Σενάριο Supernatural | 12×08 LOTUS

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Σενάριο Supernatural | 12×08 LOTUS

Written by: Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner

Directed by: Phil Sgriccia

Air Date: December 08, 2016


(The camera pans down an impressive hallway with dark, rich wood walls and ornate crosses on the wall. News commentary is heard in the background. The camera turns into a room where a priest is sitting at his desk, typing at a computer.


And in the unprecedented drought condition… farmers in the state worry that the entirety of next year’s crop could be lost, driving up prices worldwide.

In other news, police are investigating the mysterious death of billionaire philanthropist Wallace Parker.

Parker was found dead in his office late Tuesday, his body heavily damaged…

(Man’s voice, off-screen) Turn that off.

(The priest jumps up, surprised)

by an explosion of some ki—

(The priest turns off the radio. Camera turns to the room opening where an older priest in a red robe is standing)

RED ROBE PRIEST Better we stay focused on the Lord’s work.

Wouldn’t you agree?

PRIEST Of course, Your Excellency.

Such a shame about Mr. Parker.

I know he was a friend. Not to mention, one of our biggest donors.
RED ROBE PRIEST (looking annoyed) Yes.

(He turns and walks down the hallway away from the room, smiling. The crosses on the wall turn upside down as he passes. His eyes glow red as the screen goes black)


(Sam and Dean, in FBI suits, are walking down the hallway of a morgue. The show their badges to a doctor who is coming out of a room.)
DOCTOR Your colleagues are already inside.

(Sam and Dean exchange questioning looks, simultaneously put away their badges and enter the room to find Cas and Crowley. They are standing next to an autopsy table, where a body lies covered by a sheet)

CAS and CROWLEY Agents. Agents.

DEAN Okay, this has gotta stop.

All right, give me that.

(Dean pulls an FBI badge off Crowley’s jacket lapel)


SAM Okay, enough. Let’s have a look.

(Sam pulls down the sheet to reveal the face of the body on the table. It’s an older man with his eyes burnt out)

DEAN Ooh. Looks like somebody forgot to put on his sunscreen.

CAS This was Wallace Parker, the very powerful CEO of almost everything.

SAM And apparently, Lucifer’s latest vessel. Wasn’t strong enough to hold him.

(Sam covers up the man’s face again)

CROWLEY Lucifer’s not content with slutting it from one random vessel to the next.

He’s moving on to blue chips—celebrities, captains of industry. He just got a lot more dangerous.

CAS I agree with Agent Zappa.

DEAN Oh, will you stop?

(Scene changes to Sam and Dean drinking beer in the library of the Bunker.)

DEAN So, find anything?

Anyone powerful or respectable who suddenly changed…or exploded?

SAM Well, this is pretty interesting.

(Sam’s laptop show a news article with the headline ‘Record Donation to Dioceses’. He clicks on a picture and turns the laptop around so Dean can see.)

SAM This is the Archbishop of St. Louis with Wallace Parker.

(The picture shows a man in a suit holding a check and shaking hands with the priest in the red robe with a large cross around his neck)


SAM So, that was him three days ago.

(Sam scrolls through a few pictures)

SAM And this…is him last night at the opening of a food kitchen.

Notice anything missing?

(Dean scrolls back and forth through the pictures)

DEAN Yeah, the big mother of a cross around his neck.

SAM Exactly. And this morning, his office canceled all further public appearances without comment.

DEAN Okay, so you’re thinking that, uh, Lucifer blasted out of Parker and into his buddy the Archbishop here.

SAM Worth a shot.

DEAN Yeah.

(It’s nighttime and raining. The Impala pulls up to a building with a sign that reads ‘Archdiocese of St. Louis’. They exit the car and walk up to the door)

DEAN It’s awfully quiet.

SAM Yeah, I put in a dozen calls to the Chief of Staff. No one returned.

DEAN Well, we’ll have a look around. If it is Lucifer, we’ll call the rest of the Scooby gang.

SAM Hey.

(Sam rings the doorbell but there is no sound)

SAM (annoyed) Great.

(Dean turns and uses the door knocker on the door. No one answers so they pick the lock and enter. They have flashlights out as the house is dark inside. Dean tries the light switch but nothing happens. They enter a room and see signs of a struggle (a cross and papers on the floor; an over turned chair. Further in they see the priest from the opening scene, bloodied and injured, on the floor)

DEAN Father, hey.

What happened?

PRIEST We… knew something was wrong.

He… he…

DEAN The Archbishop?

PRIEST Uh-huh.

(Flashback to the priest watching the Archbishop (red robe priest) walking down the hall as the crosses turn upside down)

PRIEST Senior staff decided…handle internally and intervene.

DEAN An exorcism.

(Scene changes to Sam and Dean walking further through the house. The come across a nun with her throat slit, a priest impaled to a wall with a spear and the inverted crosses. They enter another room and find the Archbishop, lying on the floor with his eyes burnt out.

Scene changes to a man in pajamas and bathrobe, sitting on the edge of a bed in a bedroom with a very large sliding door opening to a patio. His head is bowed and his hands are pressed together in front of his face. His eyes are closed. He appears distressed as he speaks.)

MAN Hey. If I agree to this, we would be partners.

We would bring a true era of spirituality to America and heal her wounds?

Then hallelujah.

I humbly accept your guidance.


(He opens his eyes, leans back and opens his mouth. A bright light appears and the man shudders as the light enters his body. He falls forward and stays there for a few seconds. When he sits back up he looks calm, grinning as his eyes glow red. He gets up quickly, smiling broader and walks over to a mirror)

LUCIFER (looking into the mirror) Ahh.


Now what?

Okay, then, Jeff.

(The view changes to Lucifer in the foreground and behind him “Jeff” is sitting in a chair. Only Lucifer and Jeff are lit; the rest of the scene is dark)

LUCIFER Usually, I give my hosts more downtime, but in this case, high-profile as it is…

I may need help fine-tuning some…protocols if I’m going to deliver on all the goodness and public service that I promised.

(Lucifer walks away from the mirror and sits in a chair across from Jeff)

JEFF I’m—I’m happy to help, partner.

We’re appearing at—at a series of fundraisers here backed by a fantastic group of aides.

LUCIFER So, I just focus on the big picture?

JEFF (off screen) The team handles the details.

(A male aide is sitting in a living area outside Jeff’s room. He hears Jeff talking, gets up and enters the bedroom)

LUCIFER (off-screen) Well, listen, Jeff, this is all useful information, of course.

(The aide walks further into the bedroom and sees “Jeff” standing in front of the sliding glass door, talking)

LUCIFER But…if we’re gonna pull this off, I’m gonna need a few more personal details.

People need to believe that I am, in fact, President of the United States.

(Lucifer turns his head towards the aide, his eye glow red as he stretches out his hand and slowly squeezes. After several seconds, the aide clutches at his throat and falls to the ground.)


(A body bag on a stretcher is being wheeled out of the room. Lucifer is standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by his aides and Secret Service, some are still in their pajamas)

LUCIFER One minute, we’re talking about the best barbecue.

I’m a Kansas City man.

Bill likes Memphis.

I stepped into the john.

When I came out, he was on the ground.

I, uh, I tried CPR, but, uh…

FEMALE DOCTOR I’m sure you did everything you could, Sir, but it appears he had a massive cerebral hemorrhage.


FEMALE DOCTOR We’re gonna need an autopsy, but I don’t see any evidence of foul play.

MALE AIDE If you’d like to say a few words, Sir.

FEMALE AIDE (handing Lucifer a Bible) A few words to the man upstairs, Sir, like you do every morning.

(The aides and Secret Service all kneel down and clasp their hands in prayer. Lucifer looks around, surprised)


Words. Nothing we ever say feels like enough.


That’s what we are.


All of us struggling to…walk upright with purpose and—and pride.

(Lucifer’s hand holding the bible is shaking and glowing red)

And yet, we need “our Father”…

to…be there when we fall.

Today, we lost a brother.

Tomorrow, we will continue our work for the country.

(Rolling his eyes) – Amen.

ALL – Amen.

FEMALE AIDE (softly) You always know the right thing to say.

(Lucifer looks at his palm that was holding the Bible and sees a cross burned into it.

Sam and Castiel are in the library at the bunker. Castiel is looking at pictures of the carnage at the archbishop’s house on a cell phone, zooming in and out)

CASTIEL Ugh. These pictures…

The level of violence, it’s completely unnecessary.

SAM Lucifer doesn’t like to get messed with.

I guess when the Archbishop’s priests figured out he was possessed, they tried to keep it quiet, do an exorcism.

I mean, not that it would’ve worked.

Lucifer blew town, but not before he slaughtered the entire staff.

So we were on the right trail. Where’s it go now?

DEAN (walking into the room with bags of food) I don’t know.

Who won the Nobel Peace Prize? Why don’t we start there?

(Scene changes to an exterior view of the of a building with four large black SUV’s parked outside. There is a screen caption that says ‘Forester Estate Presidential Compound’. Inside Lucifer is sitting in front of the fireplace in the main sitting area)

FEMALE AIDE While we’ve been away from from D.C., in Belarus, negotiations between rebel forces and the government have broken down.

(The camera pans around and we see all the aides sitting in the room)

We’re recalling Ambassador Harkin.

Sir, is it time to involve the U.N.?


That or we can just go ahead and nuke ’em.

(The aides look up in silent surprise. After several uncomfortable seconds Lucifer laughs and the aides laugh along with him, as if relieved)

FEMALE AIDE Well! Montroy fundraiser at 2:00.

We’ll pick this up at dinner.

(The aides leave the room and Lucifer follows. As he turns down a hallway, the female aide catches up with him. There is an guard standing in the hallway)


Thought you might want to know, the new poll numbers are out.

You’re way up.

Officially the most popular sitting President in modern history.



LUCIFER Hmm. That’s impressive.

FEMALE AIDE Uh, Otto… take a little break.


(The guard leaves the hallway)

LUCIFER Was there something else?

(Scene changes to heavy breathing noises and clothes discarded on the floor)


So amazing.

(The camera pans up to Lucifer and the female aide lying next to each other in bed)

LUCIFER It’s almost like I’ve never done that before.

FEMALE AIDE (giggling) You…


FEMALE AIDE You know, Jeff, I admit…it makes things kind of exciting keeping this a secret.

I just wish we could make how we feel about each other… well, public.


FEMALE AIDE I know…people might not like it.

Public might not like it because you’re a widower.



But…I know you’ve been lonely since Louise died.


FEMALE AIDE And I know your feelings for me are real, because everything you do is real. I just love to think that… someday…we could be a real couple. Maybe do the wedding thing.

Maybe the baby thing.

I just…I just know you’d make an amazing father.

LUCIFER (smiling) Hmm.

(Scene changes to the exterior of a farm. The female doctor emerges from a black SUV. Crowley is waiting for her.)

CROWLEY Good girl. You’re right on time.

FEMALE DOCTOR Your majesty.

CROWLEY Keep this up and you could actually earn back your soul.

What little tidbit do you have for me today?

FEMALE DOCTOR There was a death last night that I ascribed to natural causes, but…it was anything but natural.

(Castiel is reading a newspaper in the library at the bunker)

CASTIEL Did the Bunker’s warding fail?

DEAN (walking into the library) I just powered it down.

Crowley called, said he had some big news about Lucifer, whatever the hell that means.

SAM (sitting across the table from Castiel; at his laptop) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait a second.

So—so now Crowley can just…what, drop in whenever he feels like it? I-I prefer keeping Crowley at a distance. Long distance.

CROWLEY (off-screen) Not very charitable, Moose…

(Sam shakes his head in frustration)

CROWLEY …particularly since, once again, I’m saving both your asses.

So, as you know, I’m temporarily persona non grata in my own palace.

SAM Palace? DEAN Palace?

CROWLEY However, there are those I still control. Operatives.

SAM Crowley, can we just get the damn news without the drama?

CROWLEY Can I get you without the flannel?

No. Still, I endure.

SAM What?

CROWLEY Did a little digging, acting on a tip.

(Crowley walks over and enters something into Sam’s laptop)

And I think I know the identity of Lucifer’s newest vessel.

DEAN Oh, for God’s sake.


(Crowley turns the laptop around to face Sam, Dean and Castiel)

Gentlemen… I give you one Jefferson Rooney, President of these United States.


(The exterior of the President’s Compound. Lucifer is standing at the sliding glass door, looking outside. Inside, a security guard approaches him)

GUARD You wanted to see me, Sir?

LUCIFER Rick, something urgent’s come up.

Urgent and… confidential.

RICK Understood.

LUCIFER We have reliable intel that two mentally unstable individuals, possibly cult members, have imminent plans to assassinate me.

RICK What? Why?

LUCIFER Because I’m Satan. They think I’m Satan.

RICK Not metaphorically?

LUCIFER Mm. In the flesh.

RICK Satan’s not real.


RICK He’s a symbol for the simple-minded. A-a comic book villain.

LUCIFER He’s a bit more than that, Rick, to many people.

RICK I wasn’t briefed on this.

LUCIFER Well, I’m briefing you now.

We’ve been sitting on it until we had more facts.

LUCIFER Aside from the obvious peril to me…

RICK We’ll keep it strictly under the radar, Sir.

LUCIFER I think the best way to do that is to eliminate the threat.

Would you agree?

RICK We could initiate the approval process.


We need to handle this in the family.

Secret Service only.

And as the head of my personal detail, you will head this up yourself.

RICK Of course.

LUCIFER (laughing) I’m liking this job, Rick. I want to keep it awhile.

(In the bunker, Castiel and Dean are in the library. Sam is off to the side, looking nervous as he calls ‘Mick Davies’ on his cell phone.)

MICK (off-screen) Hello. Mick Davies here. Leave a mess—

(Sam hangs up)

CASTIEL Even if Crowley does bring in Rowena, the problem remains.

Lucifer can’t be returned to the cage inside his vessel.

(Sam walks into the room and sits down at the table with his laptop)

His essence has to be extracted.

SAM Yeah. And Lucifer has found the perfect safe house.

I mean, how do we even start getting close to the President?

DEAN Well, it helps that he’s not in D.C.

Well, he’s, uh, actually on a fundraising swing through the Midwest.

SAM Yeah, right now, it looks like his whole party—aides, Secret Service, the whole circus—is staying at an estate owned by Ron Forester, the, uh, hedge fund zillionaire.

It’s right outside Indianapolis.

(Sam scrolls through pictures of the compound)

But it is completely surrounded by walls, security, Secret Service, military.

Plan B?

DEAN He’s got a hell of a speaking schedule.

He’s averaging three events a day, and he’s got a gala dinner on Friday night.

CASTIEL Well, at least he’ll be outside of the mansion.

SAM Yeah, guarded like the Hope Diamond. Plan C?

(Scene changes to Rowena and a man in a house. The man is coming down the stairs with luggage in his hands. He drops them on the floor by the front door)

ROWENA (wailing) What about us? Our—our feelings for each other?

MAN That’s why I’ve been totally up front about Mona.


MAN Mona Levin.

ROWENA Mona Levin?

The heiress?

(yelling) You’ve been seeing her as well?!

MAN You know one has to keep one’s options open.

The heart knows what the heart knows.

ROWENA And what does your heart know about me?

MAN It knows that it’s fond of you.

But your credentials were unverifiable.

Financial holdings, Royal Ballet, none of it!

ROWENA You had me investigated?!

You were scamming me!

MAN Oh, there’s the pot calling the kettle black.

(sound of a door opening off-screen. Crowley is standing in the hallway)

MAN Ah. Finally.

(The man picks up one of his bags and hands it to Crowley)

MAN Light starch.

ROWENA I offered my heart to a pauper who was after my nonexistent fortune!

MAN Same as I did, sweetie. I’m just being honest about it.

CROWLEY Who is this?

ROWENA My latest fiancé.

And if I tell Mona the truth?

MAN That’d be a first.

ROWENA (yelling) Get out!

MAN It’s my place!

CROWLEY (softly) Mother.

MAN “Mother”?

(The man turns and faces Crowley. Crowley pinches his fingers together and the man starts gasping. After several seconds Crowley snaps his fingers and blood splatters all over Rowena)


ROWENA That is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me.

(Scene change to Lucifer and the female aide in bed)

FEMALE AIDE Promise you won’t laugh.

LUCIFER Even if it’s funny?


LUCIFER I won’t laugh.

FEMALE AIDE Tonight, us here, it felt…different.

LUCIFER Now I’m really not laughing.


We were great, as always, but… somehow… in some way I can’t describe, it feels like…something’s changed.

(Lucifer and the aide lean in and kiss. Lucifer rolls onto his back and smiles smugly)

LUCIFER Maybe something has.


(Castiel is walking across the war room with two cups of coffee. His hands start shaking and his vision goes blurry. It gets so bad he drops the cups and grabs his head with one hand, the other leaning on a chair for support)


(Dean and Sam run over)

DEAN Cas? Cas? Hey.

CASTIEL Something’s happened. Something…

Angel radio… There are so many voices.

SAM What are they saying?

CASTIEL There’s been a massive surge in celestial energy.

A Nephilim is come into being.

It’s the offspring of an angel and a human.

DEAN And that’s big news?

CASTIEL Yes, but the power to produce this is immense.

It’s much, much greater than a typical angel.

SAM Lucifer.

DEAN W— Lucifer?

I didn’t know he was dating.

(Sam and Dean are in the Imapla. Castiel is in the back seat. They pass a sign that reads ‘Indianapolis 50’)

SAM (on his cell phone) Yeah, and hey, Crowley?

Uh, find out from your government mole if there’s a girlfriend or a mistress or a favorite hooker.

Someone we don’t know about.

Got it. All right.

Crowley and Rowena will meet us in Indianapolis.

Do we have a plan?

DEAN Impeach LOTUS and find Rosemary’s Baby.

(The Impala turns at an intersection. A police officer sees this and picks up his cell phone. A black SUV comes up behind the Impala with a siren blaring siren and lights flashing. It pulls in front of the Impala. Dean pulls over and exits the Impala as Rick and two other men exit the SUV)

DEAN Aw, crap.

(to Castiel) All right. Stay here. We got this.

SAM (Walking towards the men) Gentlemen, is there a problem?

DEAN (flashes his FBI badge) Federal Agents, guys. We need to keep going.

RICK And I need 6 grand by Saturday, but that ain’t happening either.

SAM You guys know who you’re talking to?

RICK Winchesters.

You make those toy badges in craft class on the psyche ward?

Nice car, by the way. Really stands out.

(Rick pulls a gun out of his waist band. Dean grabs his arm and punches him in the face))

SAM Hey.

Wait a second now.

(The two men approach Sam. He grabs one and slams him into the Impala. The second one approaches and Sam turns and punches him. The three continue to fight as Dean and Rick are struggling over the gun.)
DEAN Let him go. Now.

(Rick gets the gun from Dean and steps away, pointing it at Dean. Sam has one man in a headlock. When Rick aims at Dean, Sam lets the man go. Sam and Dean stand with their hands raised. Castiel walks out from behind the Impala and Rick points his gun at him)

RICK Stop!

Don’t move!

DEAN (holding an arm out to Cas) Cas, don’t.

(As they are standing there, the men turn to watch a black limousine approach the group. Jazz type music is played over the scene. A man exits the limousine and shoots a grenade at the SUV. All the men duck for cover except Cas, who just stands there looking quizzically as the SUV blows up into flames. The man walks towards the aides who are lying on the ground)

MAN (with British accent) You. Angel. Wipe their memories.

(Rick starts to get up and the man kicks him in the face)


(The man turns and approaches Sam, Dean and Castiel)

MAN U.S. government plates. Elite dogcatcher level.

Someone special wants you.

Whose hydrant have you lads been tinkling on?

DEAN I’m sorry. Who the hell are you?

(As the camera pans up the man we see a cross tattoo on the back of his hand)

MAN Oh. Where are my manners?

Arthur Ketch. British Men of Letters.
(Scene change to the Sam, Dean, Cas and Arthur standing around their cars, outside at night in a forest)

ARTHUR So it’s all very simple, really.

Mick Davies asked you to join our effort, which we’re taking international.

My instructions are to strongly encourage a “yes.”

CASTIEL So, what? You’ve just been following us?

ARTHUR Not at all. We’re good dogs. We only come when called.

And he (nodding towards Sam)…called.

DEAN You what?

SAM I-I didn’t, uh… I hung up.

ARTHUR Yes, you did, which made Mr. Davies think that you were in trouble, which you were.

So he rings me. Bing, bang, boom. Meet Bob. He’s your uncle.

Oh, and, um, you’re welcome. Hmm?

DEAN And why should we believe anything that you have to say?

ARTHUR You, Halo.

Do you sense I’m lying?

CASTIEL My name is Castiel.



But the truth can be situational.


Oh, I do enjoy an angel.

But I understand your hesitation. You haven’t exactly seen us at our best.

Lady Bevell is a bit… excitable.

DEAN She tried to kill us.

ARTHUR Like I said, excitable.

SAM And you’re better?

ARTHUR I don’t care about you one way or the other.

I’m not an ideologue.

CASTIEL And all you wanna do is help these American Hunters to clear this country of monsters?

ARTHUR We understand things are different here.

We’re eager to collaborate.

The British Men of Letters are centuries old, lads. We can offer expertise, weaponry, skills.

SAM Like we saw out on the road?

ARTHUR I’m an artist, Mr. Winchester.

(Arthur hold up his key remote and pops open the trunk of his car)

ARTHUR I paint in many colors.

DEAN Was that a grenade launcher?



ARTHUR (leaning into the trunk) Our engineers have spent years blending sorcery and technology.

For instance, we don’t always decapitate vampires.

Inefficient, really, especially for large nests.

(Arthur pulls a weapon out of the trunk)

ARTHUR We irradiate them, reorder their DNA. Their own blood becomes lethal to them.

SAM Cool.

ARTHUR Mm. The toys are the fun part, hmm?

(Arthur take an object out of a case in the trunk. It looks like a large golden egg with ancient symbols etched into it)

ARTHUR Hyperbolic Pulse Generator.

Exorcisms are unreliable. This device emits a force which drives the possessing demon from the vessel.

SAM What about a, uh, possessing angel?

ARTHUR And what might you boys be working on?

DEAN Well, you want us to trust you, you’re gonna have to trust us first.

ARTHUR And that means?

(Back in the bunker Crowley watches Dean take the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator out of a cloth bag)

CROWLEY So you’re gonna pop Lucifer out of the President with that?

DEAN I hope so. Otherwise, we’re all dead.

Then Rowena zaps him back to the cage. Of course, we gotta get him here first.

SAM Yeah. We need to get ahold of this, uh, secret girlfriend Crowley found out about.


Of course, she’s in that mansion with the President, which is guarded like a fortress.

Only one of us has a chance of getting in there.

(Sam, Dean, Castiel, Rowena and Castiel all look at Crowley)

CROWLEY Bollocks.

(Scene change to Kelly talking hurriedly on the phone in the pool house of the President’s compound)

KELLY Yes, I’m pregnant.

I don’t know when, Sheri.

I don’t know how. I just know that I am.

CROWLEY (off-screen) Hello, darling.

(Kelley turns around as Crowley puts a hand on her shoulder)

This is going to sting a bit.

(In a hotel room)

KELLY (nervously) No, no, you’re making it up. It’s impossible.

DEAN Well, to be fair, so is teleporting.


KELLY Who are you people?

ROWENA Well, dear, I’m a witch.

He’s an angel. (Castiel bows)

CROWLEY (raising his hand) And I’m the King of Hell.

KELLY Oh, God.

CASTIEL No, actually, he left.

SAM Okay, guys, not helping.

KELLY You—you can’t. He’s the President.

He was, but now…

Tell me he hasn’t been acting different.

KELLY Jeff’s been under a lot of stress. He…

CRWOLEY Wrong. He’s the Devil.

Horns, pitchfork, the whole nine.

SAM Crowley, still not helping.

Listen, we know what we’re talking about here.

We have been on Lucifer’s trail for a long time.

ROWENA And we know you’re pregnant with his child.

KELLY That’s—that’s—you’re lying.

CASTIEL The thing inside you, it’s unholy.

(Castiel opens a nightstand drawer and pulls out a bible)

CASTIEL It’s an abomination.

KELLY That’s n—

CASTIEL (holding the Bible in front of Kelly Place your hand here.

(Her handprint is seared into the cover of the Bible and erupts in flames. Dean brings over a trash can and pitcher of water and Cas drops the Bible into it. Dean pours the water onto the bible)


Oh, no.

DEAN Does he even know you’re knocked up?

KELLY Yes, he…

He said he was thrilled.

He said it was the only time he ever created anything.

SAM Kelly…we need your help.


(At the President’s compound)

LUCIFER (pacing around) “I grant a full pardon…”

Hmm. (grinning)

“…to Charles Manson.”

(Cell phone on the table buzzes and Lucifer picks it up)

LUCIFER Kelly. (Lucifer’s expression turns stern as he listens to Kelly. Two black SUV’s pull away from the President’s compound and into the ‘Plains Motel’ parking lot. A guard gets out of the SUV and walks over to Lucifer who is sitting in the back. Lucifer rolls down the car window))
GUARD Sir, we agreed to keep this small like you asked.

We’re gonna go inside, run a quick sweep.

LUCIFER Absolutely. Wouldn’t want anything happening to me.

(The guard walks to the hotel room door. Kelly opens it and the guards walk in)

GUARD Ms. Kline.

(The guards search the room. Sam, Dean and Rowena are waiting in an adjacent room. One man opens a closet and finds Castiel standing there. Cas places two fingers on the guard’s temple)

CASTIEL There’s no one in here but Kelly.

Go wait in your car.

GUARD It’s clear.

Let’s go.

(The guards leave the room. Lucifer’s guard approaches his window)

GUARD There’s no one in there but Kelly.

We’ll wait in the car.

(Lucifer exits the SUV and goes to the hotel room door. Kelly opens it)


Kelly, what’s wrong?

KELLY I told you on the phone.

I can’t have this baby.

(Lucifer grabs Kelly around the neck and slams her into a wall)

LUCIFER I’m afraid I’ll have to insist.

(His eyes glow red as he chokes Kelly. Sam bursts out of the adjacent room holding the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator. He places his hand on a sigil that was painted on the inside of the door he came through.)

LUCIFER (Annoyed)


SAM Vade retro.

LUCIFER We’ve done this dance so many times.

SAM Princeps Inferni.

(The Hyperbolic Pulse Generator starts to glow and Lucifer looks worried. He walks away from Kelly and towards Sam. The Hyperbolic Pulse Generator shoots a white light at Lucifer’s chest, driving him away. A strong wind is created by the light stream coming out of the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator. Sam is struggling to keep his place as Dean bursts into the room)


(Lucifer sweeps his arm towards Dean and Rowena but nothing happens. Light bulbs are popping as the stream of light continues to pulsate into Lucifer)

DEAN Rowena, now!

(Rowena is standing over a table with a large bowl and candles on it. She drops something into the bowl and flames erupt)

ROWENA Mah tay, ez loh, say tah!

(The light pulse continues for several seconds as the wind and noise pick up on the room. Lucifer face starts to crack and light can be seen under his skin)

LUCIFER (yelling) This isn’t over, Sam!

SAM (yelling) Go to Hell!

ROWENA Mah tay, ez loh, say tah!

Mah tay, ez loh, say tah!

(A stream of white light streams out of Lucifer’s mouth, swirls around the hotel room and down into a heating vent. The room goes quiet. With Lucifer out of his body Jeff collapses to the floor. Castiel goes to him)
CASTEIL He’s alive. He won’t remember a thing.

KELLY Oh, Jeff. Oh, my God.


Oh, my God.

SAM We gotta go. Get her out of here. Go.

KELLY Wait, wait.

SAM Kelly, you gotta go. Go.

DEAN We got him.

We got Lucifer.

(Outside the hotel room the security guards are approaching the door with guns drawn. Inside, Jeff starts to rouse)

SAM Mr. President?

DEAN Okay. All right. Take it easy, Tiger.

GUARD (off-screen) Mr. President!

– On your feet! – Hands on your heads!

(Castiel and Kelly leave out a back door as the guards enter the hotel room)

SAM- Whoa. GUARDS- Hands on your heads!

SAM Okay, listen, we were just trying to—

GUARD Shut up!

You’re under arrest for the attempted assassination of the President of the United States.

(As one black SUV pulls away from the hotel a heavy duty armored vehicle pulls in. Sam and Dean are taken out of the hotel room in handcuffs. Rick looks on as they are loaded into the armored car. Sam and Dean look at each other worriedly)

Radio voice off screen-Look good from here.

(Cas and Kelly are sitting in a diner)

KELLY I’m sorry. I just…I need a minute.

(Kelly goes towards ladies restroom. She hesitates at the door and when Cas isn’t looking she sneaks out the front door. As she crosses the parking lot she takes out her cell phone. Castiel starts to get nervous and stands outside the restroom door)


Kelly, are you all right?

(In the parking lot Kelly gets into a cab)


(As Castiel opens the restroom door his cell phone rings)


KELLY (in the cab) Castiel…

I can’t do it.


I can feel it inside me.

I’m its mother.

CASTIEL Kelly, you listen to me. This is not a baby.

This is the spawn of Lucifer.

KELLY It’s my child.

(Kelly hangs up)

CASTIEL No, no. Kelly, you…

(As Castiel runs out of the diner the scene closes on Sam and Dean in the armored car as it drives down the road)

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