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Καλύτερα Επεισόδια του SPN

Όλα ξεκίνησαν στις 22/04/11 όταν η απόφαση για ένα ήρεμο blog σχετικά με τη σειρά Supernatural πήρε σάρκα και οστά. Η συνέχεια γνωστή. Πρωτοπορία σε events σε Αθήνα και Θεσσαλονίκη για τις αγαπημένες μας σειρές και το Supernaturalgreece.gr είναι πλέον γεγονός. Γίναμε χιλιάδες, γίναμε η πιο όμορφη ιντερνετική οικογένεια. Το 2015 παρευρέθηκα στο συνέδριο της Ρώμης γνωρίζοντας από κοντά το cast του Supernatural.

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Supernatural Season 3! Οι καλύτερες ατάκες:


– Oh, so he kills somebody and we just sit here with our junk in our hands?

– So what do you say we kill some evil sons of bitches and we raise a little hell?

– Okay, weirdy-Mcweirdison

– Gumby girl… does that make me Pokey?

– The kids. The creepy, stare at you like you’re lunch kids.

– Great, we’ll just bust in, drag the kids out and torch ’em on the front lawn. I’m sure that’ll go down great with the neighbors.

–  If it’s any consolation, I think you’re a truly awful person.

– Say goodbye, wascily wabbit.

– Now what do you say we destroy that ugly-ass piece of dead thing?

– Oh, don’t go away angry. Just go away.

– Or it could just be a suicide and a psychotic scrap-booker.

– And what? A few hours later you pucker up and kiss your ass goodbye?

– A hand of glory? I think I got one of those at the end of my Thai massage last week.

– You couldn’t pick up the phone and tell us a raging psychopath was coming after us?

– Its like a giant haystack and Gordon is a deadly needle.

– Just another day at the office. A massively dangerous day at the office.

– You just charged a super-vamped-out-Gordon with no weapons. That’s a little reckless don’t you think?

– Oh great, so we’re looking for pimp-Santa.

– I hate witches. They’re always spewing their bodily fluids everywhere. Its creepy. You know what? It’s downright unsanitary.

– So we’re looking for some old, cranky Blair-bitch in the woods?

– Why does the rabbit always get screwed in the deal? Poor little guy.

– Let me guess, they dose up, bust out the didgeridoo and start kicking ’round the hackey-sack?

– I don’t know what’s weirder. The fact that we’re in Bobby’s head or that he’s dreaming about Better Homes and Gardens.

– Sam, you know joints like this one are tourist traps, right? I mean, balls rolling up hills, furniture nailed to the roof? They’re only dangerous to your wallet.

– Look, I’m just saying that its crazy, you know? Even for us crazy, like Dingo-ate-my-baby crazy.

– My god, you’re a freak.

– Sammy, I get all tingly when you take control like that.

– It’s a free country. A man can’t chose his own syrup? What have we become?

– Its like we got a contract out on us. You think its ‘cos we’re so awesome?

– Honestly, I think the world’s going to end bloody, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight. We do have choices. I choose to go down swinging.
– Pack your panties, Sammy, we’re hitting the road.

-Well don’t get too excited, Sammy, you might pull something.

– Newsflash, Sam, people are supposed to be freaked out by ghosts.

– Zombies do like the other-other white meat.

– A zombie with skills. Doctor Quinn, medicine zombie.

– You’re chasing slicey-McHackey.

– Oh right, yeah, Because you were human once and you liked kittens and long walks on the beach.

– What, you gonna give her the Carrie stare and Lillith goes poof?

– Oh no. No. You’re not going to bust out the misty goodbye speech. If this is my last day on earth I don’t want it to be socially awkward.

– And then what? Give a Columbian necktie to a ten year old?


– So what, this demon just walks up, touches someone and they go stark-raving-psycho?

– You do realize there’s red meat within striking distance, right?

– Yeah, its like putting a neon sign on your front door that says ‘come kill us now’.”

Sam – Let me see your knife.

Dean – What for?

Sam – So I can gouge my eyes out.

Sam – Dean, what are you doing?

Dean – I’m comforting the bereaved. What are you doing?

Sam – Working. Dead body, possible demon attack, that kind of thing.

Dean – Just stay back.

Demon – Or what?

Dean – Good point.

Dean – It’s like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sam – That’s hellfire, Dean.

Dean – Yeah, well… whatever.

Sam – How do you sleep at night?

Bella – Rolling naked in money.

Dean – I’m Batman.

Sam – Yeah… you’re Batman.

Bella – It’s a shoulder hit. Relax. Besides, who here hasn’t shot a few people?

Bella – I’m out one point five million and on the bad side of a very powerful, fairly psychotic buyer.

Dean – Wow, I really don’t feel bad about that. Sam?

Sam – Nope, not even a little.

Dean – There’s gotta be a demon or two in South Beach.

Sam – Sorry, Heff, maybe next time.

Sam – I’m thinking about fairy tales.

Dean – Nice, do you think about fairy tales often?

Sam – You remember Cinderella, with the pumpkin that turns into a coach and the mice that turns into horses?

Dean – Dude, could you be more gay?… Don’t answer that.

Dean – And you shot her?

Sam – She was a smartass

Dean – Can I shoot her?

Sam – Not in public.

Bella – I think the three of us should have a heart to heart.

Dean – That’s assuming you have a heart.

Bella – You know, when this is over, we really should have angry sex.

Dean – Don’t objectify me.

Bella – What do you suggest?

Dean – I’m thinking.

Bella – Don’t strain yourself.

(and later…)

Dean – Maybe next time you could give me a little heads up on your plan.

Bella – I don’t want you thinking, you’re not very good at that.

Sam – You.

Dean – What?

Sam – You mean she got one over on you.

Dean – Thank you, Sam. Very helpful.

Sam – Nice move you pulled back there, running right at the weapons.

Dean – What can I say, I’m a badass.

Dean – Well, I’m just saying he’s not leaving us a whole lot of options.

Sam – Yeah, I know, we’ve gotta kill him.

Dean – Really, just like that? I thought you would have been like ‘no, we can’t, he’s human, its wrong’.”

Vampire – I’m staring down eternity alone. Can you think of a worse hell?

Dean – Well, there’s hell.

Sam – I’m sick of your whole stupid kamikaze trip.

Dean – Whoa. Kamikaze? I’m more like a ninja.

Sam – Its not funny.

Dean – It’s a little funny.

Dean – So was I right? Is it the serial killing chimney sweep?

Sam – Yep, its Dick Van Dyck.

Dean – Who?

Sam – Mary Poppins?

Dean – Who’s that?

Sam – Oh, come on… Never mind.

Dean – What could you possibly say that sounds crazy to me?

Sam – Um… Evil Santa?

Dean – Yeah, that’s crazy.

Dean – What’d Bobby say?

Sam – That we’re morons.

Sam – Huh. When you sacrifice to Holnacar, guess what he gives you in return?

Dean – Lap dances, hopefully.

Dean – Did you sell them for free?

Shopkeeper – No, its Christmas, people pay a butt-load for this crap.

Dean – That’s the spirit

Dean – You bitch!

Madge – Oh my goodness, somebody owes a nickel to the swear jar. Oh, you know what I say when I feel like swearing? Fudge.

Dean – I’ll try to remember that.

(and later…)

Dean – You fudgin’ touch me again and I’ll fudgin’ kill you!

Madge – Very good.

Sam – What was Bobby doing in Pittsburgh?

Dean – Taking an extremely lame holiday?

Sam – Bella? You’re actually suggesting we ask her for a favor?

Dean – I’m feeling dirty just thinking about it, but yeah.

Sam – Dean, you sure you don’t want me to drive? You seem a little caffeinated.

Dean – Oh, thanks for the newsflash, Edison.

Sam – Dude, Asia?

Dean – Come on, you love this song and you know it.

Sam – Yeah and if I ever hear it again, I’m going to kill myself.

Sam – Dude, I had a weird dream.

Dean – Yeah? Clowns or midgets?

Sam – Yesterday was Tuesday, but today is Tuesday too.

Dean – Yeah. No, good, you’re totally balanced.

Dean – And did it look cool, like in the movies?

Sam – You peed yourself.

Dean – Of course I peed myself. A man gets hit by a car, you think he has full control over his bladder?

Sam – You’re crazy, Bobby, I’m not killing you.

Bobby – Oh, so now I’m the crazy one?

Trickster – I tell you what, whoever said Dean was the dysfunctional one has never seen you with a sharp object in your hands. I mean, holy full metal jacket!

Hendrikson – After all, seeing you two in chains…?

Dean – You kinky sonuva bitch, we don’t swing that way.

Sam – How’s the shoulder?

Dean – Its awesome. I’ll live. You know, if we get out of this alive.

Hendrikson – I shot the sheriff.

Dean – But you didn’t shoot the deputy.

Ruby – Does anyone here have a breath mint? Some guts splattered in my mouth while I was killing my way in here.

Dean – Listen to me, there’s some salt in my duffle. Make a circle and get inside.

Ed – Inside your duffle?

Dean – Inside the salt you idiots!

Harry (from the Ghostfacers ep) – Ed, you gotta go be gay for that poor dead intern.

Sam – So you two were talking a case?

Dean – No, actually we were talking about our feelings and then our favorite boy bands… yeah, we were talking a case.

Dean – What is it?

Sam – A Crockata

Dean – What, is that some type of sandwich?

Dean – I see they improved your face.

Sam – Right back at you.

Sam – You remember that thing in the paper yesterday?

Dean – Stripper suffocates dude with thighs.

Sam – No, the other thing.

Rufus – You do her ear?

Dean – Hey man, I’ll try anything once, but that sounds uncomfortable.

Dean – Why don’t we make a TJ run? Senoritas, cervesas. We could… what’s Spanish for Donkey-show?

Sam – So if we do save you, let’s never do that.

Bobby – Well, aren’t you good at just brining down the room?

Dean – It’s a gift.

Sam – How do you get around so fast?

Ruby – I got the Super bowl jetpack.

Dean – What do you think?

Sam – I think you totally should have been jamming Eye of the Tiger right there.

Dean – Bite me. I totally rehearsed that, too.

Bobby – Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?

Bobby – Your piercing the veil, Dean. Glimpsing the b-side.

Dean – A little less new-agey please?

Bobby – You almost hell’s bitch, so you can see hell’s other bitches.

Dean – So is this your big plan, huh? Drag me to hell, kill Sam and then what? Become Queen Bitch?

Lillith – I don’t have to answer to puppy chow.

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