Exclusive Interview: Supernatural Greece talks with Jim Beaver

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Exclusive Interview: Supernatural Greece talks with Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver photo with supernatural greece

On May 6-8 Supernatural‘s Bobby Singer, aka Jim Beaver, was in Athens, Greece. SPN fan site Supernatural Greece seized the opportunity to contact him and ask for an interview. Truth be told, we never expected him to say yes. But, not only did he agree to meet us in Plaka (near the Acropolis), he also suggested we went out for a coffee!

Three of the Supernatural Greece editors, Orestis, Sofia and Debora, and Natasa, a fan of the show, who will travel with us to the SPN Convention in Rome later this month, were there to interview Jim Beaver. A little reminder that we will be reunited with Jim at JIBCON6!

We met up on May 6th at 7pm and we kept talking for more than two hours; and the only thing all of us have to say is that he is an amazing, warm-hearted human being. He is a man who traveled half the globe to come to Greece and on that same day he accepted an invitation from us, ignoring the fatigue and the unavoidable jet lag. He is a man who spent time with us on the eve of his 26th wedding anniversary (his wife passed away in 2004). He was cheerful the entire time we were talking and, to our surprise, he proved to be quite humorous! One of the funniest moments of our evening with Jim Beaver came when Orestis (the head of Supernatural Greece) placed the order to the waitress and Jim turned around looking surprised and said to him: “Your Greek is really good!” 🙂

While we were sitting there it was hard to fathom that we were actually in the company of Jim Beaver! Our beloved Bobby from Supernatural! Yet, everything felt so familiar and he made us feel so welcome, it was like talking to an old friend. Several times we even caught ourselves not worrying about our English which is not our first language. After this encounter we’ll never be able to look at his roles the same again.

After a mini ‘bar brawl’ we realized that Jim has a little (read: a lot) of Bobby Singer in him, as he wouldn’t let us pay for our drinks. So, we get to brag that Bobby Singer bought us coffee! 😉

After we thanked him for being there with us, the interview started. Most of our questions came from the Greek fans of the show.

Jim got to ask the first questions…

JIM BEAVER (JB): What else do you do other than the Supernatural fan site?
ORESTIS (Ο): Lack of money prevents us from doing all the things we would like to do every day. Unfortunately, we don’t even have the luxury of going out regurarly for drinks or coffee. But we do have other options: we hang out at friends′ houses, we watch a lot of movies and TV-shows… Plus, us Greeks, we love sports; football, basketball, working out at the gym, etc. It’s hard living in Greece amidst all these economic problems, but we get by.

JB: Yeah, I’ve heard some things on the news.
Ο: We try to look on the bright side and not let the recession get us down. We wake up each morning smiling and thinking positive.

JB: Do you really play basketball here in Greece?
Ο: Sure! We have two of the strongest European teams, Panathinaikos and Olympiakos!
JB: Seriously? I know none of them. Then again, I don’t even know the American teams!

Ο: Was it your choice or the producers′ to leave Supernatural ?
JB: It was the producers’. I was quite disappointed but it was good drama. I cried when I ‘died’.

Ο: How does it feels to say goodbye to a family like this one? You had been on the show since Season 1. It wasn’t the final goodbye, you get to come back for guest spots. How was it to say goodbye to Jensen, Jared and Misha?
JB: Who? I don’t pay much attention during shoots. {laughs}

JB: When they told me that Bobby was going to die I was very unhappy and then they said ‘don’t worry you are coming back as a ghost’. So I thought Bobby would die and he comes back as a ghost and we continue. And when we were filming Death’s Door, they made a big video – tribute to Bobby and they brought the whole cast and crew together and showed it to me and it was a big surprise and then I thought ‘Oh I’m dead, I’m really dead’. I thought I was gonna be back all the time as a ghost and the I realized ‘no they’re saying goodbye. And then I came back for a few episodes as a ghost. It was hard because I love the show, I love working with them and I love the role, but it turned out pretty good in some ways because I got a lot of other really good work, a lot of other jobs I could not have done if I was still doing Supernatural so I was happy about those, but I miss working with them. 

Ο: I understand that for us fans it’s difficult to say goodbye to a character, especially if we love them. But I think for the actor it’s even more difficult. When people tell me that Supernatural should end because it’s been running for so long, I always give them the same reply: “You can’t tell someone to stop doing something that they love and that has become part of their life. They love what they do, its their job and they love it.” When I come across an interview of one of you guys, it warms my heart. Because I know you love what you do. It’s not just a tv-show.
JB: We have so much fun doing the show and it’s like you say, it’s like a family. And, when I go back, usually I go back only for 1 or 2 days and so, I go back we all say ‘Hello’ and then next day we all say ‘Goodbye’. Last time I went back I didn’t even work with Jared and Jensen, I only worked with Misha but I got to see them so it was ok. It’s disappointing…

Ο: Have you kept in touch with the other actors?
JB: A little bit. Not a lot. They’re in Vancouver all the time and I am in Los Angeles and when they’re working, that’s all they do is work. It’s long hours. Acting is a strange proffesion, when you are working together you are very, very close or you hate each other; but in our show we are very close and then, when we are not there, it’s like we know we are close but we don’t do a lot of talking and then we go back and it’s wonderful. I will see some of them, I don’t know how many, next week, in Rome. That will be wonderful.

Ο: Almost everyone will be there, so will we. This will be our first convention and we’re really excited about it.
JB: Never been to a Convention?
NATASA (N): No, never.
JB: I was in the hotel this morning where the convention is (In Rome) and it was funny because I walked through the hotel, nodoby pays any attention and next week… It’s a weird world. {Laughs}

JΒ: I wanna be brown again. When I go to conventions I like looking like Bobby. I’ll take all the white off and reveal the brown. I like the conventions, I have a lot of fun. Everybody gets really tired and sometimes sick because there are so many people and then we go home and just sleep. But it’s fun. We get to go to places we would never go. I mean, I don’t know if I would ever come to Greece if I weren’t going to Rome next week. Because it’s on the other side of the world.

Ν: Will Jared and Jensen ever come to Greece?
JB: Sure! They might not be telling anybody, they might keep it a secret. You know when Jared went to Brazil a few years ago for vacation, he didn’t even tell anybody he was going. And at the airport there were thousands of people and they almost ripped him to  pieces. Well, that doesn’t happen to me. When I landed in Athens today there were 4 people at the airport. I don’t know why anyone would want to find me.
Ο: Because we love you!
JB: OK, I get that, {Laughs}
Ο: Look, for us, the characters of Supernatural are heroes. We’ve been watching their story for 10 years now. The mere opportunity for a Greek to see you or talk to you is amazing on its own.
JB: I’m happy about it. It’s still seems very strange to me but I’m happy about it, I like it. There was a fan who was tweeting while I was having dinner, she was trying to figure out where I was, and I could tell from her tweets she was getting closer. I can’t say ‘yeah you are right I’m here’, but I hate to disappoint people too.

JB: How far did you have to come?
Ο: 30 minutes give or take.
JB: Athens is very spread out. 3 million people here?
Ο: 3-3,5 million.
JB: It’s about the same as Los Angeles! I don’t remember how many there are in Los Angeles. I didn’t realize Athens was so big.
Ο: How did you get here from the airport?
JB: On foot.
Ν: From the airport? To here?
JB: You don’t believe me?
N: No!
JB: I wanted to take the metro, but someone told me it wasn’t working, so I took a cab.
Ο: It was best you didn’t take the metro because a lot would recognize you and you wouldn’t have been able to get off.

JB: No. I was in a little shop about an hour ago and the lady who run the shop was like “Oh, oh, how are you?”. I said that I’m fine and she said “It’s so good to see you” and I said “thank you”. And she said “when did you get back?” and I said “back?” She said “you were here the day before yesterday, right?”. I said no and she said “Oh, I thought you were somebody else.” So, probably the metro, no problem.

Ο: I want you to tell me in one word what Supernatural means to you.
JB: Drachma! {Laughs} No, no. One word? Fun. I have so much fun doing it. Even when it’s dark and dramatic stuff, I have a lot of fun. 

Jim Beaver wore a hat out of the Anniversary products for the 10 years of Supernatural…

Ο: What happens during shooting? We have seen a lot and extensive gag reels. They do a lot of pranks. We have even seen Misha and Jensen getting ‘cake′d’.
JB: Oh yes, right, when he was director. That’s why I don’t direct.
Ν: Would you like to?
JB: No. Too much work. The director is there before and after the actors. I go in I say my lines and then I lie down. {Laughs}

jim beaver interview supernatural greece athens sophia

Ο: How does it feel being inside the Impala? We love that car. Is everything real? Is that purring sound a special effect?
JB: No, everything is real. There are several Impalas, depending on what they want to do with them. Some of them don’t work very well, but they look really good, and some of them don’t look as good but they run really fast, they’re good for that. Sometimes they have to hurt it. […] I drove it once in the episode Yellow Fever.
Ο: Ah, yes. The episode featuring Eye of the Tiger and Dean screaming because of a cat.
JB: Yeah, yeah, I remember. That day I drove one of the cars.
Ο: It must be really big.
JB: Yeah, it’s a big car. In the 60s, cars were pretty big. It’s a pretty cool car. I’m sure it just drinks gasoline. Mainly on the show I drove my own car, but I didn’t like driving it so much, because the gear shift was toο close to the dashboard, and when I put it in hard, I hurt my fingers. 

Ο: I’d like to ask you about a past project of yours: Harper’s Island. I’ve watched the show and I really liked it. Only 13 episodes and it was great. Our very own Ruby also starred, the blonde one.
JB: Yes, Katie!
Ο: What was the experience on that show?

JB: Everyone dies on that show.
Ο: Spoilers…
JB: It’s not a big spoiler. Everyone had to die on that show.
Ο: Why was there only one season?
JB: We were all dead!
Ο: Yeah, that was a problem. Was that in the original contract for the show to last only one season or did the ratings drop?
JB: It was planned for one season. When they asked me to do it, I was a little nervous, because shooting took place in Vancouver. I’d have to live there and I couldn’t, because my daughter went to school in Los Angeles and it wouldn’t have been easy to move her around. And they told me that I shouldn’t worry because I was going to die. In Harper’s Island when you’re dead, you stay dead. You don’t come back as a ghost. I did come back in a flashback, though. The show was a good experience, it was really weird, because none of us knew who the killer was. We didn’t even know if we are the killer!
Ο: That would have been difficult when performing.
JB: It was hard! Am I good or not? And after several episodes we’d realise ‘Ok, he was good all along.’ It was hard and weird. We didn’t even know if we were going to die. Every week the producers would call someone to tell them they were going to die. So, no one picked up their phones on Fridays! {laughs} I felt really good there. It was fun, it was an interesting idea.

Ο: Let’s move on to your future projects. We’ve been waiting for a movie you’re in, alongside Tom Hiddleston.
JB: Tom Hiddleston?
Ο: Yes, yes, he plays Loki if I’m not mistaken?
JB: I’ve heard something like that, how would I know?  {laughs}
JB: He is a nice boy.

Ο: I’ve read in an interview you’ve given that he’s like a son to you.
JB: He’s like a son and my brother. He was amazing, I loved working with him. Sometimes big stars are not good kids. But, Tom is great, very special. I had a lot of fun. The film takes us back to the 19th century, in England and the US. It’s a ghost story. Have you seen the trailer?
Ο: Yes, of course.
JB: It looks really scary and it’s really well-designed. The costumes are amazing. Stephen King said this is the scariest movie he’s ever seen, so…
Ο: Guillermo Del Toro is the director?
JB: Yeah, director and producer. He’s amazing, I think it’s a really good movie.

Ο: What other projects do you have going on?
JB: For the time being, I have nothing.
Ο: You’ll return on Supernatural? I believe so…
JB: I don’t know… They haven’t said anything to me.
Ο: Should we believe that?
JB: Don’t believe anything I say.
Ο: Last time we saw you, that was in episode 17 of Season 10. During the last scene we saw Bobby being taken away by the angels. That can’t be the end of Bobby’s story.
JB: I don’t know.
Ο: Something tells me we’ll see you again on the season 10 finale.
JB: I don’t know. Remember the episode Slash Fiction?
Ο: In Season 7.
JB: There was a Leviathan prisoner in the basement. Do you remember how I went up the stairs and kissed Sheriff Mills? I didn’t think this scene would make it to the episode, I thought they would cut it.
Ο: The kiss was not scripted?
JB: No, no. At that moment I thought ‘something must happen now’. I don’t think the writers will leave something like this without a proper ending.

Ο: So, 11 seasons for Supernatural…
JB: I think we’ll go for 12.
Ο: Do you know something?
JB: No, I don’t know anything. I just know that everyone thinks of it as their home. I don’t mean I don’t think it will go pass that, I just mean it will go at least 12. Jensen told me that they had a big party for the 200th episode and the president of the network was talking to him and Jensen said “Wow, can you believe it? 200 episodes”, and the president said “yes, half way there!” I don’t know if he was serious or not.

Ο: It will be hard for us when all this ends. On our site we write episode reviews, comments, analyses and theories. We host radio shows, and it’s been 3 years now that we host spn-parties in Athens and Thessaloniki. Many people attend, we listen to music from the show, we cosplay, sing karaoke and have fun!
JB: Why did you never invite me?
SOFIA (S): Would you come?
Ο: On May 23, in a few days that is, we’ll have our next big party. You’re more than welcome!
JB: In two weeks? My daughter would kill me. She has a concert on May 23. But, from what I hear, it’s like a convention.
S: Yes, yes!

jim beaver interview supernatural greece athens natasa

We gave Jim a poster of our Christmas Party in Thessaloniki as souvenir

JB: {looks at the poster} Hey, Benedict Cumberbatch! I feel like I know him, although I’ve never met him. He was supposed to play the part that Tom Hiddlestone plays in Crimson Peek, but something came up and he couldn’t do it.
Ο: Do you watch Sherlock;
JB: Yeah, it’s terrific, wonderful!

Ο: What other shows do you watch?
JB: I watch House of Cards. Justified, and I’m obsessed with a show… I don’t know if you have this here, it’s called “Air disasters”. {laughs} It’s a show about plane crashes. 

At this point, we asked Jim if we could call Natasa’s sister, Savvina, on the phone, so she could talk with him. Savvina is a big fan of Supernatural. Jim gladly accepted. 

Ο: Don’t be scared if she screams.
JB: I’m used to screams, I’ve been in Supernatural.

Ο: Do you know any spoilers for the Season 10 finale?
JB: I don’t know anything. I don’t even know that there’s going to be a finale as Sam and Dean die in episode 22. Only Cas remains in episode 23. What will he do on his own?

Ο: What is your favorite episode in the show?
JB: It’s hard to pick one. ‘Weekend at Bobby′s’ was a lot of fun. ‘Death′s Door’ was so dramatic. I really liked ‘Dead Men Don′t Wear Plaid’. But I think my favorite episode is ‘Weekend at Bobby′s’.
O: Directed by Jensen Ackles.
JB: Yeah, that was the first episode he directed.

O: Do you watch the show?
JB: Sometimes.

Ο: What was the last episode you watched?
JB: 10×17. I have a 13-year-old daughter, I don’t have much time. Usually, if have free time, I’d rather watch a movie. I watch Supernatural once in a while. The last 3 years it’s not like I don’t watch the show because I am not on it, I’ve just usually been busy with other things. When I went back for episode 17 of season 10 all the stuff about the Man of Letters? I didn’t know that was. I still don’t know what it is. On the show, Sam starts telling Bobby all about it and then it fades out and then Bobby goes “So, ok, that’s happening”, expect he never really told me. There was an episode in season 3 or 4, I don’t remember the name of it. We found a family that died, watching television. They were all sitting at the sofa. We run around putting salt on the windows and doors and I turned to Jensen and I said “Why are we doing this?”, cause I didn’t know what it was. And he said “haven’t you watched the show?”. I said “not really, no.” {Laughs} He said “you need to catch up”. So I went to the producers and I asked for the DVDs. I started watching them and 3 days later they called and said “Are you finished? We need the DVDs back.” I had to give them back so I never finished the seasons.

Ο: If you weren’t cast as Bobby, who would you choose to play?
JB: Who gets the most girls? Sam or Dean?
S: Dean.
JB: Then, Dean!

Ο: How did it feel returning in Season 10?
JB: It was wonderful! I was really happy to be back, I was really disappointed that they shot everything in one day, so I didn’t have much time to hang around. But, I got to be there for a day and a half. When I go back, I like going back for the whole episode. 

Ο: Which was the most emotional scene of Bobby with the Winchesters?
JB: Well, I had some great scenes with them, but most of the most emotional scenes were with one or the other. There was a scene in season 2 when Bobby finds out that Dean sold his soul. That was a good one!

jim beaver interview supernatural greece athens orestis

Ο: Have you ever imagined the perfect ending for the show?
JB: No. {laughs}. What is yours?
S: They die, they go to Heaven and reunite with all their loved ones. The Winchesters smiling.
JB: Very good idea.

Ο: Now a funny question. Did you actually use tongue in your kiss with Crowley?
JB: NO!!! {laughs} A big fat no! He tried…

Ο: Would you like to return to Supernatural for good?
JB: Yeah! I’d love it! I mean, there’s been great stuff since Bobby died, but, in the big picture, I wish he hadn’t. But, it was a good drama, a good story. 

Ο: What do you love most about the character of Bobby?
JB: He is so handsome. {Laughs} He is courageous, smarter and braver than me…

Ο: Your first episode was back in Season 1. Did you expect to last that long and be in so many episodes after that?
JB: My character was just for 1 episode. I don’t think the producers knew either. I don’t think they planned it. I was a replacement for an actor who was unavailable. The character of Missouri was supposed to be in Devil’s Trap but she had another job and she couldn’t do it. They said “let’s create a new character that can do the same job”. So they created Bobby and that was the end of Missouri.  

Ο: Would you come live in Greece permanently? With your family of course.
S: He’s been here for only 3 hours!
JB: I’ve been here for 6 hours. But, from what I can tell, it’s gorgeous, it’s beautiful and the people I’ve met are really nice. It seems like an amazing place.
Ο: What are your plans these days?
JB: I’ll leave Friday morning. I’m going to Santorini for 4 days. 

Ο: What has Supernatural taught you?
JB: Family don’t end with blood…

Ν: Who is your favorite villain on the show?
S: Dick?
JB: No, no. I like James, but not Dick. I think my favorite is Crowley. He is a bad kisser but… {Laughs} Sheriff Mills is a much better kisser. {Laughs}

Ο: How was is playing a Leviathan in one episode?
JB: It was weird. It was fun. But weird, because I was playing the same scene with myself. That was odd. I think my favorite villain was when that earworm took over Bobby. I liked playing that. It was a hard episode, because everybody on the show was sick. We were all sick. There were guys that went to the hospital. I thought I was gonna die. Jensen thought he was gonna die. Everybody gets sick except Jared. But it worked out well in one scene, because I had this horrible cold in my throat and {in the voice of evil Bobby} it helped it change my voice.

Ο: Which is your favorite character, besides Bobby?
JB: It’s hard to say. I love sheriff Mills, I love Bobby’s wife, Karen Singer. But that’s probably because I love working with those 2 actresses. There’s a lot of fun. But I can’t split out Sam and Dean. I can’t say what’s my favorite character because I had fun with all of them and I think I had some of my best scenes with Dean. Dean and Bobby had the hard talks. 
Ο: So, Sheriff Mills.
JB: Good kisser!

Ν: Jared and Jensen prank everyone on the set. Have they pranked you?
JB: There are not that many pranks.
S: I don’t believe this. {laughs}
JB: There’s a lot of goofing around. I’ve only done 57 episodes, that’s a little more than 25%. So I haven’t been there for every one of them. But in my experience, there’s little stuff. The main thing they do with me is that, every time I have a scene in bed, in a hospital bed or something, Jared always twisted my toes, while I tried to be dramatic. He’s always trying to make me laugh. Never good at it. He’s making many people laugh, but I made the mistake early on of not breaking up when he is doing something. And now he just tries harder. It’s a challenge for him. But I don’t call these things pranks. They’re not planned. Jared and Jensen both like making people laugh.
S: They’re like two grown-up children.
JB: Yeah, and I’m wondering when we get to season 20 they’re gonna be old men and they’ll still act like kids. But, you know, that’s good.

Ο: Let’s believe that you’re not going to return in Season 10, as you said. Do you think that you’ll return on the show eventually?
JB: Yes, I think I’ll be back. I don’t know when.
Ο: In 10×17, Bobby’s story ended on a cliffhanger.
JB: Yeah, but you know that was episode 17, by the time of episode 23, everybody forgets about that cliffhanger, there are 5 or 6 other cliffhangers to worry about.
Ο: We do not forget though.
JB: The fans never forget. But I’m talking about the writers “oh don’t worry about that, it was a long time ago.” Sometimes I think things like cliffhangers, if they don’t get dealt right away, it may be a problem.

Sofia’s phone rings on the tune of “Carry on my wayward son
JB: I’ve heard that song somewhere before.

Ο: Did you watch the 200th episode?
JB: Yeah, I saw that. It was cool, funny. 

Ο: How did it feel not being there?
JB: I wanted to be there. They keep doing these really fun episodes that I don’t get to be there for, like French Mistake. I wanted to be in that so bad. I was supposed to be in it, but the script was too long and they cut out some scenes. I thought Bobby was very pretty on 200th episode, not as pretty as me, but close. I have a friend who was in that episode, the girl who was the stage manage.

JB: In Greece do you watch it in English or in Greek?
Σ: In English.
JB: In Brazil, I think, they watch the show in Portuguese and I’m always wondering what they’re doing with “Idjits”.

Ο: How does it feel being such a big part of Supernatural; A show that, in its 11th season, has become the longest-running fantasy TV-show in the US?
JB: It’s pretty amazing to be part of something that has this kind of international effect. The first time I did it, I didn’t even know what it was. I thought it as just a simple job. But later, I realized that it’s a really good show. The material was good, the scenes were good, the script was good. All the things an actor is looking for. I didn’t expect that, at first. It turned out to be not only a good show, but a consistently good show. It was smart, funny. I had a lot of human connections. I was at my first con and some fans were talking to me about the show and they said something I thought was really interesting, they said that they would watch the show even if it didn’t have Supernatural stuff, they would watch it just for the relationships. I thought that that was really interesting. They really opened my eyes to what the fans were seeing in the show. Supernatural is very smart because anybody can do a show with special effects and monsters, but it takes a little more to write something that grabs people by the heart. And keeps them engaged.

Ο: Is there a specific monster that you’d like to see in the show, from any mythology? One that we’ve never seen before?
JB: Right before they decided to kill me, I wrote a script.
Ο: A script for the show?
JB: Yeah. I had a great idea. And a pretty good story involving a monster that they have never used before. They still haven’t. I’m not gonna tell anybody what it was.
Ο: Why?
JB: Because they’ll use it and I still have hopes of maybe figure out a way to do something with it. The script takes place in Bobbys’ house, which is in ashes. It was a monster of the Greek Mythology.

Ο: We have seen many Greek elements on the show. Monsters and books. In one episode we even learned that Bobby knows Greek. Sam also spoke Greek in one episode.

Ο: Why does Bobby have the name of one of the producers?
JB: It started out as a little joke. In the first episode I was in, my name was just Bobby. They didn’t give me a last name. But the guys in the art department put ‘Singer’ in for fun. They do that all the time for example, Carver Edlund. It’s fun! They did that not realizing that the character is gonna come back and then eventually people will figure out his last name. They were stuck with Bobby Singer. The real Bobby Singer hated the idea.

Ο: What is your favorite TV-show, of the ones you’ve been in?
JB: My favorite TV show is the one I did before Supernatural, Deadwood. It was so smart, and so well-done and I’m so proud to be part of it. I mean, I feel the same way with Supernatural. But there was something about Deadwood that makes it unique and I think it would be my favorite show ever, even if I wouldn’t be on it. 

O: Your favorite film?
JB: My favorite movie is The Searchers, by John Ford.

Ο: I have a passion for superheroes. What your opinion on them? Do you watch films?
JB: I was a Superman fan. I grew up with him. Now, to me it seems like over-killed. How much they can do? Flying around and beat on each other. We’ve seen it. When I was a kid, there was nothing like that. Superman was on TV, but it was a very unexpensive show and without much special effects. But now everything that every kid dreamt of, has seen it in a superhero movie. I’m not sure what else to do. Ι object to the way some of it has gone so dark. So, I didn’t like what they did with Man of Steel. It seemed like a lot of smashing. I’m not going to the movies to see just noise.

Ο: Your favorite superhero?
JB: Superman. I had comics and staff. I wish I still had them.
Ο: What did you do with them?
JB: My mother threw them away! 

Ο: You have a 13-year-old daughter. What’s it like for her to see you on TV?
JB: She doesn’t watch Supernatural with me. Sometimes with her friends. I think mainly she laughs with me; I think she thinks it’s very funny that I’m supposed to be tough, brave, strong, and she laughs. She is a little proud, but I don’t think she would ever tell me.

Ο: We’re all proud of you, nonetheless… Of you, and of all the actors of Supernatural.
JB: Thank you. We work really hard on the show, we are happy about it.  Even when we are goofing around a lot, everybody is doing the best for this show. We are pretty happy about Supernatural.

Ο: What are the similarities between you and Bobby?
JB: Bobby is smarter, and braver. He is a little more cynical. I think we are both romantics underneath and we are both sarcastic. Our senses of humor are similar.
Ο: In your everyday life do you use words like “Balls” and “Idjits”;
JB: I never used those words before the show. But I only time I use them is when I am on conventions. Sometimes on social media when I say somebody is an idiot and 20 people write back and say “he means idjit.”

Natasa shows Jim Beaver a copy of the book he has authored : “Life’s That Way”. The book focuses on a difficult time in the actor’s life, the passing of his beloved wife, Cecily. Jim seemed surprised that we showed interest in his book. 

Ν: Would you like to talk to us about your book a little? It’s amazing.
JB: Thank you. You’ve read the book, so you know what it’s about. It’s a story of a difficult year of my life, when my wife, Cecily, my Greek-Italian wife Cecily, was diagnosed with lung cancer. It’s starts out as a story of what was happening on us that time, and then became more of what the experience was like and what I was learning from it. What lesson I gained.
Ν: How did you decide to publish it?
JB: At first, it seemed far too personal. I didn’t think anybody else was going to be interested. I knew that this wasn’t true, because so many people were forwarding the e-mail to other people. But also, I didn’t think it was any point, I mean everybody has a sad story. Mine was special to me. But I didn’t know there was any reason that somebody else could find it special. But a number of people tried to convince me not just that it would be interesting, but it would also be helpful to a lot of people. At first, I wasn’t sure about that, but I heard back from so many people who had followed the e-mails, they seemed almost affected by it and some people told me that it helped them. So I thought “well, ok, I can’t really say no if there’s a chance it could be helpful. I am still kinda shocked and surprised that so many people tell me it helped them sometime.

S: As with your book, Supernatural has saved lives.
Ο: Sometimes we say that Supernatural is not just a TV-show. For some people that just sounds stupid. But for some of us, its like a friend, a companion through hardship. I’ve seen lots of posts in the social media of people saying that Supernatural saved their lives. When it was hard for me in my life, Supernatural and our Greek fansite helped me in dealing with my problems. That’s why we love the show. It’s in our heart, keeping it warm. It’s unique to me. I don’t know if you actors can understand all that.
JB: I don’t know if I understand this exactly, but I recognize the fact. I get so many messages from people, I can’t count how many messages I get from people who say they’re suicidal and the show called them back somehow. I don’t understand it but I recognize it. 
Ο: Through our website, we try to help people as much as we can. I remember writing an article about how every single one of us is a hero in life, just like the Winchesters are. In 8×23 Sam wanted to sacrifice himself. He couldn’t understand why not kill himself. But Dean showed him the way. Same goes in life, we have to understand that everyone has people beside them that love them. Supernatural has helped a lot of people.
JB: I’m glad for that. Sometimes, actors think acting is not a very meaningful job for a person and I think that, no, it may be silly sometimes, but I think in the best of times we bring something to people that they might not otherwise have. And I feel good about that. On the first Convention I went to, I was talking to some of the fans about why they came to a convention, why would you do this. And several of them said they would come to the convention even if no actors came.


jim beaver interview supernatural greece athens autograph

Jim Beaver returned to his hotel room to (finally) get some rest. But not before taking pictures with us, and, of course, signing our autographs. He told us he had a really good time. And as for us? This was arguably one of the best afternoons of our lives. An unforgettable experience!

An afternoon with Bobby Singer…


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Jim Chai
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πωπω σεντονι η συνεντευξη 😛 μπραβο παιδια τυπαρας ο jim

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