: No, I don’t think so. You turned middle of the night last night. I think we’ve gotta hang in until sun-up.

[DEAN has been watching SAM carefully. He gives a tiny nod.]

DEAN: Well, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a few hours to kill. Poker, anyone?

[Later, the three of them watch as the sun sinks and the moon rises. DEAN lays his gun on the table. SAM and MADISON watch him from the couch.]

DEAN: Oh, no, you guys talk.

[A few hours later, they watch from the window as the sun comes up.]

MADISON: Does – does this mean it worked?

SAM: [relieved] Yeah. I think so.

MADISON: [sighing in relief] Oh, God, thank you. Thank you so much. [She gives SAM a hug. DEAN clears his throat, and they pull away.] [MADISON laughs] You, too, Dean. Thank you.

DEAN: Aw, don’t mention it. [awkward pause] So, I’m just gonna head back to the hotel and … watch some Pay-Per-View, or something. [He leaves the apartment, pumping his fist in the air as he leaves.]

MADISON: That was smooth, heh.

SAM: He means well, but…

MADISON: You mean, he thinks you’re gonna get laid.

SAM: Look, I—

MADISON: It’s okay.

SAM: No. I know I scared the crap out of you, all right? I–I mean, I tied you to a chair.

MADISON: That’s right up there with me scratching up your face.

SAM: There’s just no way … we could go back, you know? Before it happened.

MADISON: You’re right. There’s just no way.

[SAM shakes his head. Then, after a moment, MADISON gives in and kisses him. SAM immediately responds, pushing her against the wall. [MUSIC: Dust’s “Look at You”] They strip each other of their clothing and make their way to the bedroom, falling back onto the bed. Throughout the night, they continue to make passionate love, letting go of all they had been holding back. Hours later, they fall asleep in each other’s arms, completely content.]

[The full moon rises.]

[SAM wakes up and looks around. He hears a growl and turns to see MADISON, who has returned to her werewolf form, eyes blue and fangs bared. Before SAM can catch her, she jumps out the window, leaving him stunned.]


[CUT TO: MOTEL. SAM runs down the hall to DEAN’S room, pounding on the door. DEAN answers.]

SAM: [breathless] She – she turned.

DEAN: What?

SAM: I couldn’t grab her in time.

DEAN: We’ll find her, Sammy.


[SAM and DEAN are quickly coming down the steps of the CHINA SEA MOTEL]

SAM: I already called Bobby. He doesn’t know anything. Except he knew severing the bloodline wouldn’t work. That’s everyone. They all say it’s impossible to reverse it.

DEAN: How come she didn’t turn when we were with her?

SAM: Dean—

DEAN: So, what, you put her to bed and then she wolfed out? Maybe she’s gotta be asleep to turn.

SAM: What the hell does it matter, Dean? Look, we’ve gotta find some way to help her, some legend we missed or something.

DEAN: If there was, don’t you think someone we know would’ve known it?

SAM: Well, then we have to look harder! Until we find something.

DEAN: Sammy, I don’t think we’ve got a choice here anymore.

SAM: What?

DEAN: I hate to say it. She’s a sweet girl, but part of her is—

SAM: Evil?

DEAN: Yeah.

SAM: Yeah, that’s what they say about me, Dean! So me you won’t kill, but her you’re just gonna blow away?

[His phone rings. He answers.]

MADISON [from a phone booth]: Sam?

SAM: Madison, where are you?

MADISON: [from a phone booth] I don’t – I don’t – I don’t know where I am.

SAM: Well, do you see any street signs?

MADISON: Um … yeah, yeah, Middle Point.

SAM: All right, hold on, Maddie. We’re coming to get you, just stay where you are.

[CUT TO: MADISON’S APARTMENT. The three of them are in the living room. The gun is sitting on the table.]

MADISON: I don’t remember anything. I probably killed someone last night. Didn’t I?

DEAN: There’s no way to know yet.

MADISON: Is there something else we can try to make it go away?

SAM: We’ll find something. I mean, there’s gotta be some answer, somewhere.

DEAN: That’s not entirely true. Madison, you deserve to know. We’ve scoured every source. There’s just no cure.

MADISON: [to Sam] Is – is he right?

[Choking up, SAM stands and turns away.]

DEAN: Well, we could lock you up at night, but … you bust out, and some night you will, someone else dies. [pause] I’m sorry. I am.

MADISON: [crying] [exhales] So, I guess that’s all there is to it, then.

SAM: Stop it. Don’t talk like that.

MADISON: Sam, I don’t wanna hurt anyone else. I don’t wanna hurt you. [She picks up the gun and brings it to him.]

SAM: Put that down.

MADISON: I can’t do it myself. I need you to help me.

SAM: Madison, no.

MADISON: Sam… I’m a monster.

SAM: You don’t have to be. We could find a way, all right? I can. I’m gonna save you.

MADISON: [crying harder] You tried. I know you tried. But this is all there is left. Help me, Sam. I want you to do it. I want it to be you.

SAM: I can’t.

MADISON: I don’t wanna die. I don’t. But I can’t live like this. This is the way you can save me. Please. I’m asking you to save me.

[SAM shakes his head. DEAN walks over to them and carefully takes the gun from MADISON. SAM walks to another room.]

[MUSIC: Queensryche’s “Silent Lucidity”]

[SAM is choking back tears. DEAN enters, silently.]

DEAN: Sam. [holding up the gun] I’m sorry.

SAM: [with tears in his eyes] No, you’re right. She’s right.

DEAN: Sammy, I got this one. I’ll do it.

SAM: She asked me to.

DEAN: You don’t have to.

SAM: [tears sliding out his eyes] Yes, I do. Please. [He holds his hand out for the gun, tears streaming down his face. DEAN hands it to him.] Just wait here.

[He glances back at DEAN, shaking, tears streaming, before heading back to the living room. DEAN, now alone, lets a tear roll down his cheek. He flinches as he hears a single gunshot from the next room.]


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