Σενάριο Supernatural | 14×03 The Scar


Σενάριο Supernatural | 14×03 The Scar.

Written by: Robert Berens

Directed by: Robert Singer

Air Date: October 25, 2018

Sam and Dean are walking through the bunker.

Dean: It’s just every time I think about it, you know. It’s like a nightmare. I mean I can’t eat, I can’t sleep – it’s always just there watching me.

Sam: Dean, it’s just a beard. I’ve been a little busy lately.

Dean: Yeah well that’s not an excuse cos you know Duck Dynasty called and they want it all back.

Sam: Some people say I look good.

Dean: No Sam. No people say that.

Sam: Hey, you know.

Dean: Hey if you’re going to ask me if I’m ok you don’t have to.

Sam: Ok, it’s just that you didn’t talk a whole lot on the ride here.

Dean: Look Michael bailed. I don’t know why and don’t know how: he just cleared out. Now as far as my memory goes, I mean everything from the second I said yes to the moment I walked through those doors is a blank. So, I’m good. I’m just really, really, happy to be home.

The boys enter the library which is full of hunters.

Sam: Yep there have been a few changes made.

A man with papers approaches warily

Dean: Yeah: not Michael any more.

Hunter: Right, Chief told us. Welcome back

Dean: Chief??!

Sam: I asked them not to call me that

Jack: Dean?

Dean: Hey kid

Jack: Is it really you?

Dean nods his head: Yeah

Castiel enters

Dean acknowledges Cas and hugs Jack

Cas: Dean.

Dean: Cas.

Cas: I’m sorry. I wanted to be there, but we feared that Michael would sense my presence.

Dean: Sam told me. Ain’t no thing.

Jack: Where’s Mary?

Sam: She and Bobby stayed back in Duluth to clean up the situation.

Dean: Speaking of clean up, I need a shower.

Sam: Hey…

Dean: Still ok. I promise. (leaves the room).

Sam: How’s Nick?

Cas : He’s gone

Sam: WHAT?

Cas: He left a note, said that he had some personal business to attend to and he hasn’t been returning my calls. He was in a dark place: maybe he just needed some time

Sam: Alright yeah maybe.

Cas: Sam. Dean, how is he really?

Sam: I don’t know

Cas: why would Michael just give up his vessel like that?

Sam: I don’t know

Cas: And why was Michael helping monsters?

Sam: Cas, truth is we don’t know anything. In his room, dean starts to undress, and then studies tow, small, thick scars on his upper right arm.


Dean, Cas and Sam sit at the table in the bunker

Dean: I don’t know how I got it.

Cas: Well what could hurt Michael like that?

Sam: Whatever it was it must have been strong.

Dean: So, Cas I’m going to need you to get in my head, do the whole Vulcan mind meld thing because if I can’t remember what happened I’m going to need you to drag it out of me ok?

Sam: Wait a second, you sure about this?

Dean: Yeah, I can handle it.

Cas: Dean.

Dean: Cas, c’mon hit me.

Sam:. Anything?

Cas touches the scar and we see flashbacks of a cloaked figure stabbing what looks like Michael in the arm.

Cas: Dean, who was that?

Cut to Jody Mills at her desk. She’s messaging Alex when she receives a call on another phone from Sam

Jody: Sam! Any news?

Sam Jody hey, yeah, err.. sorry

Dean: Hey, Jody I’m back!

Jody: Hey, Dean it is so good to hear your voice!

Dean: Yeah, you too.

Cas: Jody that’s the good news.

Jody: What’s up?

Dean You know the thing that killed Kaia in the bad place: well we think it’s here.

Jody WHAT?!

Sam: Any chance you’ve noticed anything rift related over there? A flare up or anything?

Jody: No, no. I have video surveillance going down at the fair, Claire practically sat shiva down there. There’s been nothing.

Dean: Well short version, when Michael was possessing me, he got hurt. It left a scar, two deep gashes, stabby ,prongy, kinda like …

Jody: Like someone stabbed you with a giant meat fork?

Dean: Exactly. How did you know that?

Jody looking at victims’ bodies on her notice board all with the same mark.

The boys are packing Jack enters.

Jack: you’re leaving?

Dean: Kaia’s killer’s in Sioux Falls.

Sam he, she or it can hurt Michael: we’ve just got to figure out how.

Jack: I’ll get my things.

Cas: Jack that may not be the best idea.

Jack: Michael’s my enemy too. I fought him for months. And Kaia – I’m the one who brought her into this I’m responsible for what happened to her. I want to help

Dean: Yeah well, not going to happen.

Jack: because I’m human now.

Sam: Jack, maybe you just need a little more

Jack: training? I’ve been training with Bobby

Dean: c’mon kid look at you. You’re barely 100 pounds soaking wet

Dean as Jack walks away despondent. Look Jack, I didn’t mean to be a dick

As Jack walks away we see Jules a hunter almost carrying a young girl in to the bunker

Jules: A little help here!

Sam: Jules what’s going on?

Jules: the case I was working in Wichita, the missing teenagers, dried up bodies?

Sam yeah

Jules: turns out it was a witch. She was holding the girls hostage and this (looks down at the girl) Is the only survivor

Jules: took Brundeweld down with those witch killing bullets you gave me but as soon as I did something went wrong. Didn’t even have time to bury the body before…

Dean: before what?

Jules: Lora: show ‘em

The girl demonstrates her outstretched hand aged and withered

Jules: the witch must have hexed her

Cas: looks like an aging spell

Sam: can you fix it?

Cas. I think so places his fingers on her forehead

Sam: Cas?

Cas: erm this might take a while. You two go. Get to Sioux Falls before the trail goes cold and I’ll catch up when I’m done.

Sam: I don’t know.

Dean: No Cas – is right he can handle this. We need to hit the road. Let’s go!

Cas: Sam!

Sam: Yeah alright all right. Good work (He turns to Jules. She nods her head and smiles).

Sam and Dean in Baby. Dean is driving very very fast.

Sam: You’re in a hurry

Dean: Shouldn’t I be? Don’t worry about that girl, Cas has got it handled

Sam: I know.

Dean: what? What’s the problem?

Sam: Dean we still have no idea why Michael let you go, where he is now or what he wants.

Dean: Yep or who his favourite Spice Girl is

Sam: C’mon man this isn’t a joke! Something huge happened and you won’t really even talk about it. Look this whole Michael. Thing: we need to deal with it

Dean: I’m going at 80 to deal with it. How can I be running from something when I’m RACING toward it?!

Sam: I know, kinda your thing

Dean: Ok

Sam: I’m just saying. You said you let Michael in then bang you’re back in a blink. But for me -you were gone: for weeks. I didn’t know if you were alive. I just need you to talk to me. Slow down so I can catch up.

Dean: Call Jody, let her know we’re almost there.

The brothers arrive in the woods and meet up with Jody

Jody: Dean, Ooh welcome home. How did you do it?

Dean: What me versus some ass bag Archangel? Who would you pick?

Jody: You every time! (Hugs sam and tugs at his beard) Hey I like it!

Sam: How are you, how are the girls?

Jody: surprisingly good. Alex is still at the hospital; Patience is still in school, Claire’s still Claire. I err I haven’t been home since I talked to you. I may be avoiding her. It’s just before telling her what’s going on.

Sam: You need to know what’s going on…

Jody: That’s it. Ok so here are the locations of the three bodies we found pointing to the map on the bonnet of her car. Found headless by the way:

Sam: Human?

Jody: as far as I can tell yeah. Until I talked to you I thought we were hunting a human too maybe a serial killer. It’d be the first one in Sioux Falls since…

Sam: since Robert Leroy Anderson

Jody: Yeah, so I figured this area between the crime scenes is the best place to start looking for:. Whatever this is.

Sam: Shouldn’t we wait til day break?

Dean: Why? No let’s go!

Back at the bunker Jack is in the process of leaving, having left a goodbye note on his bed. As he walks towards the stairs, he overhears Cas. Cas and Jules are making a spell as Jack opens the door. On the bed is the girl

Jack: Who is that?

Cas: It’s a girl. She’s been enchanted

Jack: Like Sleeping Beauty

Cas: No , not like…this aging spell, its killing her.

Jack: Can’t you just heal her?

Cas: No, I tried but for some reason this magic is too knotty, so we contacted Rowena and she suggested a reversal spell and were reading up on it now. Jack turns to leave

Cas: Are you going somewhere?

Lora wakes up

Jack: No

Back in the forest Dean is leading the charge but racing ahead of Sam and Jody

Dean: We’ll make better time if we split up.

Sam: No Dean we’ll be safer if we stick together.

Jody: If I get a vote I’m in team stick together.

Dean: Fine… Guys!

Jody sees three severed heads on poles:. Holy mother of…

Dean: Vampires.

Sam: Jody, these match your vics?

Jody: John Does: Hard to tell. Three heads three headless bodies: the maths works,,, except Sam, I checked those bodies. I brought tissue samples home. Alex ran them underneath the microscope. Silver, dead man’s blood,, there was no reaction

Dean leaning down towards a recently abandoned fire sees an image of a cloaked attacker. The image becomes reality as all three are attacked by the figure wielding a two pronged spear. She has the face of Kaia and disappears in to the forest

Dean: what the hell:

Jody:. It looked just like her. Like…

Sam: Kaia.

Jody:. You saw her die over there, right?

Sam: Yes, absolutely.

Jody: What’s happening?

Dean: All we know is that thing : it dressed the same it didn’t move the same as the thing that killed Kaia.

Jody: How is that possible?

Dean: I don’t know, but let’s find her and ask.

Back in the bunker.

Jules: Sage , pyrite and sheep’s eye? We got that here?

Cas yes storage room, red cabinet, bottom drawer its marked gross stuff!

Jack is sat at Lora’s bedside

Jack: ah its ok

Lora: is that your Dad?

Jack: one of them yes. Do you have parents? Or someone we can call?

Lora:my mum but she probably hates me.

Jack :why?

Lora: because I left, I ran away. I hated school, I hated our crappy one star fleet town and I hated her rules I was sick of being treated like a kid. I thought I could make it on my own but then I met her

Jack: The witch?

Lora: She took me in, me and two other girls. At first we didn’t wanna leave, she fed us gave us all nice things. She was kind. She said having us there kept her young but then she caught me, she locked us up. Rachel started getting sick: just like this she shows her withered hand. .then Tally the same thing sobbing: They withered away: to nothing. When your friend showed up I thought I was saved but then it started taking me too: even faster than the others

Jack: Cas is gonna fix this: I promise.

Back in the woods

Sam: Dean…Dean, what is it?

Dean:. She’s got a light foot but she’s still leaving tracks

Sam Whoa hold hold up. Wait a sec.

Dean: What?

Sam: Her face. You saw it too.The bruises:

Dean: Yeah, could have been vamps

Sam: Or it could have been Michael. C’mon three vamps in Sioux Falls and not a single civilian death. That’s not an accident. I think they were hunting her

Dean: Why?

Sam I think because Michael sent them to finish what he started

Dean Ok, well we don’t know that.

Sam: Jody tested the bodies Dean, they’re different, they’re immune to dead man’s blood the same way Michael’s werewolves were immune to silver

Dean : Doesn’t change the plan

Sam: Dean.:

Back at the bunker Cas and Jules are doing the reversal spell

Cas and Jules together tamin sa rawta cantarmin rivatartaw so valtor tarmin rivatartor cantarmin sovartor cantarmin rivatartor. Explosion!!

Cas to Lora: how are you feeling?

Lora: I don’t know

She collapses choking

Jack. . Lora? No!

Back in the woods

Jody declines a call from Claire

Sam:. All good?

Jody: Yeah, the girls are asking for me.

Sam: You gonna tell them?

Jody: They have a right to know but I can’t. I promised Claire human cases are mine but anything “monstery” I’d loop her in: this. God:. Claire’s been doing so good. I mean anything connected to Kaia she’s a powder keg. First loves strikes quick and then to lose it like that. Wow, you two are having a time of it.

Sam : Yeah, he’s working something out and he’s working it out alone. The only thing I know is he’s not ready for this case

Jody : Maybe. Maybe he needs it.

Kaia finds a cabin and having had a drink and taken some food is caught off guard by Dean who knocks her out with the but of his rifle We next see her tied to a chair in the cabin

Jody: what are you?

Kaia: if you’re asking if I’m the girl you knew, your Kaia:. No

Sam: then what? You’re from over there right?

Kaia: you know I am.

Dean : so you’re Kaia’s double hmm? Like bad Cas or new Bobby?

Kaia: what I was to her, she was to me you can never understand

Jody: why did you kill her?

Kaia: that was an accident I was tryin to kill the blonde

Sam: alright:. How did you crossover? How did you open a rift? Ok ,why are you here?

Kaia: You mean right here? Cos of him: nodding to Dean

Dean: yeah: not him, not Micheal, not any more

Kaia: I know, you’re much weaker

Dean: maybe, but you’re still scared

Kaia: not of you, of them. The monsters he sends after me. Every time I slow down there’s more, there’s always more

We see a pack of werewolves on their trail.

Back at the bunker Lora is dead

Cas: Jack:

Jack:we let her die. Crying turning to her body:. I’m sorry if I still had my powers I could have saved you, Then he suddenly uncovers her face

Cas: Jack, what are you doing?

Jack:. The witch! Where’s her body?

Back in the cabin

Jody: guys we should move. Let’s take her to the station just to be safe

Sam: no

Dean: we need to break her, right here, right now.

Sam: break her? What do you mean: break her? For what?

Kaia: he wants to know where I hid my weapon, that’s all he wants. That’s what this is all about

Back at the bunker in their morgue?

Jack pulls out the witch’s body on a tray

Jack: the witch killing bullet: it’s still in her

Jules: guess so

Cas: Jack, what is this about?

Back in the cabin

Jody: Dean ,what:you’re gonna hurt her, torture her?

Dean: that pig sticker she’s hiding it is the only thing that we know that hurts Michael. I’m gonna do whatever it takes. He begins to threaten Kaia

Dean: where is it, where’s the spear?! Where IS IT!!?

In the morgue

Jack: the witch told Lora that she and the others kept her young. I thought it was a metaphor like: the witch was stealing her youth. When you killed her maybe the magic kept working, sucking Lora’s life force trying to keep the witch young, to keep her alive but it couldn’t work because the bullet was still inside her. So the magic worked harder and harder and consumed more and more of Lora that’s why the reversal spell didn’t work. She wasn’t cursed: ripping off a green pendant like the one around Lora’s neck

Back in the woods the werewolves are getting closer.

Dean: WHERE IS IT!!?

Sam: Dean !

Kaia: you’re no different from him. Threats, violence anything to get what you want

Dean: I am nothing like him

Kaia: yeah you are: you always have been!

Back in the morgue

Jack: Lora’s life force: it’s in here

Cas: Jack, are you sure?

Jack: no,,, he smashes the pendant and green smoke twirls its way in to Lora’s pendant and she comes to life

Lora: what happened?

Back in the cabin d

Dean face close up to Kaias.

Kaia: I saw what you did to her. When you got angry, you shoved your gun in her face Flashback to Dean GET IN THE DAMN CAR!!

Dean: how d’you know about that?

Sam: wait a second: you’re a dreamwalker too? Your powers, they connected you

Kaia: our whole lives: what she saw, I saw. I know where it comes from your anger, your impatience: its fear. You’re scared and you’re weak

Dean:. Alright shut up!

Kaia: Michael hurt you. He hurt me too.

Kaia remembers being at her campaign when Micahel appeared.

Michael: I didn’t come here to fight, not if I don’t have to. This face you know, but I’m just borrowing it. We haven’t met – but I’ve sensed you. Ever since I came to this world. You are like me – you bleed new energy. Anmd so does that (points to her spear). I’m here to make you an offer. There’s a war coming, and I’m building an army. You can join my side, the winning side, if you give me that spear. Or you can fight, definitely lose, probably die, and then I’ll just take it. So, Wild One… what’s it gonna be?

Scene with Michael and Kaia fighting until Kaia stabs Michaels arm with the spear.

Dean:. STOP!

Kaia: You remember now?

Sam: So Michael wants the spear because he knows it can hurt him? And that’s why his monsters are coming after you?

Kaia: Yes.

Sam: Dean, we should get out of here.

Jody: Ah guys – it’s too late.

The werewolves enter the cabin

Werewolf no 1 . We only came for her but I was never one to turn down a buffet a violent fight ensues.

Werewolf to Dean: Those spiked bullets don’t hurt us anymore. Dean shots the leg of the chair Kaia is bound to allowing her to free herself.

Dean: Now you’re in trouble. (Kaia dives out a window). Or not!

Werewolf: Slippery one, isn’t she?

The fight continues until Kaia returns with her spear and kills 3 werewolves

Jody: You saved us: you didn’t have to.

Kaia: I came back for them, not you.

Sam: You know as long as you have that spear you’re going to be a target for Michael, his monsters. They’ll keep chasing you.

Kaia: I’m used to it.

Kaia leaves.

And Sam, Dean and the injured Jody  walk back to their cars.

Dean: Jody.

Jody:. Dean Winchester you have nothing to apologise for.

Dean: How is the arm?

Sam: You sure you don’t want a ride to the hospital or…

Jody: I’ve driven with a broken arm before. I’m more worried what I’m gonna tell Alex when I get there. And then once I get home…

Sam: Claire.

Jody: I’m dreading those consequences. She’s got to know, she’s got to know that Kaia’s killer is still out there

Sam: you alright?

Jody: it’s just seeing her face again. Raising three hunters and fearing every day that I might lose one of them. I didn’t even really get a chance to know Kaia before she died – just feel like I already lost before I even ever began

Back at the bunker. After knocking Cas enters Jacks room

Cas: Well, Jules is off. She’s taking Lora back home to her mother. Jack, I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I know that you have been going through a lot lately:. We’ve all been going through a lot but it’s no excuse. I just haven’t been there for you: not the way I should of.

Jack: Cas: It’s ok.

Cas: Well what you did today made me so proud. You know, learning to hold your own in a fight without your powers. that takes time: and: training but today you proved that you have the mind of a hunter and the heart of a hunter. I was thinking erm: I’ll talk to Sam and Dean but maybe: maybe we could go on a hunting trip: I mean if you want to?

Jack (coughing ): Yes (coughing again) Sorry.

Cas: You ok?

Jack: I’m fine: I’m human now. Must be getting my first cold.

Cas: Well I’ll make you some soup then.

Sam and Dean in the Impala.

Dean: I put us all in danger today, stupid danger.

Sam: Dean.

Dean: You were right. I just didn’t want to look at it, what Michael used me for. I just wanted to race ahead. You know, skip to the end of the story the part where I get the weapon and I take out the bad guy. The part where I kill Michael

Sam: Yeah, I know:

Dean: you know I said yes to him because I thought: it was stupid. I was stupid

Sam: Dean, you did what you had to do

Dean: And it wasn’t a blink. I got possessed: I made it sound like that but it wasn’t. I don’t remember most of what Michael did with me because I was under water. Drowning. And that I remember. I felt every second of it – clawing, fighting for air. I thought I could make it out but I couldnt: I wasn’t strong enough. And now he’s gone: he’s out there putting an army of monsters together. He’s hurting people. That’s all on me man. I said yes. It’s my fault.

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