Σενάριο Supernatural | 12×12 Stuck In The Middle (With You)

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Σενάριο Supernatural | 12×12 Stuck In The Middle (With You)

Written by: Davy Perez

Directed by: Richard Speight, Jr.

Air Date: February 16, 2017


[clip from 12.08, grenade launcher fired at an SUV, which explodes as CASTIEL stands by watching]
DEAN: I’m sorry. Who the hell are you?
MR. KETCH: Arthur Ketch. British Men of Letters.


[clip from 12.08, SAM, DEAN, and CASTIEL meeting with KETCH]
DEAN: Was that a grenade launcher? KETCH: Quite. We’re eager to collaborate, but you haven’t exactly seen us at our best.
[clip of Ms. Watt wearing magical brass knuckles and fighting with Dean from 12.01, torturing Sam in 12.01]
SAM: She tried to kill us.
CASTIEL: And all you wanna do is help these American hunters to clear this country of monsters?
[clip of KETCH killing a monster from 12.01]
KETCH: We can offer expertise, weaponry. The toys are the fun part.
[clips of various British Men of Letters weapons from 12.08, followed by a clip from 11.15 of Crowley using the Rod of Aaron against Lucifer, a shot of The Colt, and Dean using it on Azazel in 2.22, Dean with the First Blade and Mark of Cain from 9.16]
[clip of President Rooney with Lucifer’s glowing red eyes, then Crowley talking to Sam with the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator egg in 12.08]
CROWLEY: So you’re gonna pop Lucifer out of the president with that.
[Sam proceeds to pop Lucifer out of the president, then Kelly Kline has her hand on a bible, which catches fire]
ROWENA: We know you’re pregnant.
CASTIEL: This is not a baby. This is the spawn of Lucifer.
KELLY: I can’t do it. I’m its mother.
[clip from 12.09 of Mick Davies talking with Mary, interspersed with flashbacks to Mary’s life including 1.01, Azazel burning her on the ceiling.]
MICK: Let me paint you a picture of a world where no one has to die because of the supernatural.
MARY: I’m listening.


[interior, Raul’s Diner, Ketch carefully measures a spoonful of sugar and stirs it into his tea]
KETCH: So. Tell me a story.

Title Card: 5:20 PM

[interior, Raul’s Diner. “Lover Boy” by Toodlum Barker & Emil Lomax plays, Dean, Sam, Cas, Mary, and Wally order dinner]
DEAN: Mandy. That short for Amanda?
DEAN: Yeah, I’ll– I’ll go with the cheeseburger.
WALLY: Oh, yeah.
SAM: Hey, what’s the, uh, wifi password here?
MANDY: Extra cheese.
DEAN: No, no. Just, uh, as it is, is fine.
MANDY: That’s the password. “Extra Cheese.”
WALLY: You know what, that sounds good. I’m gonna change mine to a cheeseburger as well. Extra cheese. I wanna carbo-load.
MANDY: Cheese isn’t a carb.
CASTIEL: Cheese isn’t a carbohydrate.
WALLY: Mnh, well.
[Mandy smiles at Cas, Cas is confused]
MARY: Steak and eggs. Bloody.
MANDY: And how ‘bout you, handsome?
WALLY: What?
CASTIEL: Um, uh [he studies his menu] uh, Sunrise Special, please.
MANDY: [smiling brightly] Nice.
[Wally watches Mandy leave]
DEAN: [leaning across the table to talk to Cas] Oh, dude, she is into you.
WALLY: Mm hmm.
MARY: Dean…
DEAN: No, this is good. We’ve been looking for teachable moments. This… [clicks tongue]
[Mary’s phone vibrates and beeps]
SAM: Everything all right, Mom?
MARY: Yeah, just a hunter, needs some help.
DEAN: Another one?
MARY: Can’t have too many friends in this line of work.
DEAN: Okay…
SAM: The internet here sucks. I downloaded all the bunker’s files to a new archive, but we’re not getting any signal, so I’m j–
DEAN: [makes snoring noises and pretends to sleep] Nobody cares. Cas, here’s the thing you need to know about waitresses, okay? They get hit on all day long, so you gotta bring your A game. But, upside? [clicks tongue] they always smell like food.
WALLY: [nodding along with Dean, then pointing at him] They always smell like food.
MARY: Okay.
SAM: Is that really an upside? They smell like food?
MARY: Okay– okay…
DEAN: Right? It’s great.
SAM: Why would you want them to smell like food?
MARY: [bangs table] Hey. [everyone goes silent] Screens down, eyes up, shut up.
SAM: Sorry, mom.
WALLY: Sorry.
MARY: Okay, here’s what we know. Our target keeps a tight schedule. He leaves every day at 8:00 p.m. and gets back exactly at 8:45.
DEAN: What’s he doing?
WALLY: Night fishing.
CASTIEL: Wait a minute, you called us to– to kill a demon that likes to fish?
WALLY: Yes, I did. Look, guys. This is all new to me, all right? You got a rugaru problem, hey, I’m your guy. But demons? Hell. Look, I was just passing through and I heard about some cattle mutilations.
SAM: Classic demon sign.
WALLY: I started to dig. A lot of virgins go missing around here, too.
DEAN: Classic horny demon sign.
MARY: Which is why Wally called us, asking for help. So are we all clear on the plan?
[Sam, Dean, and Wally all nod, Wally sighs]
SAM: Incoming. [clears throat]
[Mandy leans between Mary and Cas to refill a coffee cup, Cas leans over to sniff her shoulder, and “Walk With A Winner” by Gene McDaniels plays softly]
DEAN: Hey, Mandy. Question for you. My shy but devastatingly handsome friend here was, uh, just wondering, when do you get off?
MANDY: Whenever I can. [she smiles at Cas]
DEAN: Hey-o!
WALLY: [stifling laugh] Zing!
DEAN: Point 1 for her. Just dropped that on the table.
WALLY: Right in front of all of us, too.
DEAN: Ooh-hoo!
SAM: Wow. All right. Internet’s up. We’re in business.
WALLY: [clears throat] I’m so nervous, I don’t even know if I can eat.
MARY: Everything’s gonna be fine.

[later that night, Mary bursts through a door into a dark room helping an injured Cas to a couch. Cas clutches a bleeding wound in his side, and the music from the diner plays louder]
CASTIEL: Where’s Sam and Dean?
[cut to exterior, front porch of a house, where people are fighting, a woman attacks Wally and pins him against the house, Sam fights with a man and they fall through the porch railing. Wally is losing his struggle, while Sam stabs his attacker with the demon blade and he sparks out]
WALLY: No! No!
SAM: Wally? Is that a– No!
[The demon kills Wally and then turns to Sam with black eyes]
DEMON: I’m gonna be famous. The demon that killed Sam Winchester. They’re gonna tell stories about me.
[she screams and sparks out, Dean stabbed her with an angel blade]
DEAN: Oh, no, they won’t.
[Sam gets up, and he and Dean see that Wally’s dead. Sam slumps against the porch railing to catch his breath]




[organ music plays, Castiel is sitting in his truck listening to the radio]
RADIO: Each of us has a time the physical body dies. We all face God’s judgment in the end. There’s not one of us alive walking on this earthly plane that will not pay the consequence for their actions.
[the Impala pulls into the parking lot, distracting Cas from the radio]
RADIO: The Lord will hold us in the palm of his hand, and he’ll weigh our souls. Brothers and sisters, are you worthy?
[Cas turns off the radio]

Title Card: EARLIER

[Mary get out of the passenger seat of a Jeep and greets Sam and Dean]
SAM: Hey, mom.
MARY: Sam. Dean. [she gestures at Wally] Wally.
SAM: Hi.
[Wally shakes Sam’s hand, and then Dean’s]
MARY: These are my sons.
DEAN: Glad to meet you. She said a lot of good things.
WALLY: Yeah, right back at you, man. Your, uh, your mom’s real proud of you boys.
DEAN: Cas.
MARY: [to Cas] Thanks for coming. I know you’re busy.
CAS: Well, not really.
SAM: So, what? No luck with Lucifer’s kid?
CAS: No, Kelly Kline, it’s like she’s– just disappeared.
WALLY: Lucifer’s kid. That’s a joke, right? The… [Sam, Dean, and Cas turn blank stares on Wally] It’s not a joke.
DEAN: All right, ramblers. Let’s get rambling.
WALLY: Lucifer has a kid.
[slo-mo Reservoir Dogs style walk across the parking lot]

[interior, Raul’s diner, the same scene as earlier, from a slightly different perspective]
SAM: Hey, what’s the, uh, wifi password here?
MANDY: Extra cheese.
MARY: Everyone is clear on the plan?
DEAN: At 10:45, demon comes home. Sam and I will be waiting for him. I’ll pop him with a devil’s trap bullet.
SAM: I’ll finish him off with the demon blade.
CASTIEL: And I will wait at the back with you in case he comes in that way.
WALLY: Cool, cool. What do I do?
DEAN: Keep a lookout. Don’t die.
MARY: Everything is gonna be fine.

[exterior of the house, Castiel is keeping a lookout. Someone peeks out through the window at his back. Sam spray paints a devil’s trap under a rug. Dean loads devil’s trap bullets into his gun. Cas comes in through the back door and looks around.]
[Mary comes through a door and closes it behind her]
CASTIEL: Where were you?
MARY: Bathroom. I get nervous sometimes.
CASTIEL: Urination. I understand.
[Mary’s phone vibrates in her pocket and she rushes to answer it]
MARY: Wally?
WALLY: [on phone] Heads up, Mary. He’s coming back early.

[exterior, shot of a man’s legs as he walks across the grass, whistling “La donna è mobile.” He’s carrying fishing gear, rod and basket. Cut to the interior, we still hear whistling. Cas drops his angel blade into his hand and puts his back to the wall, Mary checks her gun and stands with her back to the opposite wall, Dean is ready with his gun and his back to another wall, Sam is crouched by the door with the demon blade. Dean moves into the center of the doorway ready to fire. The door opens.
Dean shoots the demon as soon as he walks through the door, but he’s unfazed]
DEMON: You mind explainin’ why you broke into my house?
[Dean fires again]
DEMON: I know it wasn’t just to ruin the evening catch. [he kicks the rug off the devil’s trap] Hunters. [chuckles]
[Dean fires repeatedly into his chest, but the demon keeps coming. Sam moves up behind and stabs him in the side with the demon blade. The demon elbows sam and he is thrown into the wall. Dean watches, shocked, as the demon pulls out the knife and examines it.]
DEMON: Well, that didn’t work.
[Mary enters the room, and then Cas steps around the wall from behind Dean, ready to fight.]
DEMON: [sneering] Angel.
[The demon elbows Dean in the face on his way to attacking Cas. He drives Cas into the kitchen and throws him against the cupboards. Sam and Dean try to join the fight, but he uses demon powers to shut the door in their faces. Mary is left standing, holding him at gunpoint.]
[Mary is shocked when the demon’s eyes flash yellow, and he knocks her gun away. Sam and Dean continue to pound on the doors trying to get in.]
DEMON: Hiya, sweetheart.
CASTIEL: [tackling the demon] Run!
[Mary runs out the back door of the house, Castiel is thrown out the window a moment later. Sam and Dean run out the front door, and are joined by Wally running up the path from where he’d been keeping lookout.]
WALLY: Guys, we got a problem.
SAM: Yeah, we know.
WALLY: No, you don’t. Demons incoming.
[Two demons walk up the path toward them]
SAM: All right. [he taps Dean’s shoulder] Get to mom and Cas. We got this. Go.
[Dean leaps over the porch railing]
SAM: You ready?
WALLY: First time for everything.
[Cas crawls across the back lawn, injured, while whistling western music reminiscent of 6.18 plays and the demon pursues him]
DEMON: Been a long time since I’ve seen an angel. Yeah. [he pulls a lance out of thin air behind his back]
[flashes of the fight between Sam, Wally, and the demons from earlier seen in different angles]
DEMON: [readying the lance] Ah. But not long enough.
SAM: Is that a– No! No! No!
[The demon Wally is fighting with kills him, and the scene shifts back to Cas lying in the road as the demon pierces his side with the lance. Cas continues to try to crawl away]
DEMON: Where do you think you’re going, huh?
[the demon laughs as Cas desperately tries to escape now]
DEMON: [stalking Cas with his spear raised] Come on.
[Cas crawls to the edge of the road, and a Jeep hits the demon, sending him flying. Mary gets out of the Jeep and collects Cas.]
MARY: Cas. Oh my.
CASTIEL: Where is he?
MARY: I don’t know.
CASTIEL: Where is he?
MARY: Come on.
[interior, the scene in the barn from the teaser segment, Mary helps Cas to a couch]
MARY: Can you heal yourself?
CASTIEL: I tried. Something’s wrong.
MARY: How bad is it?
[Cas just looks pained and pants heavily, and Mary’s phone vibrates]
MARY: Oh, Sam.
SAM: Hey, where are you?
MARY: Farm down the road. It looks abandoned. Take your first left and drive until you see a barn.
SAM: Yeah, okay. We’re on the way. Are you okay?
[Cas examines his wound, bleeding heavily, and closes his eyes in pain]


Title Card: 9:05 PM

[Sam and Dean barge into the barn where Mary and Cas are holed up]
DEAN: What the hell just happened?
MARY: Where’s Wally?
SAM: Wally, uh…
MARY: Oh, God.
[Cas grunts in pain]
DEAN: Cas?
SAM: Mom, where did those other demons come from?
MARY: I don’t know. I… The target. Did you see–
SAM: No. He brushed off everything we threw at him.
MARY: Did you see his eyes?
SAM: What?
MARY: They were yellow. He had yellow eyes.
SAM: Mom… what the hell did you get us into?

Title Card: 11 HOURS AGO – 10:07 AM

[“Not for Me” by Bobby Darrin plays, the demon goes about his day cheerfully working in his garden, while Mary and Wally surveil him]
WALLY: That’s him? That’s the big bad demon you need help with? Just some old guy.
MARY: Technically, I’m in my 60’s.
WALLY: Okay, then. Hell, what do I know. [clears throat] I’ve never gone after a demon before. I don’t even know why you called me.
MARY: Because if Sam and Dean think they’re helping you and not me, they won’t ask the wrong questions. It’s safer that way.
WALLY: Right.
[Mary pages through her documents]
WALLY: You get those from your new limey friends? Them fancy Men of Letters?
MARY: I did.
WALLY: You trust ‘em?
[Mary looks up at Wally]
WALLY: I-I just mean, I-I heard the sales pitch– money, gear. It all sound swell, but someone walks up to you and offers you something that sounds a little too good to be true? I wonder, what’s the catch?
MARY: Since I’ve been working with them, we’ve taken out more than a dozen vamp nests, four werewolf packs, and a ghoul who was eating his way through Arlington. We saved a lot of people.
WALLY: Right. So you do trust them.
MARY: [sighs deeply] Let’s go.
WALLY: [starts engine] Yeah.

[cut to interior, Raul’s Diner, same scene as earlier, different clips]
DEAN: Hey, Mandy, when do you get off?
[Mary shakes her head, and Dean looks up at her while about to sip from his mug]
MANDY: Whenever I can.
[A bell dings twice, and Dean and Cas share a glance]
WALLY: You meet them fancy Men of Letters?
SAM: British Men of Letters?
DEAN: Yeah, they got gear, but, uh, you know they tried to kill my brother.
SAM: All right. Internet’s up. We’re in business.
MARY: Everything’s gonna be fine.
WALLY: [sighs]

Title Card: 8:23 PM

[Cas, Sam, Dean, Mary, and wally step out of the woods near the demon’s house]
CASTIEL: Doesn’t appear to be warded.
DEAN: Okay. Let’s get to work.
[Sam sets down a bag of gear inside the house and pulls sorts through gear]
MARY: Sam? Where’s Dean?
SAM: Uh, he’s out stashing the car.
MARY: Okay.
SAM: Wait, Mom? Uh… I just wanted to make sure that, um… you’re okay. I mean, I know… you never really wanted this.
MARY: Since when is life about getting what you want?
[Mary walks into the other room and peers out the window. She sees Cas, then sees Sam painting the devil’s trap in the other room, and sneaks down the stairs to the basement. It’s filled with art and weapons, but she goes to a painting of Michael. She removes it from the wall and finds a safe. She uses a Men of Letters device to crack the safe. Inside is a box. She opens it to an orangey glow, removes what was inside, and hides it under her coat before returning upstairs to find Cas looking for her]
CASTIEL: Mary? Where were you?
MARY: Bathroom. I get nervous sometimes.
[Cas looks at her suspiciously]

[cut to quick snippets of the fight scene from earlier, Sam stabs the demon, the demon elbows Sam and pulls out the knife]
DEMON: Well, that didn’t work.
[the demon stabs Cas with the lance, and then Mary watches Cas on the couch in the barn]

Title Card: 9:03 PM

[Mary’s bloody hands tie a cloth around Cas’s wound. She sends a text message to “Hobbits,” reading “What the hell did you do? The demon had yellow eyes!” She receives a reply a minute later, “Wasn’t us. Bad intel. You Can’t stay there. He will find you.” Castiel’s groaning distracts her from the message.]
MARY: Hey.
MARY: How are you feeling.
[Dean and Sam barge through the door]
DEAN: What the hell just happened?
MARY: Where’s Wally?
SAM: Wally, uh…
MARY: Oh, God.
[Castiel groans again]
DEAN: Cas.
SAM: Mom, where did those other demons come from?
MARY: I don’t know.
DEAN: Hey. Wow. You look like hammered crap.
CASTIEL: Yeah, that sounds about right.
DEAN: Let’s see.
[Cas lifts his shirt to reveal the wounds, and Dean rears back, shocked before reaching out to cover it again]
DEAN: All right. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, hey, you know what? I’ve had worse.
CASTIEL: Oh, yeah? When? Dean, something’s wrong. I… I can’t heal myself. I think the… I think the demon’s s-spear was poisoned. I don’t… I-I think I’m dying.
DEAN: No. No, you just need some time, okay? You’ll heal up the old fashioned way.
SAM: [in the background] Mom, what the hell did you get us into?
DEAN: Sam. Sammy!
[Sam and Mary come over to see Cas groaning and suffering]
CROWLEY: [appearing behind Sam and Mary] You idiots. You’re all going to die.


CROWLEY: You idiots. You’re all going to die.
DEAN: Well, this day just keeps gettin’ better.
SAM: Crowley?
MARY: You’re him? The King of Hell?
CROWLEY: You must be Mother Winchester. Pleasure. I’ve heard so much. [he holds out a hand for Mary to shake]
MARY: Touch me and I’ll kill you.
CROWLEY: What’s up with Feathers?
DEAN: What are you even doing here? How’d you find us?
SAM: Wait a second. The demons. They were yours.
CROWLEY: Obviously.
MARY: They killed my friend.
CROWLEY: Your friend was stupid. You’re all… Do you know what you’ve done? Does the name Ramiel mean anything to you?
SAM: What?
CASTIEL: Ramiel, Prince of Hell.
CROWLEY: Ramiel, Prince of Hell. It’s catchy. It rhymes. And he’s going to kill each and every one of you.
CASTIEL: No. The Princes are all dead.
CROWLEY: That’s what we told people to stop them looking. But in reality, not so much.
DEAN: W-what the hell is a Prince of… Hell?
CROWLEY: The oldest of the old demons. The first generation after Lilith. Lucifer turned them himself, before the oceans drank Atlantis.
CASTIEL: They were trained to be generals, to lead demonic armies in the war against Heaven.
MARY: Like Azazel.
[flashback to Mary finding Azazel in Sam’s nursery]
CROWLEY: They even have his eyes.


[“Crop Won’t Ever Come” by Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke plays, at Ramiel’s house. He’s polishing a pocket watch by the fireplace, when Crowley and an associate demon appear in his living room]
RAMIEL: Who are you? [blows dust off the watch] What do you want?
CROWLEY: The name’s Crowley.

Title Card: MR. CROWLEY
CROWLEY: King of the Crossroads.
[Ramiel stares at him while a cuckoo clock chimes]
CROWLEY: I’ve been sent by Hell.
RAMIEL: And what? Don’t they teach you how to knock in Hell?
CROWLEY: For that, I apologize. But I do come bearing gifts. The first is from all demonkind. We heard you collect weapons– the more ancient and arcane, the better. So may I present, the Lance of Michael, the Archangel. [Crowley’s associate removes the drape from the lance and presents it to Ramiel]
RAMIEL: Impressive. This beauty, she kills the bad ones fast, and the good ones slow and painful.
CROWLEY: Ironic, seeing as it was made by an angel.
RAMIEL: There’s only one angel Michael wanted to kill, and he wanted that son of a bitch toi suffer. Ah, the magic. It’s all in the rune work. The craftsmanship. Oh.
CROWLEY: The second gift is from myself. Personally. Something I thought you might like.
[Crowley sets the same box Mary had pilfered something from earlier down on Ramiel’s coffee table. Ramiel opens it, sees the orange glow]
RAMIEL: Where did you get this?
CROWLEY: It’s amazing what some people just leave laying about. Consider it your coronation present.
RAMIEL: Pardon?
CROWLEY: Brings me to your final gift– the Throne of Hell.
RAMIEL: [scoffs and closes the box] You want me to be king?
CROWLEY: Well, with Lilith and Azazel dead, and Lucifer back in his box, we need a ruler. You are next in line, Ramiel. Prince of Hell.
RAMIEL: It’s just a name. Doesn’t mean anything.
CROWLEY: Still, the crown is yours if you want it.
RAMIEL: I don’t. You take it.
CROWLEY: I… Pardon?
RAMIEL: You seem ambitious enough, conniving enough, slimy enough. So, take it! Go for the glory, kid.
CROWLEY: I mean, one dares to dream, but what about the others? You’re not the only Prince.
RAMIEL: Azazel was a fanatic, a true believer in Lucifer’s master plan. But the rest of us? Well, the truth is, we stopped caring a long time ago. Asmodeus has his hobbies. Dagon has her toys. We’re happy where we are. So if you want the crown, it’s yours. Otherwise… [Ramiel looks to Crowley’s associate, who looks eager to accept]
DEMON: Oh, hell ye–
CROWLEY: I’ll take it. I mean, I graciously accept.
[the other demon rolls her eyes]
RAMIEL: Swell, but there is one thing.
CROWLEY: Nothing comes without a price.
RAMIEL: Well, this should be easy enough. Leave us alone. And make sure everyone else does the same. If anyone– anything– bothers a Prince of Hell, that’s gonna be on your head, Crowley. And you don’t wanna know what happens when you piss us off.
CROWLEY: I humbly accept your terms.

[back to the present, interior of the barn]
CROWLEY: My demons were there to keep people away from Ramiel. Believe me, that’s a hornet’s nest you do not want to be kicking.
DEAN: Too late.
SAM: What happened to Cas?
CROWLEY: You tell me.
MARY: He got stabbed with some kind of silver-tipped spear.
CROWLEY: It’s not a spear. It’s a lance. The Lance of Michael.
DEAN: Michael. As in Michael Michael?
CROWLEY: Nasty bit of business. Kills everything it touches. If you’re a demon, you go up in a puff of smoke. If you’re an angel, you just… rot away. Sorry, Castiel.
DEAN: No. No. There’s a cure. There’s always a cure, and we will find it.
SAM: We trap Ramiel.
DEAN: And we beat his ass until he gives it up.
CROWLEY: It’s not gonna work.
SAM: We took down the Darkness, and the Devil.
CROWLEY: It took you years to defeat Lucifer, and the power of God to stop the Darkness. Maybe if you had more time, you could manage Ramiel. But right now, in this barn… Hey, I was growing fond of the choir boy, too.
DEAN: Shut up. Shut up. We don’t have time, okay, for your– for you. So either help us or get the hell out of here!
[Crowley disappears]
DEAN: Yeah, figures.

Title Card: 9:07 PM

[exterior, Ramiel is walking down the road, once again whistling “La donna è mobile.”]
[interior, the barn, Sam is pouring a holy oil ring on the floor, Mary clutches an angel blade, Dean wears the magical brass knuckles as they stand beside Cas]
[exterior, Ramiel approaches the barn, where he’s stopped by Crowley]
CROWLEY: What can I do to keep you out of that barn?
RAMIEL: I smell the angel. He’s rotting. These people– they your friends?
CROWLEY: I don’t have friends. I make deals with those I can use. Every kingdom needs allies, even Hell.
RAMIEL: Allies. Is that what you call three humans with one good liver between them and a busted up angel?
CROWLEY: I admit they don’t sound like much. But every Armageddon, every bloody, “this is the end of all things,” a Winchester stopped it. Like it or not, they’re an asset we can’t afford to lose.
RAMIEL: We had an agreement, Crowley. No one bothers us. You remember?
CROWLEY: We made one deal. Let’s make another.
CROWLEY: What do you say?
RAMIEL: [chuckling]

[interior, the barn, Sam stands by the door when something crashes through the wall beside him and flies across the room to land by an old tractor. It’s Crowley. Sam and Dean rush to check on him, when Ramiel comes through the hole Crowley made to the whistling spaghetti western showdown music from 6.18]



DEAN: We don’t have time for your… for you. So either help us or get the hell out of here!
[Crowley disappears]
DEAN: Yeah, figures.

Title Card: 9:12 PM

[Cas groans and coughs]
DEAN: Cas, how bad is it?
[Cas groans and writhes in pain, loosening his tie and pulling aside his collar to show the damage from his wound spreading across his chest]
CASTIEL: Crowley’s right. You should go.
DEAN: Cas, come on.
CASTIEL: No, you listen to me. You– Look, thank you. Thank you. Knowing you, it… it’s been the best part of my life. And the things that… [inhales sharply] the things we’ve shared together, they have changed me. You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you. Just please… please, don’t make my last moments be spent watching you die. Just run. Save yourselves. And I will hold Ramiel off as long as I can.
DEAN: Cas, no.
CASTIEL: Yes. You need to keep fighting.
SAM: We are fighting. We’re fighting for you, Cas.
DEAN: And like you said, you’re family. And we don’t leave family behind.
[Cas cries softly]
SAM: Mom.
MARY: What’s the play?
DEAN: We hit him with everything we got.

[cut scenes to Sam pouring the oil, Mary with the angel blade, Dean with brass knuckles, and Crowley flying through the wall, Cas watching everything from the couch, Sam pulling a out a lighter as Ramiel strolls into the barn. Sam lights the lighter and drops it, igniting the holy fire ring and trapping Ramiel, while Sam and Dean pace the perimeter of the ring]
RAMIEL: Toasty.
DEAN: You stabbed one of our friends.
RAMIEL: Your friend was trespassing.
SAM: Tell us how to cure him.
RAMIEL: There is no cure.
DEAN: You have any idea who we are?
RAMIEL: I don’t care. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care why you’re here. I don’t care about Heaven or Hell or anything. I don’t even care that Lucifer’s got a bun in the oven.
MARY: You know about that?
RAMIEL: My sister Dagon, she’s taken an interest. But me? Eh.
DEAN: Let me guess. You don’t care.
RAMIEL: All I wanted was to be left alone. But then you come. You… steal from me. And that? Ooh. That I cannot abide. [He pulls out a pocket watch] Aah… Give me back what’s mine, or I take it off your lifeless bodies. You’ve got… thirty seconds. [he holds up the watch and clicks it to start the countdown]
DEAN: Obviously we got no idea what you’re talking about.
RAMIEL: Twenty seconds
[Ramiel chuckles while he looks around at each of them]
RAMIEL: Have it your way.
[Ramiel reaches behind himself to pull the Lance of Michael out of thin air. He raises it and slams it to the ground, extinguishing the holy fire and throwing Mary, Sam, and Dean backward. Sam charges him, but Ramiel fights him off with the lance. Dean then charges him and is also thrown off. Mary tries next, and then Sam returns using an angel blade to counter the lance. Dean picks up a shovel and attacks. Ramiel is closing on Dean with the lance raised to stab him, when Sam comes at him from the side, wresting the lance from Ramiel while Mary stabs him in the back with an angel blade, distracting him long enough for Sam to spear him with the lance. Ramiel laughs and then explodes into a cloud of black dust. Cas screams in agony and Sam throws the lance down and runs to his side.]
SAM: Cas. Hey, buddy. Hey, we’re here, Cas. [black goo flows from Cas’s mouth, and he’s clearly dying] We’re right here, buddy.
[Crowley gets up from where he’d been lying by the tractor, and picks up the lance. He studies it, and looks over to see Cas dying, with Mary, Sam, and Dean crouched around him. He remembers what Ramiel had said about the lance, and flashes back to…
RAMIEL: Ah, the magic. It’s all in the runework. The craftsmanship.]
SAM: Hang in there, all right? What do we do?
[Crowley snaps the lance in half, releasing a blinding flash of light. Cas glows with it, and as it fades he’s cured. Everyone looks at Crowley, stunned.]
CROWLEY: The magic’s in the craftsmanship.
[Crowley stares at the broken lance as if even he can’t believe that worked]
DEAN: Cas?
CROWLEY: Oh .You’re welcome.
[Crowley drops the broken lance and disappears]


[Sam and Dean each clasp one of Castiel’s hands and pull him to his feet.]
MARY: So… you’re good?
CAS: I guess so. What did he… what did he mean about somebody stealing from him?
[Mary is about to say something, but Dean speaks first]
DEAN: Who knows what that crazy man was talking about. Let’s go home.
[Dean picks up the broken pieces of the lance on their way out]


[interior, Raul’s Diner, Mr. Ketch has heard the story from the opening scene now]
KETCH: Well, that’s… quite a story. You did well.
MARY: You sent me after a damn Prince of Hell.
KETCH: Well, we didn’t know what he was. We just knew he had the item.
MARY: That’s not good enough. I lost a friend. I almost lost one of my boys.
KETCH: And we apologize–
MARY: Shut up. Anything like that happens again– anything– and I will burn you down. All of you.
KETCH: Is that a threat?
MARY: It’s a promise.
KETCH: We made a mistake. I’m sorry.
[Mary stares him down, sighs deeply, and leans back in her chair]
KETCH: Can I… see it?
[Mary pulls out the cloth-wrapped item and sets it on the table in front of Ketch]
KETCH: Hello, beautiful.
MARY: My father used to tell me stories about this thing. You know there’s only five things in all creation it can’t kill?
KETCH: Oh, yes. I know all about the Colt.

[interior, Crowley’s throne room, where he’s on the phone]
CROWLEY: Search that house. Search it again. Find me that gun.
[Crowley hangs up and a man locked in a small cell begins singing the “Colt .45 Opening Theme”]
VOICE: Oh, there was a gun that won the west, there was a man among the best. The fastest gun or man alive, a lightning bolt when he shot the Colt. Bang! Forty-five. [laughs] Man.
CROWLEY: I suppose you think that’s funny.
VOICE: [laughing] Ah. I know that look. Sam and Dean have got you down. Well, I still can’t believe that you’re working for the Dukes of Haphazard. Do you really think they care about you? I mean, think about it, Crowley. They kill your kind. It’s in their blood. And you know… you know… it’s only a matter of time before they come… [singsongy] for you.
CROWLEY: Shut your mouth, dog.
[Lucifer’s eyes glow from behind the bars of the cell]
LUCIFER: That’s not my name.

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