Σενάριο Supernatural │ 15×15 Gimme Shelter

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Το σενάριο του δέκατου πέμπτου επεισοδίου της τελευταίας σεζόν με τίτλο 15×15 Gimme Shelter.

Written by: Davy Perez
Directed by: Matt Cohen
Air Date: October 15, 2020

Patchwork Community Center.

A plate is shown. Somebody puts peas, porridge, and a piece of meat on it forcefully. A cup is shown. Somebody fills it with porridge and a bit of it spills. A woman with ripped clothes and a hat walks by a counter, looking around curiously. She appears to be homeless. Three young people, two girls, one of them is called Sylvia, and a boy, Connor, stand behind the counter, giving out food. The girl looks at the woman skeptically.

GIRL: She’s making it weird.

SYLVIA: She’s still one of God’s—

GIRL: Creatures? Yeah, one of his weird, creepyass creatures. The woman sits down at a table.

GIRL: Just, maybe she should eat outside? Away from, like, people.

CONNOR: Right?

GIRL: So do something about it, Connor. Connor is speechless, shakes his head. The girl stares at him. He turns to look at the woman.

CONNOR: Yeah. Got it. He starts walking towards the woman. Sylvia doesn’t seem happy about it. Connor is stopped by the Pastor before he reaches the woman.

PASTOR: Where you going, brother?

CONNOR: We have house rules about being clean to eat here.

PASTOR: Yes, we have rules, but we also have spirit, too, right? Connor looks over to the woman.

CONNOR: Yes. We have spirit, Pastor.

PASTOR: Lead with compassion on this one. Connor nods. The Pastor smiles. Connor takes one of the food bowls and walks towards the woman. The Pastor smiles at Sylvia. Connor sets the bowl down in front of the woman and walks back to the others. City Street. Connor is walking down the street. Suddenly, he hears a man’s voice.

VOICE: Hey, Connor! Connor! Connor looks to his right, into another street. That’s where the voice is coming from.

VOICE: Down here! I need your help! Connor starts walking towards it.

MAN: Connor! Connor turns around, startled. Nobody to be seen. He starts walking backwards. He trips over a teddy bear and falls to the ground,hitting his head.

CONNOR: Ah. He exhales sharply. He sits up, grunting. His gaze falls onto the teddy bear and he picks it up.

TEDDY BEAR: Hey, Connor.

Suddenly, somebody traps his head in a sling and starts choking Connor. Connor gasps. Then he is pulled away.

Bunker Library. Dean walks into the room with a tablet. Sam is sitting at the table with his laptop.

DEAN: Hey, you got anything?

SAM: Uh, this thing in Missouri. Not too far. We see his laptop screen that shows a news article called, “Body of Local Man Found in Alley.”

SAM: Felt like a case, but I don’t think it is. How about you? Dean sits down across from him.

DEAN: Yeah, check this out. Last night, power goes out in Atlantic City.

SAM: So…?

DEAN: So, local crews can’t find anything wrong. There was no storms, nothing wrong with the grid. Still… darkness. He hands Sam the tablet.

SAM: And you think…?

DEAN: Well, this weekend, the, uh, what was it, the Camelot Palace Casino, they’re putting up the biggest keno jackpot ever. Sam seems skeptical.

SAM: How’s that important?

DEAN: Chuck said Amara loves keno.

SAM: I thought he was kidding. Dean shakes his head.

DEAN: He’s not that funny.

SAM: You think Amara just popped up in New Jersey and caused a blackout? He seems to doubt it.

DEAN: She’s a player.

SAM: It’s weak. Dean nods slightly.

DEAN: Well, right now, weak is all we have, okay, ’cause nobody’s found anything. And without Amara, we’re screwed. So, Atlantic City? Allyoucaneat prime rib, and possibly one allpowerful cosmic being. Come on, man, sounds like a roadtrip to me.

Castiel walks in.

SAM: Cas.

DEAN: Hey, right on time.

Castiel squints at him.

Later. Bunker hallways. Castiel is walking behind the two brothers.

CASTIEL: Well, I should go with you.

SAM: Cas, it’s probably nothing.

CASTIEL: Uh, so I’m, what, supposed to just sit here?

DEAN: Well, somebody’s got to keep an eye on Jack in case Billie shows up for his, uh, thing.

CASTIEL: Right, while you track down one of the most powerful beings in existence and lie to her face.

Dean nods.

DEAN: Exactly.

Sam looks at Dean.

CASTIEL: Dean, Amara’s dangerous. You can’t just charge in.

DEAN: We’re not, okay? Plus, you know, she and I used to have a thing, so…

Castiel stops walking while the others continue.

Bunker Library. Jack is sitting at Sam’s laptop. Dean, Sam, and Castiel return.

JACK: Sam, what’s this case about? SAM: I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s, uh, not our kind of thing.

DEAN: You sure it’s it’s nothing spooky?

SAM: I mean, a kid got killed. It’s tragic, obviously, but the local cops can handle it.

DEAN: Great. But you know what? Why don’t you and Cas go run it down just to be sure?

JACK: Really?


Castiel doesn’t seem excited.

DEAN: Yeah, you said you didn’t want to sit around here, and after the whole Mrs. Butters thing…

CASTIEL: Mrs. What?

DEAN: Just get out there, you know, stay busy.

CASTIEL: With a murder investigation?

Castiel looks skeptical. Jack looks between Dean and Castiel, hopeful.

DEAN: Yeah.

He smiles.


SAM: Dean’s not wrong. And, look, this case, uh, maybe you can help.

Jack looks at Castiel. Castiel stares at Sam, then lowers his gaze, defeated.

DEAN: Alright, well, you guys go “Highway to Heaven” that bitch.

He nods at them and leaves; Sam smiles at Castiel and Jack and leaves, too. JACK: I’ll get my suit. Can we wear matching ties?

CASTIEL: Yeah. Blue’s a good color on you.

Alley. A police car is parked in the alley in which Connor was killed. A police woman is getting out of the car. Castiel and Jack are walking towards her.

POLICE WOMAN: Great, you found it. Which one did I talk to on the phone?

CASTIEL: Agent Swift. He shows his badge, then shakes her hand.

CASTIEL: And this is, uh

JACK: Agent Lovato. FBI. Jack holds his badge upside down, like Castiel did in Season 5.

POLICE WOMAN: In the field long, Lovato? You look greener than Baby Yoda.

CASTIEL: He’s a very smart, very, uh, pale young man.

JACK: I just graduated from CSI. Jack smiles. Castiel sighs.

POLICE WOMAN: Uhhuh. Well, we’re standing in what I call the trap zone. The victim was first attacked here.

JACK: Did anybody find any tiny bags with chicken bones inside?

The police woman looks incredulous.

CASTIEL: Anyone smell any sulfur?

JACK: Or feel cold?

POLICE WOMAN: I don’t uh, look, none of that. But, there was a message. The kid, Connor, someone wrote the word “liar” on his body. Sort of carved it in.

Castiel turns to look at Jack.


POLICE WOMAN: Whoever did this worked him over good. Cut off each finger one by one. Shoved it down his throat.

Castiel looks away.

POLICE WOMAN: And we found this.

She holds up her tablet, showing the teddy bear from the alley.

JACK: Marvelous Marvin, the Talking Teddy, I have one.

The police woman looks at him skeptically.

JACK: Uh, for my stepson. Ronald.

POLICE WOMAN: Right. Well, the toy, it’s got a speaker in it, and we found another one in a fake rock over there.

She points behind herself.

CASTIEL: How strange.

POLICE WOMAN: Gets stranger. We caught this off of one of the security cameras across the street.

She does something on her tablet, then turns it around to show them the video. In the video, a figure in a hoodie, wearing a mask, is pulling Connor away.

CASTIEL: Is that a mask?

POLICE WOMAN: Think someone’s seen too many bad slasher flicks.

CASTIEL: This is all very horrific.

JACK: Almost demonic.

Crossroad. Castiel is digging a hole at a crossroad while Jack is sitting on the backend of the truck with a tablet.

CASTIEL: Well, if this is a demon, I know how to get answers.

He closes the box he needs to summon the crossroads demon.

CASTIEL: What are you doing?

He puts the box into the hole he dug.

JACK: I’m looking up Connor online. We see the tablet screen. Jack is searching for, “Connor Todd Social Media.”

JACK: Like Sam always says, when in doubt, try social media. Jack is now on a page called, “Palz.” He clicks on one of the Connors and is asked to sign up.

CASTIEL: Oh, yeah. I did that once.

Jack starts filling out the registration form.

CASTIEL: There were so many cat photos, it was just… There were too many cats.

He stands up, looking around.

CASTIEL: Someone should be here.

JACK: It says I need a parent or guardian’s permission to join.

CASTIEL: You have my permission.


He holds up the tablet as if speaking to it.

JACK: I have his permission.

A demon, Zack, appears, speaking in a British accent.

ZACK: Sorry, lads. Shop’s closed. No more deals.

Castiel turns around with his angel blade in hand. Zack steps closer, eyes glowing red.

CASTIEL: We don’t want to make a deal.

ZACK: Do tell. So, how can Zack be of service?

Jack whispers to Castiel.

JACK: Why is he talking like that?

CASTIEL: I don’t know.

ZACK: Because Zack has style.

Zack smiles and raises his eyebrows.

JACK: Who killed that boy in the alley downtown?

Zack looks away.

CASTIEL: Was it a demon? Was it you?

ZACK: No, and…

All of sudden, he’s speaking in an American accent.

ZACK: Wait, are are angels solving people crimes now? Like “Highway to Heaven” but with murder or something? Because II would watch that show.

He chuckles.

JACK: Right. If you didn’t do it, do you know who did?

ZACK: No. I admire their work, but it’s got nothing to do with us. Just some wacko. Humans, am I right?

CASTIEL: So no one made a deal? ZACK: No one’s making deals. Like, at all. Uh, Rowena has a hard “people will end up where they belong” philosophy. It can be nice, less quotas. But, like, look at me, uh, a crossroads demon who can’t bring in a deal? Like, wha uh, what even am I? He chuckles.

CASTIEL: You’re a deviant soul corrupted by Hell.

ZACK: Well, yeah, yes, but II mean more in, like, a worklifebalance sense.

Castiel turns around to Jack.

CASTIEL: Okay. We should go.

Jack nods.

ZACK: No, wait, wait. Um, IIII could help. Do you need a driver, or…?

Castiel stops, sighing.

ZACK: Come one. I’m bored out of my mind.

Castiel and Jack keep walking.

ZACK: No, guys, guys.

JACK: Sam was right. It’s not a monster. Jack puts the shovel into the back of the truck.

CASTIEL: Well, he has half right. Sometimes humans can be the worst kind of monsters.

JACK: Yeah, but it’s kind of not our thing. Guess we should just go back to the bunker and do nothing while we wait for Sam and Dean. He looks disappointed.

CASTIEL: No. No, we’re gonna stay. We can help. Jack smiles.

Patchwork Community Center. A woman, Valerie, closes the door to the Pastor’s office. She flicks off the lights. She walks towards the exit and is about to turn off the lights when she sees the donation box on the wall. She looks around to check if anyone is there. Then she opens the donation box and steals the money inside. Valerie leaves the community center and walks to her car. A man’s voice sounds from afar.

VOICE: Valerie!

Valerie stops, turning around.

VOICE: Valerie, over here!

She starts walking toward the voice. When she doesn’t see anyone, she pulls out her phone, turning around. Suddenly, the figure in a hoodie and mask is standing in front of her.

VOICE: Valerie.

Valerie screams.

Patchwork Community Center. Castiel and Jack are sitting in their truck in front of the building. Castiel is on the phone with Sam and Dean.

DEAN: So Rowena’s got Hell on lockdown, huh?

CASTIEL: Yeah, it would appear so.

We see Sam and Dean in the Impala. Dean is driving, Sam is handling the phone.

DEAN: Well, about time somebody took charge.

SAM: Hey, how’s Jack?

Castiel looks over to Jack, who is doing something on the tablet.

CASTIEL: Focused.

DEAN: Well, that’s good.

CASTIEL: We were with the police earlier. Another woman has gone missing. Apparently, she and Connor were from the same church group.

SAM: Sounds like a real lead.

Dean nods.

DEAN: Okay, well, hey, uh, just, you know, be careful with those hallelujah types. I mean, most play it straight, but there’s some that think that every Fed is Deep State. If I were you, I would divide and conquer. Have Jack drink the KoolAid and sign up. You go in flashing a badge, you know?

CASTIEL: Okay, I understand. How’s the search for Amara?

DEAN: Well, it’s dandy. We’ll talk to you later.

He grabs the phone from Sam and hangs up. Castiel looks at his phone, sighing.


SAM: Hey, you sure about this?

He looks at Dean.

DEAN: Hey, man, like I said we don’t find her, casino buffet. Pretty good consolation prize.

SAM: That’s not what I meant. We’ve been on the road for almost two days, and I get not wanting to talk about it, I do, but, you know, what we’re planning on doing, killing Amara.

DEAN: Well, we’re not pulling the trigger.

SAM: Sure, but we still have to find her. And then, if we find her, we have to lie to her. We got to set her up for her own death.

DEAN: Hey, man, Billie called us “Messengers of God’s Destruction,” okay? Did you think that was, what, gonna be easy? Bloodless? Mhmh. We knew there was gonna be a catch. Least this time it’s not you or me.

The Impala drives down the road.

Community Center. The Pastor is talking to the girl and two others, one of them is called Mitch.

PASTOR: Thank you, Mitch. That was a moving testimony. We all feel Connor’s absence in our heart right now, and we hope to see him again when God calls us to him on the last day.

Jack enters during the Pastor’s speech.

PASTOR: We dedicate today’s charity service to his memory.

Everyone except Mitch leaves the conversation. Jack looks around the room, noticing Sylvia sitting at a desk near the entrance. She is writing something.

JACK: Hello.

Sylvia looks up.

JACK: Where can I find the KoolAid?

Sylvia looks confused.


JACK: I’m sorry. I mean, I want to join. To help. My name’s Jack.

He holds out his hand.


She gives him a registration form.

SYLVIA: Fill this out.

Jack turns around, indicating the Pastor.

JACK: Is that the pastor? What’s going on?

SYLVIA: It was a prayer dedication for… One of our members just passed away.

JACK: Were you close?

Sylvia looks down.

SYLVIA: Come find me when you’re done with the form.

She leaves the desk. Jack sits down on a chair, starting to fill out the form. Castiel enters.


Jack nods at the Pastor, whispering.

JACK: That way.

The Pastor is still talking to Mitch.

PASTOR: …bigger picture. Even in the darkest hour, our light is waiting to guide us.

Castiel starts walking over.

PASTOR: Can I pray for you?

Mitch nods.

PASTOR: Father God, watch over your child. Bless him with your grace, your love, and your guidance. Amen.

MITCH: Thank you, Pastor.

He shakes the Pastor’s hand, then hugs him. He leaves. The Pastor turns to Castiel, who has been listening to the prayer.

PASTOR: You look like you have a question.

CASTIEL: You the pastor? The Pastor nods.

CASTIEL: I’m Agent Swift. He holds up his badge.

CASTIEL: I have some disturbing news about an employee of yours.

PASTOR: If this is about Connor

CASTIEL: No, it’s not. Valerie Jones never made it home last night.

Storage room. Valerie is tied to a chair and gagged, a weird contraption hovering over her fingers. It’s probably there to cut off her fingers one by one.

Valerie comes to slowly, groaning. She opens her eyes and sees “GREED” painted on the wall in red. She turns her head and she startles, seeing the mask from before hanging form a hat stand. She seesm to remember what happened and starts trying to scream. There is a TV standing in front of her and the money she stole next to it. The TV turns on. It reads, “THIEF.” Then, “THIEF … thIEf … ThiEF … tHIef … ThIef … tHieF … ThHIEf … THIEF …” Then the whole screen shows the word “thief” all over.

Valerie starts crying. One of the contraptions above her hands cuts off one of her fingers. She screams. The TV turns on again. “3:00:00” can be seen. Then “2:59:59”. It’s a countdown. Valerie keeps crying. We see a camera light blinking above her head.

Patchwork Community Center.

Jack is still filling out the form. The girl looks at him from the counter.

GIRL: New guy’s hot.

She turns to Sylvia, who raises her eyebrows.

GIRL: What? I have eyes.

Jack approaches them.

JACK: I’m all done with the paperwork. Now what?

He hands the form to the girl.

GIRL: You can work with me.

The girl hands the form to Sylvia.

SYLVIA: People come her from all walks of life. Make sure you look them in the eyes, give them a smile.

Sylvia smiles.

GIRL: Then hand them a bagged lunch and a water.

She hands the next person in line a bag and a water.

GIRL: Thank you. Next.

She turns back to Jack.

GIRL: We used to give out Bibles, but we stopped.

JACK: Oh. What I said earlier, about Connor…

Sylvia looks startled.

SYLVIA: Excuse me.

She walks away. The girl looks annoyed. Jack turns around and follows Sylvia, who is sitting down on a chair. She wipes away a tear.

JACK: I’m I’m sorry. I didn’t want to upset you.

Sylvia doesn’t look at him. Jack sits down next to her and sighs. JACK: I’m no good at this.

SYLVIA: You’re okay. It’s just, uh, you were right. Connor and I, we… dated, years ago… sort of. More like we watched a lot of old movies together.

She smiles.

SYLVIA: We were kids. He was always there for me.

She breathes heavily.

JACK: I lost someone, too. He sighs.

JACK: My mother.

SYLVIA: Yeah? Jack nods.

SYLVIA: I, uh… My mom died three years ago. Now it’s just me and Pastor Joe.

JACK: The the pastor is your father?

Sylvia nods.

SYLVIA: He’s a better preacher than he is a dad, but, yeah.

JACK: Well, I have more dads than most, and I always just feel like I’m letting all of them down.

SYLVIA: I’ve been there. You’re sweet, Jack. Put your trust in God, not people.

Jack nods.

Pastor’s Office. Castiel is sitting in the Pastor’s office with the Pastor.

PASTOR: I don’t believe in coincidences. Maybe we’re being targeted.

CASTIEL: Who would target this church?

PASTOR: We don’t call it that here. People have a lot of baggage with that word. We’re a faithbased community.

CASTIEL: I see. Um, has anyone else from this faithbased community gone missing?

PASTOR: No, not missing, but people come and go all the time.

CASTIEL: Like who?

PASTOR: I don’t know. Um, Brother Rudy, for instance. He handled most of our A.V. and tech. We recently parted ways.

CASTIEL: Was there some kind of conflict? He starts taking notes.

PASTOR: Uh, no. He just wanted to worship somewhere else.

CASTIEL: Okay, well, I’m gonna need to get his contact information. The Pastor nods. The door opens and Sylvia looks in.

SYLVIA: Dad, do you have a sec?

PASTOR: In a minute. I’m with someone.

SYLVIA: Yeah, but The Pastor interrupts her, looking annoyed.

PASTOR: In a minute.

Sylvia leaves.

PASTOR: You have kids?

CASTIEL: I, uh… It’s complicated.

PASTOR: It always is. Anyway, whatever I can do to help, let me know.


He sits up, but stops before getting up.

CASTIEL: You really care about these people, don’t you?

PASTOR: It’s kind of part of the job. My wife, she grew up in this church and loved it. They were a bit more hardcore back then. Chalked everything that happened up to God’s will. Never seemed to realize that

CASTIEL: God just doesn’t care.

He sighs.

PASTOR: I was gonna say that we all have to take care of each other.


PASTOR: Anyway, I sold the building, moved us here, started to preach a gospel of love and service to our neighbors. Now, as long as people are willing to help as much as they can, all faiths and backgrounds are welcome.

CASTIEL: What do you mean by, um, backgrounds?

PASTOR: Connor didn’t have to live in fear of who he was. A gay man who believed in a tolerant God. CASTIEL: Well, I imagine not everyone was happy with the change.

The Pastor chuckles.

PASTOR: Not by a mile. But it doesn’t matter. A saint is a sinner who keeps trying.

Castiel chuckles.

Gas station.

Sam is putting gas into the Impala. The brothers sit down on the car, waiting for it to fill up.

SAM: Not going in for a snack?

DEAN: Saving room. I got four hours till allyoucaneat. I have a process.

Sam types on his phone. He inhales sharply.

SAM: Ooh, can your process last for six hours? Lane closures I76.

DEAN: Damn it!

SAM: Pork rinds?

DEAN: Pork rinds. They get up and standing before them is… Amara.

AMARA: I think we can do better than that. Hello, Dean. Miss me? Sam and Dean stare.

AMARA: You headed somewhere fun?

DEAN: Well, we were headed to you, actually.

SAM: How’d you find us?

AMARA: I smelled you from two states over. She looks at Dean.

AMARA: You have a very distinctive musk. Dean looks smug.

DEAN: Thank you.

AMARA: And I got wind of your friend Castiel’s angelic APB. I knew you were looking for me.

SAM: Yeah.

DEAN: We wanted to talk. Amara holds up a hand.

AMARA: First, lunch. She indicates a billboard advertising Pierogis. Dean and Sam look at it. They turn back around.

DEAN: Pierogis?

AMARA: You’re hungry, I’m hungry. I like new, Earthly experiences, and I have never had a Pennsylvania pierogi.

She starts walking. Sam and Dean follow.

Storage room. Back in the storage room with Valerie. The countdown clock is beeping. The TV shows that it’s almost over. The clock hits zero and the contraption cuts off another one of Valerie’s fingers. Valerie screams again.

The TV shows, “TiME iS rUnnINg OUT.” Then the countdown starts anew.

Patchwork Community Center.

The Pastor is standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by members of his faithbased community. Jack is among them. The Pastor seems to be preaching.

PASTOR: Jesus. Allah. Yahweh. Buddha. Krishna. Gaeia. The Four Winds.

Castiel enters the building.

PASTOR: God, you go by so many names. But it doesn’t matter what we call you. It matters how we live. Come be among us as we provide for those less fortunate. And please help us in welcoming our newest friend, Jack.

EVERYONE: Welcome.

Jack raises his hand in greeting.

JACK: Hello.

PASTOR: It’s custom here that someone give testimony during prayer. Jack, as the newest member of Patchwork, I invite you to share your journey.

Jack doesn’t know how to reply. A few seconds pass.

JACK: I… Um…

Castiel speaks up.

CASTIEL: Um, I’ll do it. He smiles.

PASTOR: Please.

CASTIEL: My name is, um well, my name’s not important. I do know what blind faith is. I used to just follow orders without question, and I did some pretty terrible things. I would never look beyond the plan. And then, of course, when it all came crashing down, I found myself lost. I didn’t know what my purpose was anymore. And then one day, something changed, something amazing. I… I guess I found a family, and I became a father. And in that, I rediscovered my faith. I rediscovered who I am.


The TV is on, showing Weather News. Everybodyy is sitting at tables. Jack is stirring something in a pot. The Pastor comes over.

PASTOR: I hope I didn’t put you on the spot earlier.

JACK: How’d you do it, bring all these people together with so many different ideas about religion?

PASTOR: It’s not about what they believe. It’s about what they do. I tell them to leave the rest at the door.

JACK: You make it sound so easy.

PASTOR: I always say, people are God’s hands, each of us a finger for him to use. To lift each other up.

He puts a hand on Jack’s shoulder, then leaves. Jack hands the woman in front of him a bowl of soup. Suddenly, the TV shows static, changing to the countdown Valeria had on her TV. It shows 4 seconds left. Everybody turns to look.

The 4 seconds run out and the screen shows Valerie from above (where the camera was). Her third finger is cut off and she screams.

Then the screen shows, “YoU woN’t sAVe hER.” Jack runs over to the TV and pulls the plug, but nothing happens. The Pastor and Sylvia join him. Jack finds a flash drive of some kind sticking out from the back of the TV and pulls it out. Castiel joins them.

JACK: Who could have done this?

PASTOR: I don’t know.


They turn to look at him.

Pavel’s Deli. Oldie’s music is playing. Amara is getting her Pierogis.

DEAN: We want to take your brother down, and we need your help.

AMARA: What makes you think I’d do that?

She takes a bite of her meal.

DEAN: Because you’ve got beef with him past and present.

SAM: Amara, I saw into Chuck’s mind. His memories. He asked you for help.

AMARA: Refusing to help him isn’t the same as betraying him.

DEAN: You know what he’s been up to the past couple of months? Snuffing out universes, one after the other?

AMARA: I know. I can feel it. He’s very nearly done with the others.

DEAN: And you don’t care?

AMARA: It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing you two can do.

DEAN: There is. See, our pal Jack, he’s a nephilim, and he’s getting stronger every day. And soon he’ll be strong enough to overpower Chuck. Now, we have a way to trap him, but we can’t do it without you. Amara looks at him, thinking about it.



AMARA: No. I won’t betray him like that.

DEAN: Why? I mean, I get he’s your brother, but

AMARA: Ugh, apologies, Dean, but you don’t get anything. You see me sitting across from you. You see a woman. You see Chuck as a squirrelly wierdo. But you can’t imagine what we really are. We came into existence together. We are the same.

SAM: The former Death, he told us you were the firstborn.

AMARA: Or he told you what you needed to hear. Chuck and I, we’re twins. Creation and destruction, light and dark, balance. And when we split apart, all this was created.

SAM: The Big Bang?


DEAN: When you split? So when… When he threw you in a cage. When he betrayed you. When he trapped you for an eternity.

AMARA: You can’t play on that, not with me. Maybe I’m a fool, but I believe caging me hurt him deeply. And I know for me to do that to him would be an agony. I’m sorry. I can’t help you. Sam and Dean look down, disappointed. Brother Rudy’s Apartment. We see a door. It crashes open and Jack stumbles inside.

JACK: Ah. Castiel enters after him.

CASTIEL: Brother Rudy left the congregation, the pastor said. It was amicable, but

JACK: Maybe that was a bad lie.

CASTIEL: Yeah. Maybe. They look around.

CASTIEL: And he was good with computers, so…

They walk into the bedroom and find Brother Rudy dead, chained to the bed. There are flies buzzing around. He has been dead for a while. On the wall above the bed, it says, “LUST” in red paint.

CASTIEL: He’s been dead a long time.

Pavel’s Deli. We see Amara through the window, getting the check. She is alone. Dean and Sam are watching her from the Impala. Dean starts the engine. Sam sighs.

SAM: You know, maybe it’s for the better.

Dean looks up and turns the motor off again.

SAM: What’s going on? What are you doing?

DEAN: Wait her. I’m gonna ask her something.

He leaves the car. He enters the diner and sits across from Amara.

DEAN: Why?

AMARA: I told you, Dean, he’s my

DEAN: No, no. No. Why did you bring her back? You said that you wanted to show me something, that you wanted to, uh to teach me something. I don’t know if you were following along, but your little experiment, it came to a notsohappy ending. My mom is dead. So what exactly did you want to show me? What was the point?

AMARA: I wanted two things for you, Dean. I wanted you to see that your mother was just a person, that the myth you’d held onto for so long of a better life, a life where she lived, was just that, a myth. I wanted you to see that the real, complicated Mary was better than your childhood dream because she was real. That now is always better than then. That you could finally start to accept your life.

Dean looks away then.

DEAN: And the second thing?

AMARA: I thought having her back would release you, put that fire out. Your anger. But I guess we both know I failed at that.

DEAN: You’re damn right. Look at you. Just another cosmic dick rigging the game. You’re just like your brother.

AMARA: It was a gift, Dean, not a trial.

DEAN: I’m not angry, Amara. I’m furious. To know that all my life, I’ve been nothing but a hamster in a wheel, stuck in a story. And you know whose fault that is? Chuck’s. And it ain’t just me. We’re all trapped. Sam and Cas and Jack and even you. And you want to talk about the people that he’s killing right now

AMARA: Stop.

DEAN: Why? He’s not stopping. And you’re doing nothing to stop it. Think he gives a rat’s ass about you? Well, now who’s living in a dreamworld?

Amara looks down.

AMARA: Can I… trust you?

DEAN: I would never hurt you.

They stare at each other for a while.

AMARA: Then… II’ll think about it.

Patchwork Community Center. Sylvia is crying on the porch. The girl joins her with her phone in hand.

GIRL: Your dad’s freaking out.

SYLVIA: Did he call the police?

She is typing on her phone while talking.

GIRL: No. The FBI guys told him not to. But I posted something about it, and my feed is going bananas. So many frowny faces.

Sylvia turns to look at The girl, shocked.

GIRL: This is so crazy. Can you even believe it?

SYLVIA: I believe.

She pushes a knife into the girl’s stomach.

SYLVIA: You never did.

She pulls the knife out and the girl falls to the floor.

Later. The Pastor is pushing a cloth on The girl’s wound. The girl is breathing heavily, crying.

PASTOR: Easy, easy. Just hold on. We’ve called 911.

GIRL: She’s here. It’s Sylvia the storage room.

CASTIEL: Excuse me. Excuse me.

He tries to squeeze past the onlookers.

PASTOR: You’re gonna be okay.

He leaves the girl with Mitch and runs away, presumably towards the storage room. Castiel and Jack step on the porch.

CASTIEL: Jack, follow him.

Jack follows him. Castiel kneels down and pulls Mitch’s hand away.

CASTIEL: Let me.

Storage room. The Pastor opens the door to the storage room and finds Valerie, passed out.

PASTOR: Oh, dear God.

He approaches her. Sylvia grabs him from behind, a knife to his throat.

PASTOR: Sylvia

SYLVIA: Shut up.

PASTOR: Let me help you.

SYLVIA: Like you helped Mom?

PASTOR: Your mother was sick. She wouldn’t even go to the doctor. She said, “Put your trust in God.”

SYLVIA: And he called her home. And you made fun of her for that.

PASTOR: No, I didn’t.

SYLVIA: You changed everything. Those people in there, they don’t worship God. They worship you.

PASTOR: Please don’t do this.

Jack enters.

JACK: Let him go.

Sylvia pushes the Pastor to the floor.

JACK: I know you’re in pain. I can I can feel it. Just let me help you.

SYLVIA: Everyone’s trying to help me. Who are you? You’re nothing. You’re just a scared little boy trying to make your daddies happy.

She pushes the knife into his chest. It heals instantly.


Castiel enters as well. Sylvia tries to attack him, but he catches her arm and makes her drop the knife. He grabs her and puts two fingers to her head.

PASTOR: Don’t hurt her!


He puts her to sleep and lays her on the floor. The Pastor watches in wonder. Castiel goes to Valerie and lifts her head. She’s unresponsive. He pulls off her chains with bare hands

CASTIEL: Go get the police. Go!

Jack goes. Castiel heals Valerie’s hand, fingers attached again. Valerie wakes up and looks at her hand. Her fingers are bloody but healed.

PASTOR: What are you?

Patchwork Community Center. Castiel, Jack and the Pastor stand in front of a police car.

PASTOR: You’re an angel?

CASTIEL: Well, not a very good one.

A police man brings Sylvia to the car. Sylvia looks at the Pastor. She gets into the car and kisses the cross she holds in her hands.

JACK: What’s going to happen to her?

PASTOR: I don’t know, but she won’t be alone.

A police man gets into the car. We see his eyes turn red. It’s Zack.

PASTOR: Whatever she needs, whatever it takes, I’ll find a place where she can get help. I spent my life taking care of all these other people. Should’ve been taking care of her.

Castiel looks to Jack.

Road. Castiel and Jack in the truck.

CASTIEL: Hey, Jack. When Pastor Joe asked you to speak, you were struggling. Was it, um, something something you were afraid to say? You know, what you*re doing, you*re shouldering a great burden. You don’t have to do it alone.

JACK: Yes… I do.

Castiel sighs.

JACK: I’ve been lying to you.

CASTIEL: Lying about what?

JACK: …I’m gonna die.

Castiel looks at him.

JACK: When we When I kill Chuck and Amara, I’ll die, too.


JACK: Billie’s spells have been turning me into some kind of bomb, and when I go off, God and Amara will cease to exist. And… I won’t survive.

Castiel looks heartbroken.

JACK: Don’t tell Sam and Dean.

CASTIEL: Oh, yeah? Why not?

JACK: They won’t understand. But I know… This is the only way they’ll ever forgive me.

Castiel shakes his head.

CASTIEL: No. I watched you die once, and I will not do it again.

Jack puts a hand on Castiel’s shoulder.

JACK: It’s not your choice.

Bunker Library.

Dean walks towards a bottle of whiskey. He’s in a bathrobe. DEAN: There you are.

He takes a sip and grimaces. He hears footsteps and Castiel appears in the doorway.

DEAN: Cas?

Castiel stops walking.

DEAN: Hey, where you going? Where’s Jack?

CASTIEL: He’s in his room. We got back. We didn’t want to wake you up.

DEAN: Nah, I wasn’t asleep. How’d the case go?

He starts walking towards Castiel.

CASTIEL: Oh, it went. Uh, we solved it, saved some people. Amara?

DEAN: Yeah. Yeah we got her. I think she’s on board.


DEAN: Wait. What’s happening? Where are you going?

CASTIEL: Going to look for another way. I have to.

DEAN: What the hell are you talking about?

CASTIEL: Dean, in case something goes wrong and I don’t make it back, there’s something you and Sam need to know…

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